Chapter 10:

A happy reunion

Do you dream of me in the next life?

“J-Joseph!? Is that you?” said Kalah.

“How do you know my name?”Bookmark here

“Never mind that now. Do you think you can defeat those Nightmare giants?” Bookmark here

“Yeah, just stay here for now while we handle this.” Bookmark here

Josie placed Alice some distance away from the giants and went back into the fight that Finley got into. Ellen concentrated on healing her arm.Bookmark here

Finley ran around the giant while he took shots at him. The giant tried to swing his big sword at Finley, but he missed every time.Bookmark here

“Stay still so I can hit you!” shouted the giant.Bookmark here

“No chance!” said Finley.Bookmark here

The other giant who was watching in shock the whole time, joined in the fight and his club struck down to the ground in an effort to squish Finley as he ran. Finley jumped up onto his club and shot the giant in one of his eyes. The giant with the big sword took the opportunity and swung at Finley. He jumped from the club to the sword and took a shot at the giant’s arm. A sword extended out and barraged the club wielding giant, he then fell backwards.Bookmark here

The giant with the big sword tried to hit Josie but she pushed back with Dragwind above her head in its wide form. They clashed swords while Finley took shots. The giant who fell got up and aimed his attack at Josie, but Ellen anticipated and smashed the club apart with her mace. Finley loosened two arrows at the Nightmare’s chest that ultimately ended him. Josie bounced off a weak sword strike and slashed the giant down. The giant who was punched by Josie charged towards the group. He froze in place suddenly and shattered, because Kalah threw her daggers at his back.Bookmark here

Everyone met up with Kalah who was picking up her daggers from the floor. Finley took out some potions and handed them out. After they chugged their potions, Kalah walked up close to Josie and looked into her eyes. She then backed away a bit and smiled as tears rolled down her face.Bookmark here

“It is you Joseph! It’s me, Kalah and I have been reincarnated too.” Bookmark here

Reality didn’t sink in immediately but when it did, Josie ran up to her and gave her a hug. Now Josie was crying as well.Bookmark here

“K-Kalah. I wish we didn’t have to meet again like this, but I’m glad you’re here now.” Bookmark here

“Yeah, me too.”Bookmark here

They broke up their hug and Josie asked her the first question on her mind. Bookmark here

“How did you know it was me?”Bookmark here

Kalah wiped away her tears. “You see, there is a trick that witches like me know where, if you look into someone’s eyes, you can see someone’s soul if you focus enough. I could see the real you, so that’s how I knew.”Bookmark here

“Huh. Well, the more you know. Wait did she say-” Josie thought.Bookmark here

“Wait. Are you a witch!?”Bookmark here

“Yep. Been a witch for years in secret.” Kalah giggled.Bookmark here

After that, Josie told her about the name change and summed up what happened to her so far. Then Aiden arrived at the entrance to the castle.Bookmark here

“Guess I’m late to the party.”Bookmark here

They turned and greeted him. Bookmark here

“The old man would’ve come here but he figured I would be faster backup. I got a little lost along the way.”Bookmark here

Kalah tilted her head a little and asked Josie if that was the brother she talked about, and Josie nodded. Bookmark here

“Alright then. Since everyone is safe now, I should probably get back home. Good luck with everything.” said Finley as he waved goodbye.Bookmark here

“We should get going too. Alvin’s probably worried about us.” said Josie.Bookmark here

“Could I go with you?” asked Ellen.Bookmark here

They agreed and walked together in the snow outside. It gently snowed around them. The group crunched along until Ellen stopped.Bookmark here

“Kalah, I’ve been thinking…would you like to take Alice’s name for your own? I know it’s a strange request, but I think it would be a great way to honor her life. So that her name could live on and mean something again. P-Please?”Bookmark here

Kalah placed her hands against her chest. “For a person who meant so much to Alice, I would be honored to take her name.” Bookmark here

“Thank you.” said Ellen with a smile.Bookmark here

* * * Bookmark here

Outside Frost Valley, Aiden and Josie decided to fly the rest of the way back. Josie had Alice on her back and Ellen held onto Aiden’s back. They landed close to the dojo and Alvin came outside. Then Alvin trapped Ellen in a hug.Bookmark here

“Ellen, I knew it was your voice. Thank goodness you’re alive!”Bookmark here

Alvin held her hands for a moment. Josie looked at Alvin with a confused expression.Bookmark here

“Ellen and I…well, we used to date before she was frozen.”Bookmark here

“So, how did you get that distress signal, Alvin?” said Josie.Bookmark here

“Tele-crystals. They have the ability to send out signals that carry a person’s voice to another tele-crystal. By flowing dream energy through it while held, this can be achieved.”Bookmark here

They moved their conversation into the dojo.Bookmark here

“What I would like to know,” said Alice to Josie, “is how you got into the castle. It looked like you appeared out of nowhere.”

“Finley suggested that we should find another entrance to the castle. I hovered in the air until I found a broken window and flew through it.”Bookmark here

“Smart thinking on his part. Oh! By the way, I found out how to get back home.” said Alice.

“Oh yeah. I forgot to ask Alvin about that. What did you find?”Bookmark here

“A door that connects to our world. If you concentrate your dream energy through a weapon, then you could turn your weapon like a key and open it anywhere.”

“Actually, that doesn’t work unless you used the physical door at least once.” said Alvin.

Alice and Josie were taken aback by the news.Bookmark here

“To get to it, we need help from the settlements and their armies.”Bookmark here

They both exchanged puzzled expressions and then focused once more on Alvin.

“The door that you speak of…is inside the heart of the Nightmare Kingdom.”Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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