Chapter 2:


Max Powers: Royal Guard

In a helicarrier floating over S.T.A.R. city, sirens echoed throughout the ship, and three people who were on the ship rushed to the main base. Martin Foundry, CEO of Foundry Weapons, Inc., was waiting for their arrival.

Max Powers, Aurora, and Goldhawk faced Martin.

"Ah, if it isn't my favorite trio..." said Martin.

"What's the situation, Martin?" Goldhawk asked with a serious expression on his face.

Martin sighed and clicked on a button on his desk, revealing a dark blue hologram of the UK flag as he said, "There's never a dull moment in Star City."

"Three days ago, we received a war dire from the British military, requesting that we hand over all technology to the monarch of England. As Star City possesses the most advanced technology, everyone is eager to obtain it for their military purposes."

Martin turned around, giving his favorite trio his back, and looked down on the city through his glass windows with disappointment on his face. He continued, "We declined their message; our technology shouldn't be used to harm others. Max, Aurora, and Goldhawk, please stop the invaders that entered the city."

"How did they enter the city? Isn't there an electrical barrier around the city?" asked Aurora, who was deeply confused about the entire situation.

Martin confirmed that there was indeed one, but unfortunately it was destroyed by their battleship before he clicked the button on his desk once more.

The hologram flickered, displaying a translucent dome barrier enveloping S.T.A.R. City that fluctuated in and out of existence. "Their ship deployed a series of high-voltage electrical bombs," Martin gestured to the explosions on the screen. "Each one went off with a big flash and a loud crackle of electricity that made the barrier lose power."

"I still don't get it," said Max, but Goldhawk reacted to Max's statement with an inquisitive gaze, asking, "Isn't your power electricity? How don't you get it?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I know everything about how electricity works." Max chuckled nervously.

Goldhawk slapped his forehead and said, "Look, Max, I will explain it to you." Max listened closely as Goldhawk continued, "Imagine a balloon being filled with water. In the beginning, you can fill it up slowly, and everything's fine. However, if you try to fill it too quickly, exceeding its limit, the balloon will burst because it can't handle the pressure."

Max nodded his head in agreement with Goldhawk's statement.

"Is that all the information we have?" asked Aurora. Martin replied by clicking the button on his desk, displaying the three individuals who were on the battleship on the hologram. "The British monarch sent their best - the elite royal guard. They are well-known for their tactics and abilities, earning them the title of the top 20 most dangerous people in the world."

"It doesn't matter as long as we are together; we are the strongest there is," Max said, chuckling.

Martin chuckled a little. "I know all of you are capable. There is no doubt in my mind that the three of you would be able to stop this invasion; just be careful of their abilities."

Goldhawk looked at Martin with a blank face and asked, "What are these abilities?"

"Transmutation: Each of them possesses the same ability but with different applications. The first individual can turn anything he touches into a shield by transmuting the shape of the object; the second person, on the other hand, can transform objects into swords. However, the second person's abilities extend beyond manipulation, as he can even transmute people into swords and control the air. The specifics of the third individual's ability remain uncertain, but it is clear that it involves their voice."

"Sounds like troublesome abilities."

"Indeed, they are. Max, Aurora, and Goldhawk. I am counting on you," said Martin, looking at them with a serious gaze.

"Don't worry, we have this in the bag," Max said confidently, with his fist clenched in his palm, while Goldhawk and Aurora appeared ready to fight.

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