Chapter 3:


Max Powers: Royal Guard

"Handling this situation is quite bothersome. How could my darlings be outmatched so effortlessly? On our last mission, they put up a better fight than this," said the second commander, Ryan Jameson, as he settled onto the hood of a sleek, black sedan, letting out a tired yawn amidst the bustling city street. Surrounding him, skyscrapers towered overhead, casting long shadows onto the crowded sidewalks below. Civilians and supposed heroes lay unconscious on the ground, resembling fallen leaves being carried by the wind.

The third commander said to Ryan as they walked, "You really love to call your enemies your darlings." They continued with a look of concern on their faces, "Don't you think we went a little overboard? Our mission didn't include harming civilians this time," they said, looking at all the unconscious bodies scattered everywhere.

Second commander Ryan said smugly, "Oh, come on, they were in the way of my darlings. They should be grateful that I didn't kill them for being near my darlings." Ryan paused for a moment before adding, "Furthermore, eliminating them now would benefit us by removing any obstacles in our path to achieving our goals."

"He's right, you know," said the first commander, Titus Horatio, as he jumped down from a second-story building and landed next to the third commander, carrying a civilian on his shoulder. "Everyone in this city is our enemy, regardless of age or gender. Eliminating them now is an act of mercy." Titus threw the man on his shoulder onto the ground next to the third commander.

The man slowly got up from his blackout and felt dizzy. All he could remember from the last few minutes was that a soldier in red had smacked him with a concrete wall that was shaped like a shield. As the man opened his eyes, he saw Titus leaning over him. Fear struck him as he tried to call out for help. He attempted to get up and run, but his legs wouldn't allow him. He extended his hand, seeking assistance, and grabbed onto the leg of someone next to him. However, the man failed to perceive that the individual wearing the soldier's attire was not the same person.

The third commander's expression changed from concern to disgust, as if they were looking at cockroaches crawling on them. "How dare you touch me?" The third commander spat on the man, begging for help, and then proceeded to step on his head repeatedly as if trying to kill a bug. "I never gave you permission to touch me, you roach!" The third commander yelled out.

The man fainted suddenly due to the number of blows to the head, but the third commander kept on going as though trying to kill him.

"That isn't very ladylike, Third Commander Griselda Angelia," Ryan said teasingly.

"Like you're one to talk," said Third Commander Griselad as she kicked the man away as if he were a soccer ball.


The area crackled with electricity as Max, dressed in his powerful exosuit, burst in carrying a wounded the man in his arms. Yellow lightning flowed out of his legs, casting an eerie glow on the faces of the stunned commanders gathered around. With a focused intensity, Max used his electrical powers to perform a makeshift electrocardiogram on the injured man, his hands pulsing with energy as he searched for signs of life.

"Goldhawk," Max said and continued, "take him away; he's alive."

Goldhawk swooped down with precision, smoothly plucking the man from Max's arms and swiftly carrying the civilian to the waiting F-117 Nighthawk settled atop a nearby building. Goldhawk then soared back to Max's side in a show of unwavering loyalty and readiness for whatever challenge lay ahead. Aurora, agile and fierce, leaped down from Goldhawk's back and positioned herself protectively behind Max, ready to defend him at any cost.

During the entire time, the commanders remained silent, observing Max and his team with a demeanor reminiscent of a church. Their faces were devoid of any emotion, almost as though they were looking down on their prey.

Max assumed a fighting position and stared closely at the commanders, prepared for their every move.


Moving as fast as a bullet, the first commander flew past Max, locking eyes with him, and headed straight for Aurora. Titus rotated his body to execute a spinning kick to Aurora's hip, but she dodged it by hopping back just before his leg connected with her. Aurora then swiftly ran towards Titus, resembling a powerful wrestler preparing to execute a takedown. However, Titus swiftly defended himself by lifting his knee and striking Aurora in the stomach, causing her to let out a grunt and drop to her knees.

"I see that you are very capable of defending yourself," he said, smiling with excitement. "Let's see how long you will last against me." Titus began rapidly punching Aurora in the head, causing her to release her grip on him. He then grabbed her by the hair and threw her, but she slipped out of his hand and flew into a building next to Titus.

"Aurora!!" Max yelled out.


Max charged towards First Commander Titus at supersonic speed, the wind whipping past him as he used his powers to travel swiftly. His heart pounded in anger as he closed in on his target, but Titus remained unfazed, a knowing smile playing on his lips.Just as Max was about to reach him, a figure dropped from the sky with remarkable agility, landing gracefully in front of Titus. The stranger's sudden appearance brought a halt to Max's advance, his eyes narrowing as he took in the newcomer.

"Hello darling."

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