Chapter 54:

I have returned cuz thia place so ded and mid I one of the post OG's of the golden generation gotta spice it up fr fr!!

ALTaccounti's Roasting Book! (Reopened)

Okay okay its ALTaccounti here!

I said I would dip, I did over a good year now!

Logged in every few weeks only to be greeted with mid ass garbo, well that means there is enough material to roast again.

Site is more dead then my social life and that says much cuz I don't really have one.

So its time to breath in some life again.

Im back and open to admissions!!!

More details in a more expanded chapter.

All old pending projects will be canceled cuz they old no value or space in the 2024 HF ecosystem.

Audiobooks: Broke Edition are still on Hiatus till further notice.

All the milestone celebrations are still in place as well.

So take a shower go outside and get some friends. Cuz when I am gone with yo story ya gotta need it.

See ya around chum.

Fuck Regards,

ALT, the post OG legend