Chapter 5:

Chapter 1-3 Class


I was put in class 1-C as shown on the board of the school entrance hall.
I went search for the classroom on which i would probably spend one year of my life if not more.
It was a quiet classroom at the conner of the main school building with stairs to the second floor it in classroom . The school building had an the shape of the kanji for car (車) the entrance was on the left of the kanji , and it's orientation was NorthWest-Southeast from top to bottom. our classroom was the most northerly of the school building.
Classes weren't scheduled to start until next week but still many came to their respective classrooms for the so-called tradition, which had been hanging around for so many decades it could almost be classified as a religious act, of going to the classroom ahead of time to check on where you were going to sit for the next year and get to know your seat's neighbours.
Unfortunately i am not very found of people so i could sense i left right after checking where i would be seated. First row and first seat counting from the entrance of the classroom.
That meant i had the highest grade's from the classroom. It was a school tradition to keep the best students of each class on the front row from the entrance to the windows were the worst of the best and the best of the best, respectively. There was an exception on these seating system and that was for the first seat from the entrance. No matter what average that person had on the practical magic exams that seat was reserved for the highest scoring students of the school's written exam which were always divided by grades from A-D with the best being in A and the worst of the best in D. The problem with this grading is that you don't know whether these students had high magical skills or not, which made them kind of otherworldly until he/she revealed her scores.
I reconfirmed that it was my seat again and though about the advantages of the seat in question. First is that the required number of steps to leave and enter the room is minimal making it easier to escape from the class room but the big disadvantage was way worse.
I would gather unnecessary attention, something i was not very fond of.
Leaving the classroom as felt the stares of the other students who saw me leaving i couldn't help but mutter.
"This is going to be one hell of a year."Bookmark here

I was right.Bookmark here

Writer's conner:
Sorry to those who were expecting an update but i had quite a bit of trouble at school and the national exams but i am now school free and can write when i feel like it.
Hope you enjoyed. Bookmark here


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