Chapter 4:

Chapter 1 - 2 A Magic Highschool


Today, 27th of September 2060, friday, is the High school entrance ceremony. Branded by most as the BIGGEST event of youth, the day had finally arrived. But this wasn't a ordinary School and these weren't normal students either.

Everyone pretended to be perfectly normal and in a day-to-day life situation.
The student council president went to the centre of the stage to start her speech. She wasn't stunning like they are in high school slice of life Mangas and Light Novels. She was rather plain with no memorable features and so was her speech. i knew that as soon as i walked out of this room i would immediately forget their existence.
The organisation of the room was awkward and , instead of the popular freshmen sit in the front, sophomores years in the middle and seniors at the back they had them sitting from left to right, from the perspective of the speaker.
In the left of who was standing on stage were the freshman, on the right the sophomores and in the middle the seniors, almost like it was trying to be the Olympic podium where people got their medals.
The medal we were getting was not made of bronze here, since our position as freshmen was the side of those awarded with the bronze medal, we were getting knowledge.
That was for me the most important for me because i needed to cure my condition.
I haven't introduced myself, name's Myazaki Arata and i'm a cursed.
Fortunately i can't use magic like other cursed do, although it is also perceived as odd by other cursed, because i don't have a trigger.
Normally pain is the engine for cursed to use their PRP, with some exceptions.
I was tested for every trigger known to activate PRP in cursed magicians except death since i'm a valuable test subject for the facilities i live in.
Looking at the bright side i can use Magic Test Machines that don't require the cast of magic.Bookmark here

Also this is a Magic High school I hope you noticed. Unfortunatly i had already made my test back at the lab so i knew which score i would get but luckily they now let us go to the exam to avoid the existance of in the school being noticed.
This is also a system used to grade classes.Bookmark here

Classes in this school are not put together due to your grade in the magic Test Machine but instead mixed. It is really confusing since when i was at the lab my test partners were somewhat your level. Bookmark here

As this thoughts cross my mind i go through the main entrace.Bookmark here

The world of pain: This is a little zone for me to develop some things or satisfy the curiosity of readers.Bookmark here

Magic Test Machines, or Magic machines for short, measure the PRP by two parameters. First is PRP per Dm3 and the second one is PRP per ML of blood.
Since PRP can be particularly quantified these are the only way you can measure a person. The second one equates to 30% of the final score since it's a rare ocurrence to have PRP in your blood, since it is considered the external to the body. The first one takes over the 70% that is left.Bookmark here

PRP teory:
PRP flows freely throught the open space and is attracted by living beings since they activate it. we can say that every living being has PRP in them but not many are able to keep it in their bodies.
So there is a permanent flow in normal people which doesn't let PRP activate in due time. On the other hand, magicians can close and open the exit of PRP. They are filled with PRP until they reach their max capacity when their bodies start deactivating PRP and expeling them.Bookmark here

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