Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Happily Ever After

I pulled a Sword out of a Vampire and now i have to slay the King?

'And they lived Happily Ever After' Luna Draegen closed the book she was reading and placed it on the bed beside her before giving her arms and legs a much needed stretch.Bookmark here

'Happily Ever After' She thought, 'Its always been such a lovely concept especially in Fantasy Books, In Fantasy Books it almost always ends in a Happily Ever After'Bookmark here

Luna got up hearing the creaks of the bed as she did "If only there were more Happy Endings in Reality" she said while managing a slight smile as she moved over to the tall mirror that was situated at the end of her room opposite her bed. Bookmark here

Short Shoulder Length White Hair, Deep Blue Eyes, White Fluffy Wolf Ears, White Pajamas and a Bushy Wolf Tail that wrapped itself slightly around her legs, Luna took note of all of her features she saw in her reflection particularly her Wolf Ears and Tail. Bookmark here

'Just for these two parts of me' she thought as she lightly pattered her wolf ears as they twitched and wiggled  in response to her touch. 'Just for these two features I've been forced to walk the harder road of life' Luna let that thought sink in.Bookmark here

"How Silly" she said with a smile and a small giggleBookmark here

"LUNA!" A Voice Called from outside her room, "LUNA ARE YOU AWAKE!" The Voice was Silvery and Luna recognized it straight away.Bookmark here

BANG! before Luna could even respond to the Voice her door shot open so fast it swung back and hit the wall making Luna let out a loud yelp and a threw her hands up to her face in some form of attempt at putting up a defense. Bookmark here

"LUNA!" she felt long slender arms wrap around her shoulders and her neck in a warm embrace. Bookmark here

Feeling a slow calm heartbeat next to her back, Luna gained her composure and looked back at the Mirror she was standing in front of and saw a beautiful girl with with Black Hair, her bangs were falling gracefully down onto Luna's Shoulders, her Ponytail was spiky and fell just as gracefully past the middle of her back, her head was currently perched on her shoulder and a Smile so bright Luna swore it could light up an entire city. Unlike Luna however this girl was wearing a Black Dress and had pointy ears.Bookmark here

"Erm Hello Lia" Luna said aware of the slight heat in her cheeks from being slightly flustered. Lia was an Elf and was also Luna's childhood friend, When Luna was young she had always wanted to see the world and go on as many adventures as she could, Her Parents didn't like the idea due to the attitude many humans have towards Demi-Humans but after a little resistance they finally conceded and Luna was allowed to leave her Village and begin her new life of Adventure.Bookmark here

'Adventures are much more fun when you have someone else to experience them with' Luna remembered the words Lia said when she asked to come along with her on her new Journey and it made her that much more thankful that she accepted because knowing that Lia was there next to her no matter what happened made her feel safe and happy. Bookmark here

Lia Giggled and unwrapped her arms from around Luna's Neck and Shoulders, "Sorry Luna i didn't mean to startle you, i just heard of a really cool place and and i just had to come tell you about it, so come on let's go"Bookmark here

"Erm i'm still in my Pajamas Lia" Lia's eyes dropped down to Luna's feet and slowly made their way back up to her face almost as if she was a Soldier inspecting someone's Uniform, Luna felt the familiar sensation of her cheeks slightly heating up again. "Well i certainly don't mind you accompanying me in your Pajamas Luna" Luna Gasped and the sound made Lia's Ears twitch and she smiled slightly.Bookmark here

"Don't worry Miss Luna Draegen, i Lia your ever present and Faithful Knight will be there to protect you from any prying eyes Lia struck a pose as if she was a true Swords-women getting ready to draw her sword and strike down any foe.Bookmark here

`Luna let out a heart-felt laugh her ears and tail moving in response "Your so silly Lia Honestly"Bookmark here

Luna didn't know what the future had in store for her, and she was sure down the line she would make a lot of good choices and some choices that weren't so good but one thing was for sure, accepting Lia's offer to go on this Adventure together was the best decision she had ever made.Bookmark here

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