Chapter 1:


Card Fighters Recreation

The sun was setting over the city as two card players faced off against each other in a tense and grueling battle. 
The arena was packed with cheering fans, their colorful clothing creating a sea of vibrant patterns and textures. 
The air was filled with the tangy aroma of fried chicken, the sweet scent of funnel cakes, and the pungent smell of onions frying. Beneath it all was the musty, musky odor of sweat, mingling with the other scents to create a heady and overpowering aroma.
The heat was prickling at Taki's skin, making him feel as though he was standing too close to a roaring fire. The humidity was so thick that it felt like he was trying to breathe through a wet towel, each breath a struggle to draw enough air into his lungs. Beads of sweat were already forming on his forehead, and he could feel his shirt sticking to his back.

Taki could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he made his way to the center of the arena, his eyes scanning the crowd for a glimpse of Kaito.
As he stepped onto the raised platform, Taki was struck by the sheer enormity of the space.
The walls rose up around him, of the arena were made of rough-hewn stone, their surfaces rough and uneven to the touch.
Arches soared high above Taki's head, their intricate carvings depicting scenes of ancient battles and heroic deeds.
The stone was cool against his fingertips as he traced the shapes of the carvings, marveling at the skill of the craftsmen who had created them.
It ceiling disappearing into the rafters high above.

And all around him, the crowd roared with excitement, their voices blending together into a deafening cacophony of sound.
Taki took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves as he prepared to face off against Kaito. 
He could see his opponent on the other side of the platform, his expression calm and collected. 
Taki knew that he was in for a tough fight - Kaito was a formidable opponent, with years of experience and a reputation for being ruthless.
But Taki was determined to win.
He had spent months preparing for this moment, practicing his moves and perfecting his strategies. 
Taki and Kaito stood across from each other, their decks of cards at the ready. 
Taki's hands trembled slightly as he shuffled his cards, his eyes fixed on Kaito's calm and collected expression. This was more than just a card game to Taki - it was a chance to prove himself to his father, who had always pushed him to be the best.
And as the referee signaled the start of the match, Taki felt a surge of adrenaline rush through his veins.
The sound of shuffling cards echoed off the walls of the dimly lit room, drowning out the murmurs of the spectators who had packed themselves in close to watch the match. 
Taki's fingers moved deftly across the cards, their sharp edges creating a soft rustling sound as he shuffled them. Every so often, a sharp intake of breath or a low murmur rose from the gathered crowd as a particularly impressive move was played, adding to the tension in the room. 
Taki's fingers moved across the cards with lightning speed, each motion precise and practiced. 
He could feel the smooth edges of the cards beneath his fingertips, the weight of each one so familiar that he could tell them apart in the dark. 
Kaito's eyes flicked back and forth across the table, analyzing each move that Taki made. 
Tension hung in the air as the two card fighters battled it out, their hands moving almost too fast to see.
Each fighter determined to emerge victorious.
Yimje Lee