Chapter 1:

Awakening of the Child

Kaneko: The Golden Child

The year is 921, abnormal crystals have been found around the world. These abnormal crystals can grant supernatural abilities within a human body. But can have side effects, when consumed. The year is now 2021, society has evolved from poverty to prosperity. These abnormal crystals have helped mankind to extend our limits to the maximum of our future. With these powers daily life has become easier for us, like working, building the future, or fighting crime. But evilness has contributed and gained a reputation to these crystals too.Bookmark here


I woke up in shock. I am in my room and woke up with the same nightmare, that I have had for the past 2 years...I am 16 now. A peaceful and bright full morning. The chipping of the birds and the worst nightmare.Bookmark here

“Why do I keep getting this nightmare?!”Bookmark here

I quickly jump off the bed and head downstairs. I can smell it. The sweet aroma of my mother's cooking.Bookmark here

“Goodmorning Kaneko, have you been sleeping well?”Bookmark here

“Yes ma, but same old nightmare again.”Bookmark here

“the crystal nightmare again huh?”Bookmark here

“Mm.” I muffled quietly.Bookmark here

I sit at the table and turn on the tv, then switch to the news. Today's news seems special. Ah, another illegal black-market crystal caught. I wonder how much a crystal can sell for. Maybe I can get my powers soon. Will it be, teleporting... no....will it be super strength... no....maybe Invisibility! Ah, so many things I could do with invisibility.Bookmark here

“Food is ready, honey!”Bookmark here

“Yes! My favourite!”Bookmark here

I sit and eat at the table. Bacon, omelette, cheese, toast, and juice. I must eat fast before running late for class. Before I head out my mom suddenly walked Infront of me.Bookmark here

“Do you know what day it is today?”Bookmark here

“Uhm... No ma?”Bookmark here

“It’s valentines, why don’t you go ask out Rin”Bookmark here

“NO, I would never do that!” I yelled, awkwardly.Bookmark here

Shit, 10 minutes before class. I grab my bike and begin to paddle quickly to school.Bookmark here

So happy that Japan has a small infrastructure. I quickly turned right, and 400 meters ahead is my school. I locked my bike and begin sprinting through the entrance and down the hallway past the chemistry class. Yes, the chemistry class. The one and only class that Rin and I, are working on together. I sprint past the math class, with all the imagination of her swinging out my brain. Phew, barely made it. “Alright class, take a seat and turn to page 22.” As my math teacher says every day.Bookmark here

I sit down and open my book, math again. The bell rings as I have been doing nothing in class. I grab a snack from my backpack, I see her walking past the classroom door. I quickly run out of the class looking both ways to find her. She’s heading to the library, I must hurry!Bookmark here

As I enter the library, I try to spot her. Man, where did she go? I walked around the library like a mother that has lost her child. She's gone, damnit! Before I exit the library, I spot a shiny golden book. A golden shiny book with brown real leather. The front of the book says “The Golden Crystal of the Gods. Do you have its power?” It seems to be about crystals. I must have it. Breaks after breaks I read the book and gain the knowledge of what the golden crystal is.Bookmark here

I read “The Golden Crystal can only grant the rightful owner to gain its power. But in order to find it, you must seek it with a feeling of an illusion.” This is pure bullshit. I returned the book to the library.Bookmark here

After school, I head back home. I go up to my room and sit at my desk to continue my homework. Surprisingly and weirdly, I find the golden book in my backpack. I take it up and throw it in the trash.Bookmark here

“Ma, what is there for dinner?”Bookmark here

“Roasted chicken, with fried rice.”Bookmark here

Oh, sweet lord, I can’t wait to eat. I sit by my desk and listen to music while drawing. All of a sudden, I look up at the sky and see a bright yellow flickering heading towards the park. It lands. I must go check it out.Bookmark here

I grab my bike and begin heading towards the park. I see a dark grey smoke covering the moonshine, as I am biking towards the mystery. It's getting dark, I must hurry. As I come closer, I can smell the smoke from the distance.Bookmark here

I see the crater that was formed from the impact. I stop at a good distance and got off my bike, as I slowly begin to walk towards the crater. A shiny-looking rock is at the bottom of the small crater. A small rock... no, it's a small crystal!Bookmark here

I grab it with my hands, it feels warm. Blue and red siren appear near the park, as I am standing with the crystal. It must be the police. They must have gotten a call to check out the meteorite. I take the crystal and put it inside my pocket. It’s hot. I should get back home quickly. As I ride my bike home and avoid the police, I spot a man in a black hoodie staring my way.Bookmark here

“Get out of the way!”Bookmark here

He doesn't move or respond to me. I turned my bike and stop in the middle of the road while the man is deeply staring at my pocket side.Bookmark here

“Hand it over.”Bookmark here

Such a deep voice he has.Bookmark here

“Hand what over?” I ask as I gulp down my saliva.Bookmark here

“The crystal!” He desperately yells.Bookmark here

How does he know I have the crystal? I quickly turn around and spin-off towards the police. I must find another way. Shit, he’s running after me. The cops have made a blockade in the middle of the road and I can't get past. Unless I do the extreme. I started to paddle so hard that the gear broke, I lifted my bike up at a split second and jumped over the police cars, and successfully land on the other side of the blockade. I made it.Bookmark here

Phew.Bookmark here

I am finally home. Who was that man?... Anyways I must keep this a secret. I go up to my room and take the crystal out. It's so shiny. Wait, maybe I should check out the golden book. I take the book up from the trashcan and find the image of the crystal inside the book. There it is, it's exactly alike. Now, what do I do with it? I can hear footsteps outside my room door. I quickly grab the crystal and in panic, I stress about where to hide it. I chug it inside my mouth.Bookmark here

“Honey it's bedtime!” My mother said while coming halfway through the door.Bookmark here

“H-... Hello ma, yes I will sleep now.” I say, with my mouth filled with the one crystal.Bookmark here

“Are you okay? What's in your mouth?”Bookmark here

“Uhm nothing just eating uh something” Shit this is bad, I thought.Bookmark here

“Well eat it quickly and go to sleep.” She responds and goes out while shutting the door.Bookmark here

That was a close call. The crystal dissolves in my mouth. I try to spit it out, but it's gone. I ate it. Why do I feel dizzy? Was it the crystal? Am I going to die? I feel tired. I pass out and faceplants the bed.Bookmark here

What is a crystal?Bookmark here

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