Chapter 2:

Powers of the crystals

Kaneko: The Golden Child

I wake up quickly and swiftly jump out of my bed, as my alarm wakes me up. My body reacted so fast that I didn’t have time to think. Well, I feel refreshed even though I slept badly. I head down to the kitchen and smell the aroma of the amazing food, as always. Bookmark here

“Goodmorning ma,” I said while yawning. Bookmark here

“Goodmorning Kaneko.” She smiles while cooking. Bookmark here

I do my daily routine and sit by the table. Turn on the tv and switch to the news. Special news again? “Breaking news, a meteor has hit the central park last night. The remaining of the meteorite is yet unknown, as someone was there before the police arrived.” Says the news announcer. Oh no, now I remember. What should I do, I must find out information about the crystal. What power did I get? Maybe someone from school knows. Bookmark here

I pack my bag and head to my bike. Today seems refreshing. The cold, but the amazing breeze of the wind hit my head while I bike through the city of Tokyo. What an amazing city I live in. In a blink of an eye, I see a man on a corner street. He looks familiar. Black hoodie... Oh shit, it’s him from last night, has he followed me? As I lock the bike outside my school, the man stands Infront of the school looking at me. Bookmark here

“Hey! You!” I yelled at him Bookmark here

“You will repay for your sins” He whispered and walked away Bookmark here

I was confused and thought it was a joke. But it doesn’t seem like one. I head to the entrance and walk down the hall and enter the chemistry class. Rin is sitting alone, maybe I should sit with her. Bookmark here

“Hey, anyone sitting here” I quietly ask. Bookmark here

She smiles and responds. “No, you can sit here.” Bookmark here

This might be a chance for me to improve our friendship with her better. Well, I should probably ask about something. Bookmark here

“So uh, how long are we with the project?” I fluently ask, but almost choked mid-sentence. Bookmark here

“Pretty far now, the results should be done by now.” She responds while taking on safety glasses. Bookmark here

The class starts, I can feel her aura as we sit close to each other on a plank wood school desk. I blush as I see her waving her black slick hair, while she is focused on the professor. Man... wish I had enough balls to ask her out, I thought and looked down with weakness in my arms. Bookmark here

“Hey, I wanted to ask you something” I whispered. Bookmark here

“Hm? What is it?” She responds, while slowly looking at me. Bookmark here

“Did you hear about the meteor in the news?” I nervously ask. Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, my dad said it probably was another crystal.” Bookmark here

“Wow really? How could he possibly know?” I asked with a fake surprisingly face. Bookmark here

“He works as a cop and fights against criminals with crystal powers. Or so-called villains.” Bookmark here

“That’s cool, but how come a cop know so much?” I ask slowly, as I do not want to overboard her with questions. Bookmark here

A minute of silence appears in the conversation as she takes a deep breath and responds. Bookmark here

“My mom died of a crystal user. So, my dad researched everything he could, to find a solution to destroy crystals in an instant.” She quietly responds with a cold face full of sorrow. Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry about your mother,” I said with a low toned voice. Bookmark here

“No that’s alright. Why do you want to know so much about crystals?” Bookmark here

“I just thought the concept of having powers were cool, but I see the downside of it now.” Bookmark here

“Well, if you want to know more about it you could ask the crystal experts.” Bookmark here

“Crystal experts? Where do I find them?” I ask with a lot of confusion. Bookmark here

“I don’t really know, but you will have to find out somehow.” Bookmark here

Class ends and I head to the cafeteria. As I sit down at a table, Rin comes over and sits next to me. We both eat and chat for a while until she urgently needs to go. An emergency perhaps? I pull out my laptop and search for crystal experts. Class after class I would research the crystal experts and where to find them, but I cannot find any information. Bookmark here

School is over and I head home. While I was biking, my head began to feel dizzy again. Why am I dizzy again? Bookmark here

Suddenly a voice appears in my head and I stop for a second. “I am awaiting in the darkest corner of the underground tunnel.” Says the mysterious voice in my head. What was that?! The darkest corner of the underground tunnel?! I arrive home and go up to my room. I jumped on the bed and relaxed. What was that voice I heard? What could it mean? Bookmark here

“You are the golden child!” Another voice appears, in aggressive manners. Bookmark here

“Come to the underground tunnel, immediately!” They spoke. Bookmark here

My head hurts. But I have a strong sense of direction. Like I know where to go now. I pack up and strap my backpack on tightly. Sneak out the window and head to the nearest underground tunnel. Matter of fact, there is an abandoned tunnel nearby the park. Bookmark here

I arrive at the park and a strong sensation pulses through my head. It's like they are hurting me, to direct me! I turn on my phone flashlight and walk down the long dark tunnel. A moment before I knew, I fainted and dropped down on the old tunnel ground. Bookmark here

5 hours later. Bookmark here

I woke up, finding myself on an altar. It has signs on it that I could see from the torches around me. A man appears from the thin air of the darkest corner of the room. He wears a long white cloak and looks like an old monk. Bookmark here

“Welcome, Kaneko. We have expected your arrival, my lord.” The man says - Bookmark here

“Lord?” I reply nervously with confusion. Bookmark here

The man points at a pedestal, where a golden statue is standing on top. “That. You will become Kaneko. You will be strong and make the evil devour itself.” Bookmark here

“Who are you?!” I yelled and fell from the altar. Bookmark here

“I am the crystal experts, as today's generation calls it.” Bookmark here

“So, you know about crystals and what’s happening to me, right?!” I yelled. Bookmark here

“Let me give you a flashback in the year 921.” He says while coming closer and touching my forehead. Bookmark here

“The year is 921, abnormal crystals have been found around the world. These abnormal crystals can grant supernatural abilities within a human body. But can have side effects, when consumed. Crystals can come in many shapes, colours, and spirits. The shape resemblance transformations of your body, colours resemblance the strength of your aura, and the spirits resemblance your mind and mentality. Since the crystals came to the world, they were used for good and evil. Each crystal user is ranked in the crystal hierarchy of the strongest and the weakest. You can sense the aura of them too. Once you consume a crystal, you are to find out what the power is, by adventuring your desire. In your case, you are the Golden child of  The Golden Crystal of the gods.” Bookmark here

Let your training begin! He spoke. Bookmark here

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