Chapter 5:


Card Fighters Recreation

Kaito's bones tingled with anticipation, a sensation that coursed through his body like an electric current. Nervously tapping his fingers under his chin, his piercing blue eyes narrowed, fixated on Taki. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he readied himself for his final defensive stand, determined to shield himself from the looming threat of defeat.
Taki, a formidable opponent, met Kaito's every move with calculated precision. The tension in the room was palpable, the air heavy with the scent of perspiration as both players found themselves drenched in sweat. Their intense gaze locked in a fierce battle of wills, their eyes reflecting the determination etched on their faces. Kaito's heart pounded in his chest, hoping that luck would eventually favor him.
As the game reached its climax, the weight of the moment hung heavy in the air. Taki seized an opportunity, a chance to turn the tide, as the supply of cards dwindled. Kaito blinked, his mind racing to devise a clever strategy, his fingers trembling with anticipation as he carefully avoided direct attacks, opting instead to conserve his precious resources.
"What is this rascal up to?" Kaito wondered silently as he launched yet another assault. Fire and spikes hurled towards Taki, but he deftly spun and maneuvered his cards, arranging them in a strategic formation. Some of Taki's creatures perished under the onslaught, but those that remained stood tall, their health diminished but their spirits unyielding—a testament to their unwavering resilience.
Undeterred, Taki played his rarest cards, a desperate move meant to buy him more time before unleashing even more formidable forces. A smugness settled upon him as he confidently awaited Kaito's next move, the adrenaline coursing through his veins.
Kaito's annoyance was evident in his smile, a twitch in his eye betraying his irritation. Unbeknownst to Taki, Kaito had anticipated this very move, and he had a surprise hidden up his sleeve. With a sly smile that caught Taki off guard, Kaito unleashed his secret moves, ones he had kept concealed until this decisive moment.
Meanwhile, Rena found herself fully immersed in the electric atmosphere of the arena, settling into a prime spot in the stands. The roar of the crowd washed over her, a symphony of cheers and shouts that filled the air, intensifying the excitement with each passing moment.
In the midst of the chaotic battle, Rena's attention was abruptly drawn to a sudden explosion. A red card fighter was sent soaring through the air, landing just a few feet away from her. Her heart raced in her chest as she hurried to the fallen competitor's side. Kneeling down beside him, she observed the rapid rise and fall of his chest, indicating that he was breathing heavily but conscious.
Gently shaking him awake, Rena hoped that his injuries were not severe. Taki's ragged breaths shattered the silence, bringing a sense of relief to Rena. Though badly wounded, he was alive, struggling to remain upright on unsteady feet.
Among the onlookers, a tall, young boy with cherry-red hair named Tali, no more than twelve or thirteen years old, fought to maintain his balance. The shock on the faces of the other competitors mirrored Rena's surprise as Tali faltered and dropped his deck of cards, disappearing from the bulletin board with a resounding "K.O."