Chapter 0:


The Spellbinding Academy

"War does not determine who is right, only who is left."

As the sun rose on that fateful day, a vibrant shade filled the sky, casting a magical glow over the land. Some people awoke to find themselves enveloped in an otherworldly energy, crackling with an unknown power. The air hummed with an electric buzz, sending shivers down their spines as they struggled to make sense of the inexplicable sensation.

In every corner of the globe, some individuals gasped in awe as they felt the surging energy pulse through their bodies, igniting a primal instinct deep within them. The very essence of life itself seemed to have been amplified, sparking a sense of connection and purpose that transcended language and culture.

In response to their overwhelming power, nations worldwide elected to dispatch their Superiors, both new and old, to an island dominated by an academy covering 80% of its land. The Academy blurred the traditional boundaries between classes and clubs by combining them into a single entity, with each representing a different country on a global scale. Monroe Academy came to be recognized as a unique combination of country and school.

 Faced with their unmatched power, countries around the world decided to send their countries' superiors, both new and old, to an island where the academy occupied 80% of the entire country. Classes and clubs were merged into one entity but separated to represent each country in the world, but they are still called clubs. This country and school became known as Monroe Academy.

The academy exhibited cutting-edge technology generously funded by global investors and politicians as a safeguard against potential attacks or invasions from superiors, setting Morone Academy apart from traditional institutions and earning it the reputation as the sanctuary of the superiors.

Monroe Academy sprawled across a sprawling campus, with separate sections dedicated to housing its students. The dormitories were classified into three distinct categories: kids, teens, and adults, each tailored to suit the needs of its respective age group. Strict regulations were in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents, with a particular emphasis on maintaining boundaries between the different age groups. No adult was permitted to enter the kids' or teens' dormitories without prior approval, and the same rule applied to the students themselves. These measures were put in place to uphold the academy's commitment to providing a secure and nurturing environment for its students to thrive and grow.

Disobeying this rule would result in the most severe repercussions, including either facing death or being banished to a dark, underground chamber where the only company you'll have is the echo of your own thoughts. In this desolate hole, time stretches endlessly as you are deprived of the light of day and left to contemplate your transgressions for an uncertain amount of time.

The uniforms for girls are elegant and classic, featuring long navy blue dresses that flow gracefully to their feet. Delicate light blue sleeves add a touch of femininity to the group, while a matching soldier beret adds a touch of sophistication. The overall look is timeless and refined, giving off an air of confidence and poise.

The boys' uniform is a sharp and polished ensemble, featuring sleek navy blue trousers paired with a crisp and tailored light blue shirt. Completing the look is a classic soldier beret perched smartly atop their head, adding a touch of military-inspired flair to their appearance.

Throughout the entire academy, there are four categories of students. The first category is the instructors, who are superiors that do not take part in combat but rather teach and referee fights with other superiors. These individuals are typically adults or elderly. The second category is High Commander, similar to a student council, with the power to change any rule concerning the students or the supremacy. The third category of supremacy includes individuals who are the top superiors in their club, while the fourth category consists of superior students, both new and old, who have entered or are currently living at Monroe Academy.

Each year, the prestigious Monroe Academy hosts an intense tournament known as the Battle for Supremacy. This exciting event brings together the most skilled superiors in a series of thrilling battles that will determine the next high commander, or supremacy. The stakes are high, as the winner not only claims the desired title of high commander or supremacy but also earns the right to sit among the esteemed high command and propose a rule change with no questions asked.

This tradition serves as a powerful reward for soldiers to showcase their talent, dedication, and strategic prowess on the battlefield. It is a testament to the Academy's commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence, as well as fostering innovation and leadership within its ranks. The Battle for Supremacy is not just a competition but a symbol of honor and prestige that drives soldiers to push themselves to their limits to achieve greatness.

Ulysses Bertram is a fat 16-year-old otaku boy with a rebellious, untamed mane of black hair that spouts over his forehead and frames his sharp face. His eyebrows were thick and untamed, adding to his rugged charm, while his prominent nose seemed to lead the way with determination. His puffy lips always curled into a playful grin, hinting at the hidden playful spirit beneath his serious exterior. He is committed to participating in this tournament with the goal of winning and ultimately changing the rules to better align with his own wishes.

Yimje Lee
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