Chapter 2:

Part 2

I'm In Love With Another Guy!? Heath Moore x OC fanfic

Heath POV

I looked out the window next to my seat and tapped my pencil on the table. The teacher was at the front of the room explaining the lesson for today. I didn't need or want to pay attention because I basically already knew all of this. I am the smartest in my class after all.

I sighed when the bell finally rang-signalling that class was over. I grabbed my bag and put it over my shoulder. Just when I was about to leave the room, a girl came up to me. Even though she was smiling I still felt uneasy with her presence. "Hi Heath! I am Chisaki Kinomoto." As soon as she said her name I reconized it. She was one of the student council members.

"Oh yes, I know who you are." Chisaki is also one of those girls in my class who always seem to be staring at me. To be honest girls like her annoy me a lot. Chisaki smiled even more and clapped her hands. "Great! Then there's no need for introduction because I know who you are as well!" She seemed too cheerful to me.

I forced a smile and nodded. "Well I wanted to ask if you had a partner already for the project?" At first I was confused, but then I remembered the teacher mentioning something about a project. "I'm sorry, but I was already planning on asking someone else to be my partner." I replied simply. She looked dissapointed and her smile vanished.

"Oh okay I understand." Was all she said before turning and leaving the room. That might have sounded harsh, but I wasn't planning on working with her.

That was for sure.

Aroku POV

I walked through the halls and found my way to the stairs. I went up until I was finally on the school roof. I liked to go to the roof because it was a place where I could be away from other people. Being alone was something I was used to.

When I was younger my mother died because of an illness and my father couldn't take it so he left me. I ended up living with my uncle and he would treat me badly. I decided I would leave from him and live on my own. Since I'm not old enough to do that, someone I knew let me use a small home they owned and they would check on me from time to time.


"Ahh!" I screamed. My uncle laughed and kicked me again. I was on the floor and I covered my head with my arms. "I don't know what was wrong with your stupid mother! Giving birth to something like you!" My uncle said with hate in his voice.

I was only four at the time. "Get up. Now brat." My uncle continued to kick me and I couldn't move. "You should treat him more nicely Xiao! He's just a young boy!" The women my uncle had brought over for dinner that night said to him. My uncle was always bringing women here, but they would leave as soon as the next day. My uncle would always say I was the reason they always left.

"Stay out of this Aki." He said. He kicked me one last time and left the room. As soon as he was out of sight the women grabbed her things and hurried over to me. "Aroku was it? Would you like to come with me?" Her sweet voice asked. At first I was confused. Was she serious? I could her my uncle growling in the other room and I quickly nodded. The women helped me up and we left the house.

The next thing I knew I was in her car and she drove me from there.

Years passed and I was now sixteen. She said she owned a home in a small city not too far from where we were and she wanted me to have it.  I agreed and ended up living there. She would come and visit me and bring me the things I needed. Everything was great.

Then I started school here. And I met Heath Moore.

Song: Sharpener by Cavetown