Chapter 1:

What you need

The four dumb ways to not fix nor ruin your life

-Coincidences almost don't exist; most of the time, they are just decitions that we made by our own will, but we hadn't realized nor accepted our true intentions by taking them, sometimes we just wanna cover our true feelings and desires with a mask, it's up to every person the choice of if the veil will be black or white.

In the middle of the hallways, in a quite big school, there's a not that rare-to-see scene ''p-please, accept this!, is the biggest quantity of money I can afford!'' says one boy while crying and kneeling, then, the person who he was talking to, replies while playing in a childish and innocent way with a phone ''nuh uh... u still have more, don't hide it, sweetie''  the victim can only look up to him and say ''but, it's for my lunch, please, let me keep it just this week!, you've been taking that money too since the last year!'' he shuts up when he feels a shoe on his face ''lick it''- the  disgusting sound of his toungue licking the shoe sole of his bully resonates all over the hall ways ''who the fuck told you that I care about it?, you know the deal, dear, you give me money, you keep my silence about those magazines you brought to here last year, you know that you would be expelled as soon as a teacher gets to know about it, don't you?'' the boy can't help but cry more ''oh, I guess you understood'' the bully gets his foot off of the face of his victim ''hurry up, I'm hungry too'' says while opening his hand- but then, something not that usual happens, the boy who was crying on the floor stands up once again and throws the money to the bully's face -''what the-?''- without ending to say his question, the bully is punched in his face ''now, get away from me, Mirja, now you can fuck off yourself with your money, you pitiful scumbag!'' quickly, he leaves the hallways and runs as fast as he can from there, Mirja still recovering from the unexpected reaction of one of his favorite victims, massages his head trying to think about what happened  ''so, Did I finally break you eh?'' starts to laugh about the fact that he managed to make him fight back, he giggles as an average anime villain, but then, his laughter starts to stop gradually, because of the thoughts in his head, thoughts where he can see more of his victims gettin' sick of bein' abused, and slowly, trying to make him pay for everything; the worst nightmare of every bully, their victims revenge seems to be getting real ''OH SHIT!'' Mirja cover his own face with his hands while trying to relax ''what will I do now?''

hours later(22:00) Mirja's bedroom:

''Bwaaaaaa!, I'm fucked up, I'm fucked up, I'm fucked up!'' Mirja just rolls on his bed while huging a huge miku plushie ''what would you do in my place, mikudayo?'' keeps staring at the plushie ''don't put the blame on me, we both know it's funny to spoil their lives, and it's not like I could do something about it now, tho'' stills rolling but then, a new idea appears on his mind ''tch, well, it's not like I have another option now right?'' wakes up from his bed and walks to his desk, he then takes a big book out of a box, the book is the list of names and adresses of every student in the current year ''haha, I knew that stealing this from the principal's office would end up bein' useful one day, now let's see... yeah, here, my year'' he takes a pen and, after thinking for almost 2 hours, he marks 3 names of the list ''I'm not sure but, this is my last hope, I'll have to believe in them, and I dislike how it sounds...'' takes a pic of the page with his phone, jumps to his bed and gets into the blankets, looks at the pic ''So... which one of you should I start with?'' starts to imagine every possible scenario that his imagination can provide, he stays like that for an hour and then finds the best choice ''both girls are too hazardous to be the first ones, so... you are my only right decition, golden boy ''Juvel dØd'''' he hugs his miku plushie once more and then just bites the top of it ''I'd love to eat something sweet right now, should I go out?'' stares at his plushie and brings it with him until the door, he places his ear near the wood, like trying to hear something ''no shoutting nor meaning words, no sound of a fight... I guess she is asleep'' slowly he opens the door, leaves his plushie on his bed and walks out of the room, then he sees a man sat on the sofa, cleaning some wounds on his face, as soon as Mirja sees him, he runs to get near to him ''DAD, PLEASE, DON'T TELL ME THAT MOM GOT HOME DRUNK AGAIN!!'' the man smiles when he sees him and cleans some tears on his eyes ''you know your mother, I can't do anything about it, and I don't want you to get injured by her so don't worry... so, what are you doin' awake at this hour?'' Mirja just tries to not cry and just hugs his dad, then he gets away and responds '' well, I thought that everything was fine around here because of the silence, and I was feeling a bit hungry and-'' Mirja is interrupted ''do you wanna go outside to buy some iced tea and a brownie, right?'' Mirja laughs a bit ''yeah... may I go to buy them?'' his dad just nods and gives him some money ''you know.. I can cook you dinner'' Mirja just looks down to the floor ''I know how's our daily life, and, since I'm not a child anymore, I don't wanna be another problem for you, even the only reason why accept the money you lend me is because I don't wanna make you feel sad...'' his dad stands up and hugs him ''you aren't a problem at all, I love you, Mirja'' Mirja hugs him too and cries a bit, gets away and just walks to the door and gets out of the house, the way to the store is peaceful, adorned by the sound of the cars and colorful lights from some houses, the music of the night clubs, and the darkness itself which looks as if it were a black veil eating the sky and turnin' it into a beautiful stage for the stars, or at least, that's how the boy with wet eyes sees it; once reached the store, the buying proccess is fast and then Mirja leaves with his food; insted of goin' back home, he goes to the park, then he sits on one of the swings and starts to eat his dinner ''I can't understand, why did dad marry that monster?... did she use to be different?, or did she pretend to be different?, or Is my dad a fool?'' looks up to the sky ''I don't know how if I will manage this any longer'' stands up ''better be goin' back, I don't wanna cause any trouble there'' starts to walk to his home once again, while gazin' the sky and the streets  again, arrives home and opens the door as slow and silent he can, quickly gettin' into the house, closing the door with the same path and then goin' to his room, when he reaches it and closes the door behing him, he exhales and jumps to his bed ''it feels the same every time eh?'' hugs his plushie once more ''I even remember what dad told me when he bought you for me'' stares to the plushie ''something like ''she will protect you from now on''?'' smiles ''I wish that was true, but you are just a plushie, right?'' gets into the blankes and tries to sleep, while wishing to the stars just one thing ''can someone help me out?''


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