The four dumb ways to not fix nor ruin your life

We've always seen the heros point of view in every single school life story, but, have u ever thought about why the villains are the way they are?, what about their past?, what about the things they actually want?, let's explore that with a fresh sight of an old fashioned story. The protagonist bein' a psycho boy who blackmails his classmates, a gang girl who intimidates everyone around her and gets what she wants just by using her fists, a heartless rich boy who thinks he is a prince and has the right to do whatever he wants to, and a girl who sees boys and men just as sexual objects for her pleassure.

Let's explore together the beutiful yet horrible and dark world of the bullies mind

GenrePsychologicalRomanceSchoolShoujoSlice of Life
UpdatedApr 21, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count2,453
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