Chapter 3:

The source

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 1


Days and weeks has passed since I left the dungeon.Chihiro also trained me.Still I felt something was wrong.

"Chihiro,aren't they any other rock giants?"

"No I am the last one of my kind."

"I see."

"The portal to your world is almost ready."

Suddenly I saw her coughing blood.Then I realised...She was creating the portal as an exchange of her life.


"I knew you would be worried.Don't be afraid.This is for you."

I don't knew what exactly was but it was wrapped.

"Find the source.Then you can unwrap it."

I started crying as a baby.Chihiro gave me a hug.I went to the portal and I told her goodbye.I went back to the woods I knew.

It was the last place I remember.I knew that it wouldn't be easy to find the source.So I had to think.I got it!After days of traveling I went to the source.The crystal lake.It was said that a creature walked on waterand purified the lake while the creature followed the northen wind.

Ever since then the lake was named crystal.So I went there.It really was beautiful.I unwrapped what Chihiro gave me.An egg...But it was so small.A voice called me.

I went inside the water.I let the egg.The egg drawned into the debt of lake.Suddenly a creature of water appeared.

It was beautiful.

"Thank you for helping me young man.Now close your eyes."

I felt something inside me, a strange power.Suddenly I was again to my starting point!I went to check on master.He wasn't at his shrine.

Right!Some bandits attacked me.No,not bandits.Headhunters.My old man had a bounty.After two days I found him.I was lucky.

I conforted the head hunters.I just used my physical strength on them.Suddenly the leader,Nadih appeared and was ready to attack me.

I took one of my master's swords.I was able to deflect his attacks with lance.He was fast.Suddenly he stabbed me to the stomach.

Then he aimed for my head.I moved fast and I cut off his head.Miyabi rushed to my side.

"Hang in there,take this."

It was a healing potion.Miyabi and I were going back home until he collapsed.My father,my master...He died.