Chapter 4:

The auction

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 1


An other day...Back to work.I met with Yukio and Chikage.All of us are working in a guild.So all of us went for a coffee.The three of us used to be classmates in high school.

Chikage left early.Yes,he was still in high school when he lost the only family he had.


I went to the grave yeard,I bought flowers for both Miyabi and his wife Yoko.I was walking and went to the beach.Suddenly my attention was caught.A young woman.

She had short brown hair.For a moment our eyes met.The wind was blowing.Then she walked away.


Suddenly many girls dissappeared lately.All of them had something in common.They had powers.We searched everywhere.But nothing.Until that night...I follwed one of those men who was working to the department store.I was able to sneak inside.

I found the girls!They wee solding them in an illegal auction!Those bastards.I called back up.The guards tried to stop me.My physical strength was enough to stop them.

So I enetred the room of auction.

"Nobody moves!" 

Everyone was in panic.The security guards tried to stop me.But I stopped them.I moved fast.The owner gave me a sword and we had a sword fight.

He really was a good one.Suddenly he cut my right arm and started beating me.He even used a magical sphere on me.

But I got away easily.I stood up and moved fast.I paralysed him with a paralysis spell.The reinforcements came as I hoped.I saw a girl.She was unconscious.She had a terrible fever.So I took her at my place.

My arm was restored.A week has passed.The wanted criminal Mondo Ikusaba was solding girls to auction and made money.Even the noble ones who were part of the audience were arrested.

She finally woke up.She got scared.

"You are free."

She started crying.And she just hugged me.

"Thank you."

"What is your name?"

"I don't remember..."

"That's bad...I know!I will find you a name.How about...Akiza.Do you like it?"

"It sounds pretty..."

"Ok then,I am Yukio and it's nice to meet you."

"I am Akiza.And thank you for saving me."