Chapter 9:

Museum of mummies Part 2

Escape:Witch [Remake]

Elsewhere in the museum, Yuni and Mochi had found the shipping dock. They peeked in and saw a well-dressed middle-aged man and a giant man hovering over a large table with three mummies laying on it. Muffled groans could be heard from the mummies. An expression of shock suddenly overtook Mochi's face before she pulled out her phone and began recording as the middle-aged man began injecting something into the necks of the mummies.

“This ought to keep em from moving, now we just gotta wait 30 minutes for it to kick in. Hey Jimmy, start loading em up, I’m sure Say-uri wouldn’t mind,” the man growled in English.

Jimmy, the giant man, picked up the mummies and loaded each one into an individual sarcophagus. He then closed the lids and loaded them into a large moving truck parked in the dock. Mochi then stopped recording and watched the video with Yuni before her expression became emotionless again.

“Nice footage, this should be enough to bust those two and Sayuri. Send it to the chief before you accidentally delete it or break your phone,” Yuni said.

“I am not careless like you,” Mochi flatly retorted.

“Do you have cloud save?”

“No, nor do I need it, now please stop looking over my shoulder and get in position. We’re making the arrest.”

“That guy’s huge, no way we can take him by ourselves, call for backup!”

“Fine, just get off of my back!”

Yuni looked away as Mochi sent a text before pocketing her phone. "I sent the video to Kurobane with a request for backup. They should be here within 10 minutes. We’ll restrain these two in the meantime," Mochi stated.

"And how do you plan to that O wise loli?"

"With this. Go in and act as bait. I'll shoot if they charge at you. Don't worry my shots have a 95.79% accuracy rate," Mochi stated as she pulled out her gun.

"You better not shoot me! Alright! three, two, one. Freeze! You're under arrest for kidnapping!"

Yuni jumped out and revealed her badge. Jimmy scowled as he held his hands up, while the man in the suit turned around with his hands up and smiled. The man was obviously an American judging by his accent and had long wavy grey hair along with a mustache and goatee. He looked similar to Col. Sanders.

"Oh ho? You’re a cop? Well, you’re cute so you’ll fit in nicely with my collection," the man whistled.

Yuni cringed in disgust. "Yeah, we'll mummify you in a strait jacket you Kentucky fried creep! On the ground! Hands above your head!" she growled in English.

Suddenly, Yuni heard a loud thud and the sound of a gun falling on the floor behind her. She turned to see Mochi slumped on the ground and a blue-haired woman picking up Mochi's gun. She wore a plaid shirt, jeans, gloves, and trail boots. It was Sayuri Benise, the ringleader of the kidnapping ring.

"Drop the badge, hands across your chest like a mummy!" Benise sneered.

Yuni begrudgingly complied as Jimmy walked over and bound her arms and legs with tape. He then hoisted her onto the table before walking over to the unconscious Mochi and bounding her while Sayuri picked up Yuni's badge and jostled it in hand.

"We meet again my little twin tailed cop. This time I'll be taking your badge," Benise sneered.

Yuni heard the sound of something rolling coming from the door and turned to see Madoka bound and gagged alongside a bound and unconscious Serika being pushed on a cart by Moribe.

“Ginkawa? You’re lucky you’re worth 1 trillion, otherwise I’d pay you back in full for scarring my left hand,” Sayuri growled as she pulled off her left glove and showed Madoka the wounds she received from her two nights ago.

Madoka, Serika, and Mochi were then placed on the table alongside Yuni. Moribe then began to wrap Madoka up in bandages, as Jimmy did the same to Mochi.

"I thought I told you NOT to get mummified,” Yuni glared at Madoka.

"Mmph ngh mmph," Madoka mumbled.

"I have no idea what you just said."

"Don't worry, I'll be slapping some tape over your mouth before you're all wrapped up," Sayuri sneered as she slowly began wrapping up Yuni with bandages.

"Hey wait! Don't I get the chance to answer a question?"

"No sweetie, this ain't a game show!"


Yuni began sweating. Since Mochi had called for backup, all she needed to do was stall for time, but Sayuri was shutting down all her attempts at conversation. She turned over to notice Mochi and Madoka were completely mummified with only their eyes and nostrils left uncovered. Yuni herself was almost mummified with just her face left to be bandaged.

Sayuri sadistically licked her lips and ripped off a piece of duct tape. "Now how about I seal your lips with a kiss."

"Hell no! You perverted freak!" Yuni yelled as she spat on Sayuri.

Sayuri licked the spit and menacingly moved the piece of tape closer and closer to Yuni's mouth.

"Ugh. Huh? What the hell is this!?"

Everyone turned to notice Serika had woken up.

"Morning sleepy head. We all got caught so go full gorilla mode and get us out," Yuni yelled.

"'Gorilla'!? I'm beautiful you bitch! And what the hell happened!? Where's Mochi!?" Serika shouted as she sat up and noticed the mummified Mochi. 

This further intensified her rage as she exploded in anger at Yuni and Madoka. "YOU TWO! YOU DUMBASSES SCREWED THIS WHOLE THING UP-"

Before she could finish, Jimmy slammed her down on the table as Moribe attempted to wrap her up. Serika struggled so fiercely that Sayuri was forced to help hold her down, but even that wasn't enough.

"Carl! Get your ass over here and help us!" Sayuri shouted at the middle-aged man.

"Like hell! This is a white suit! If it gets dirty, I might get found out!”

“If she escapes, we’re all f*****!”

Carl begrudgingly rushed over. Eventually, the four goons managed to wrap Serika up to the point where only her face was exposed. Serika could still move around, but Jimmy was now easily able to hold her down by himself.

“If this doesn’t come out your ass is dead Say-uri,” Carl growled as he dusted off the dirt from Serika’s shoeprints.

"YOU ASSHOLES! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!? I'LL KICK YOUR A- MMMPH!" Serika shouted as Sayuri violently slapped a piece of tape over her mouth. "NGH MMPH MMPH!"

Serika's face went red with anger and embarrassment. This was complete humiliation for her. Once her face was wrapped up, Jimmy then held her head in place as Moribe pulled out a syringe and injected its contents into Serika's neck, causing her to grimace in pain and shock.

"Oh, that stuff will immobilize you from the neck down for 24 hours. Perfect for the long flight to your new forever tomb. Don’t worry, it’s not lethal or permanent and you've still got 30 minutes until it kicks in, so have fun struggling,” Sayuri explained as  Madoka and Yuni had needles injected into their necks.  “Now let’s talk girl to girl while we wait for you to be immobilized. Oh, and the cops aren’t coming so I hope you fall into despair knowing no one’s coming to save you. I bet you thought they’d be here by now, well tough luck! They probably think you’re just out at lunch."

A chill ran down Yuni’s spine as she arrived at a startling conclusion. "You’re all with Illumous aren’t you?"

Serika let out a muffled gasp as her eyes grew wide with fear while the four goons gazed coldly at Yuni. Sayuri slapped tape over Yuni's mouth and began clapping as Moribe wrapped up her face.

"Brilliant deduction, I assume you're a detective. Yes, we are all part of Illumous. Now what’s your name? ...!?" Sayuri stared with a startled look at Yuni's ID. "Yuni Futagawa? Futagawa? Oh, you’re THAT bitch’s daughter.”

She then pocketed the ID before walking towards the truck.

“Change of plan! We’re heading out immediately. Since this brat’s HER daughter we can’t risk staying here nor can we take the main road to the airport. Moribe! You and Jimmy are to take the back roads, it’s longer and rougher but there’s hardly anyone around. Carl! Get back to the hotel as stealthily as you can!"

“But I thought you said the cops wouldn’t show up?”

“That was before I knew the brat was her daughter! We must play it safe. Who knows what traps she’s set up.”

Yuni struggled as she was picked up and dropped in a wooden sarcophagus.

"Don't worry, you won't be executed until we've arrived at our destination, and I'll personally ensure you don't escape before the serum takes effect in 27 minutes." Sayuri sneered as she placed the lid on Yuni’s sarcophagus.

Jimmy then placed her sarcophagus in the back of the truck. The other three girls were then loaded into sarcophaguses before they too were loaded into the truck. Sayuri then climbed inside the back of the truck and locked the door from the inside before turning to face the sarcophaguses. 25 minutes remained until the girls were immobilized.

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