Chapter 10:

Museum of mummies Part 3

Escape:Witch [Remake]

Serika's muffled roars echoed throughout the truck as she violently struggled to break free. She was moving around so much the sarcophagus was shaking. Had Sayuri not sat on it, Serika very well could have knocked it over and rolled out.

Yuni meanwhile was frustrated. She had now allowed herself to be captured four times within 3 days. Her mention of Illumous had only made things worse.

"If I had shut up, that creep might not have ridden with us in the back. I heard Serika making a lot of noise, if she could break free, we could take that bitch out even if she's got a gun on her. I'm her main target, so maybe she'll come over to me if I make more noise. If she's occupied with me, Madoka could sneak out and free Serika," Yuni thought as she began moving and making as much noise as she could.

"What are you doing? Don't tell me you think people outside will hear you? There’s no one out here on the back roads, and even if some off road racers drive by, they’ll just think we’re a moving van. Oh, and 20 minutes left until you're all immobilized,” Sayuri sneered as she kicked Yuni's sarcophagus.

Madoka decided now was the time to began to break free of her restraints. She effortlessly freed her arms and began unraveling herself. Since the Sarcophagus curved up on the inside, she had more wiggle room and was able to free herself without bumping into the walls or lid of the sarcophagus.

"Good! Out in under a minute, now I just need that creep to come over here," she thought as she stealthily peeked open the lid of her sarcophagus. 

She noticed the trailer was dimly lit but could see Sayuri's backside facing her. Her plan was simple, while Sayuri was distracted sneak out and knock her out. She watched as Sayuri continued to taunt Yuni.

"I was surprised when you suddenly blurted out the name of our organization, but I was more surprised to learn you were that bitch’s daughter! If I had known that beforehand, we would’ve packed up much faster. The cops were never going to come, but since you’re that bitch’s daughter I had no choice but to play it safe and head out at the last minute rather than wait for the serum to take effect. Though maybe I was overreacting, we haven’t seen any suspicious movement, nor did I receive any signal that you did anything weird.”

That last statement sent a chill down Yuni’s spine. What did she mean “did not receive a signal?” That implied someone else was watching her, but who? And didn’t Mochi record the video and call for backup? Yuni then thought of a disturbing truth; Mochi might be a traitor.

The truck then hit a bump causing Sayuri to lose her balance. She began to stumble backwards just as Madoka pushed off the lid. She grabbed Sayuri’s left arm and hurled her into the wall causing her to drop her gun. Before she could react, Madoka kicked her in the face, knocking her out.

"Wow that worked out better than I thought," Madoka said as she opened Yuni's sarcophagus.

Madoka unwrapped Yuni as fast as she could while keeping an eye on Sayuri. "We've got a little more than 15 1/2 minutes left," she stated.

"I'm impressed you kept track of time," Yuni nodded as she ripped the tape off her mouth.

"Well, I am the greatest escape artist in the world!"

“Madoka, I know this sounds crazy, but I suspect Mochi might be with Illumous. If she makes any suspicious movements, take her out.”

“I knew there was something I didn’t like about that loli. Well, I’ll just kick her if she tries to hurt us."

Once Yuni was free, Madoka went to free Serika while Yuni surveyed the area. She picked up Sayuri’s gun before opening one of the four remaining sarcophaguses. The woman inside wasn’t Mochi as she was normal sized and had dark gold eyes. Yuni then realized the woman was none other than Emeri.

“Mmph [Yuni-chan]?”

"Em- Rolly, I’m here to save you!" Yuni said as she pulled Emeri out and began unraveling her face. “Are you alright?” she asked as she peeled the tape off Emeri’s mouth.

“More or less, but do you think you could wrap up my face again?”

“When your freed you can do it yourself.”

As Yuni continued to free Emeri, Madoka was attempting to free Serika. 

“Wah! I’m trying to save you! Don’t be so violent!”

Serika was out of her sarcophagus, but still fully bandaged and frantically moving around despite Madoka’s efforts to free her. Madoka ripped away the bandages and tape binding Serika’s arms allowing her to free herself.

“There you can free yourself now!” Madoka huffed as she walked over to one of the remaining sarcophaguses. Serika immediately began ripping the bandages off her face. When it was unbandaged, she ripped the tape off her mouth.

“Yeouch! That hurt like hell! Why the hell didn’t you start with my face!?” Serika yelled at Madoka as she massaged the sore skin around her mouth.

“It’s more practical to free your arms and legs before your mouth!” Madoka retorted as she opened another sarcophagus.

When she opened it something unexpected happened. The mummy reached out and handed her a vile and quietly said, “Don't worry about me. My partner and I are Interpol agents, get out on your own and let us complete our mission. That vile has an antidote for the poison. Don’t tell anyone else about us." Madoka knew enough English to understand her words but was still confused. She put the vile in her pocket and closed the lid.

Yuni had finished unwrapping Emeri; however, just as Emeri finished wrapping up her face, the serum took effect and she slumped to the ground like a rag doll.

“Are you OK!?

“Not really, that kind of hurt, and I can’t move. I imagine this is the effect of that stuff they injected me with.”

Serika had freed herself and found Mochi. She began fiercely unraveling her while Madoka ran to the door and examined it.

"Oh good, it’s got a release from the inside.”

She released the lock and the door swung open. She noticed the truck was going at a moderate pace on a dirt road and kicked the release for the loading ramp, causing it to extend to the point where it was just barely avoiding the ground.

"Everyone! We've only got 10 minutes left before we won't be able to move. We must escape now. Is everybody ready?"

“Wait what about the two in the back?” asked Yuni.

Madoka then whispered that they were suspicious, and it was best not to bring them along. Everyone had been freed; however, Emeri was unable to move. Not fully trusting the “Interpol agent”, Madoka ordered Serika to carry her. Serika begrudgingly complied as Madoka began dragging an empty sarcophagus to the exit.

"You can't be serious!?" Yuni groaned as Madoka confirmed her fears.

"Surf's up!" she smiled with a pose.

Serika sat Emeri in the sarcophagus and walked over to Sayuri.

“NO! As much as I hate to say it, it’s too risky to take her with us,” Yuni yelled.

“Why can’t we tie up that bitch and drag her with us!?” Serika fumed.

“It’s too risky, if she wakes up before we’re rescued, she’ll kill us!”

“I think we should take her, was our mission not to arrest her?” Mochi interjected.

“We have to go, now! There’s no time to tie her up, if we don’t leave now, we’re all screwed,” Madoka yelled.

Madoka and Yuni hopped in the sarcophagus next to Emeri while Serika and Mochi stood and watched.

“We’ll go on ahead without you,” Yuni threatened.

Mochi then walked in front of the sarcophagus. “No, we should not recklessly split up in this scenario. We either take Sayuri with us, or waste time arguing because of your stupidity and fail to escape. Which will it be?”

Yuni could not believe it, Mochi really was trying to hinder them, perhaps she really was a traitor. Only 5 minutes remained before the girls would be immobilized.

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