Chapter 1:


Kingdom of Light

Our plans to invade the enemy was destroyed in one single siege, neither the king nor his strategists could have predicted that the enemy would dive right into the heart of the invaders first, the battle aboard the castle began the moment tremors alerted every abyssal on board, then the alarms rang. When I had arrived to the scene one human stood surrounded, she had a strange aurora that the others payed no heed to as they charged in recklessly, according to reports the main weapons weren’t able to lock onto her and thus she as able to unleashed a pulse of energy upon impact, that knocked out the system and will remain down for awhile. In turn the stranger cut them down the soldiers surrounding her one swift move, the sound of battle erupted from behind as gun fire and metal clashing quickly rang through the hangar, “alert the king immediately! The enemy has ambushed us, we must expunge the enemy here or we risk falling!” Yelled Onyx, he knew he was hopelessly outmatched against this stranger but he had no other choice, drawing his sword he would charge at her as those before him did but this time he was prepared, Onyx was able to dodge the first strike. He was being pushed back, that was until a second explosion struck the further wall of the court, throwing both Onyx and the stranger off balance, but it was all she need to escape deeper into the ship. He would have caught up to her if it weren’t for the backup, again one soldier stood in his way, although this one didn’t seem to be as strong as the other but he would prove to be a challenge if underestimated. This battle would last longer than Onyx would have liked it to, his opponent however, seemed to be enjoying this, “ Your strong I’ll give you that, you must be a high ranking official in this army or whatever you call it, which is it, captain? Commander?” the man asks inbetween clashes, “ Lieutenant, and pleasantries are pointless as your ambush will yield a result in our favor, “ Onyx lashes out, slowing his pace to strike back with more precise swings, and yet the man was still smiling, like he gained a thrill from this whole situation. Onyx wasn’t sure, but his opponent switched their tactic to match his own, setting them back on even footing, “ Commander Cass, guess I outrank you!” the so called commander remarks continuing his onslaught of attacks, “ Onyx,” he had responded out of respect, not because he wanted to. But Onyx began to worry, if one commander was this strong then the leader must be someone with tremendous strength, they might be able to rival our liege, “ you must be wondering about the leader of this whole thing,” Cass infers, “ our leader and your king should be duking it out by now, she was the first to arrive after all,” Cass reveals, Onyx’s mind began racing, that woman from before was the leader and she had slipped past him, he would make a tough decision and abandon his pointless battle with this commander throwing one last hit with all his strength, throwing Cass off allowing Onyx to retreat. He was able to get to the kings court quickly only to find the place in ruins, his king and the enemy leader still fighting. Onyx had no intention of interfering, doing so would only get him killed. However, the duel between leaders wasn’t the only one taking place in the court, near the ruins was the kings two champions fighting against a single invader, he must be a commander as well the way he’s keeping up with both opponents even if the two were holding back, it seemed like they were in a stalemate, but that would soon change. Both leaders were exuding large amounts of power, each strike weighed heavily on each other and the ship, which was slowly breaking down, the king was exhausted but so was the leader, it seemed she wasn’t fully adept to her own power but had enough control to kill the first king, and so in a final strike my liege was struck down, but not without taking the enemy with him. A dying act, he had struck the leader with…something, whatever it was she was gone now. The Kingdom of Light, their Queen disappeared after her fight with the First King, many believe she perished alongside her enemy, however the kingdom continued, leadership fell onto a king, beloved by all he was, treated everyone as if they were his family, but he was also a fool. Onyx’s Castle sat in space in the orbit of NEST, one of the many planets in this system, it remained here ever since his first battle against the kingdom of Light. He was a lieutenant in the First Kings legion who fought directly under him, he was there when the enemy leader struck down the king five years ago, he had received his kings power and will, bringing himself back into the present, fixating his gaze back to Star. He spent four of those years adapting to his new power and the las year fixing his kings castle, making use of spatial magic he had the path to his court removed with the only point of access being a direct gateway by carving old abyssal runes into the stone arch, which can only be used by those with the kings blessing and higher ranking abyssals, to which only one exists. Using one of the many abilities he had acquired Onyx was capable of ripping space to transport himself almost instantaneously to different locations regardless of destination, unless a higher power was preventing him from entering like, for example, the one around the Kingdom, if it weren’t for that he would’ve easily avenged his king and achieved his final goal. “ I have been bidding my time since the fall of my king, and now the opportunity has presented itself, I believe it to be in best interest that we take the kingdom by force, the current ruler is a foolish old man who wont see that surender is the best option for his people,” Onyx relays to his new ally, Draksis, he had only allied with the foolish creature for his own goals and forwarding his fallen kings last order, if he were to seek vengeance against the kingdom he would use any opportunity he could find, and it just so happens that Draksis has a thirst for war. Onyx coming to power gave him the ability to rally what remained of the First Kings army, he would have them wait as he would use Draksis’s army to ignite this battle, days had gone by as Draksis’s army prepared when we had received word that the king had no intention of surrendering, as I had expected of that old man, Draksis was delighted to be able to quench his thirst for bloodshed, I had no intention of taking part but for the sake of this alliance I went along. I have bigger plan than just taking the kingdom, no, somewhere within the kingdom lies a power, that if in my possession, would put at the pinnacle of power being able to reign over the entire galaxy! Draksis had made sure his letter to the king made it by the time we arrived at the outskirts of the kingdom, Onyx mustered a great enough power to blast a hole into the wall so that Draksis and his army could begin their siege, letting the soldiers charge ahead, Onyx felt it unnecessary for him to cut down those weaker than him, his objective was to make sure the king fell during this battle, as he and his allies continued to lay siege to the kingdom.