Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Kingdom under siege

Kingdom of Light

The next day the kingdom walls broke and was invaded by the House Darkness, news had reached the king of the invasion, “Mobilize the Adventurers, they will hold back Draksis’s army while our army focuses on evacuating civilians!” The king ordered, his words were empowering, both the adventures guild and the kingdoms army were loyal to him, the king's legion charged in. The king had called a quick meeting with the council, they all arrived on time, including the prince. “ The adventurers are already enroute to defend against Draksis’s army, I’ve ordered Cass to the field as back up in case Onyx makes a move, “ Winter relays to the king, he had no further orders aside from deploying the remaining council members to push back the invaders and rescue as many people as they can. They had struck at three points, the sides of the kingdom and what is considered to be the front, where the king himself headed down to the site of the battle in which Onyx was located, wielding a broadsword gifted to him by the first Queen of the Kingdom, it had been empowered by the queen, making it a very powerful weapon of Legend. He cut down any enemy that crossed his path, the enemy captain had managed to strike his arm, leaving a cut not to deep. The king knew he wasn’t fit for long lasting battles, his age had taken a toll on his body, despite that he was able to cut down his opponents, his objective was to take out Onyx, but he had to make sure he was ready. He made his way to the Temple of the Light on the outskirts of the kingdom. The temple was made to worship Star, an ancient deity that is said to be the very planet itself, but the king was after something else, he sought to obtain an ancient power that laid inside the temple, Only those who were chosen were allowed into the secret chamber beneath the Temple, before the Queen left she had told him of this place and that he would be able to enter in his time of need. The path down had opened as he stepped forward, as if it had sensed his arrival. A simple chamber not to far bellow housed the mysterious power, merely a formless pool of light floating on a pedestal, normally it would’ve taken shape according to whoever used it last, he would be the first to use it in centuries. The King extended his hand into light, It felt warm as the king passed his hand through it, the formless energy seeping into his hand and it flows through his body the warmth spreading throughout his body, his aches disappearing along with the wound from before. Upon receiving this power the king received a vision. He saw the trials the kingdom would come to face in the future, near the end of his vision he is shown a figure standing above it, the kingdom that lay in ruin, whether this person would bring an end to the kingdom or not the king did not know. But with this power, there was a significant drawback to those who could not withstand it, that it would cost them their life, the move was not necessary to beat Onyx, but the King would lose many to this war if he chose to battle Onyx without it. The King entrusted the vision to bring peace to the kingdom. And so the king with the golden crown burst out killing all the corrupted around him. Onyx was engaging Cass in battle, it almost seemed like they were on even footing, but Onyx could overpower him in an instant but chose not to, he was toying with him. That was until he spotted the king, his focus had shifted onto him, “ You should have surrendered when you had the chance, now you can watch your kingdom fall!” Onyx yells. Cass was still in the fight, injured but determined to continue, the duel would shift to two on one as the king and Cass charged at Onyx. The two of them were able to contest Onyx, despite the opponent Cass had yet to use his energy affinity, while the king had no affinity. The offense of the two began shifting in favor of Onyx when the kings attacks began to slow, both Cass and Onyx took notice, forcing Cass to throw himself in between to protect the king. Cracks of light formed along the base of his arms, the power was draining him and he didn't have much longer before the power would overtake him completely, the king intended not to drag this out, but end it within one move, and so he did, he would finish it with how own signature move, embedding all the power he had received into his sword, lunging at Onyx he yelled “Blazing dragon's fang!” as he struck Onyx, although he was unable to draw on the full power of the technique, he still wounded Onyx, the damage he received was enough for him to fall back, but the king was in worse shape, he could feel his body was nearing its end for he could not withhold the power anymore, he turned his sights to Draksis now that Onyx was out of the picture. Draksis witnessed his ally flee after taking a direct blow from the king, Draksis would not survive getting hit by that, even if he were to avoid the king, Cass would prove to be a threat, and he was right. Cass had lunged at Draksis in hopes to snuff out the remaining leader, Draksis was able to get away with only a cut to his left eye, fortune was on his side as the cut wasn’t deep enough to render the eye useless. He knew this siege was over, his army fell back after Onyx fled, he knew he would no longer last, his troops were dropping faster than he had anticipated against the kingdoms adventurers, Draksis swore he would get what he wanted no matter what. The Kings body began to break as cracks of light continued to burst along his arms and face, the power was taking its toll. The king took one last look at his kingdom, instead of pursuing Draksis, Cass had returned to the kings side, “ I am glad I was able to fight alongside you one last time, Cass,” the king paused, “ I, former Queens knight, now king of this kingdom, bestow upon Cass Equinox the sword of light, blessed by the first Queen handed down to me I know hand it down to you, may it guide you as it has guided me,” the king passes the azure greatsword to Cass, and his last words were only heard by Cass, who was still processing everything to speak back. The King couldn’t help but smile as the last of his body disappeared. The grief-stricken people cheered, crying both tears of joy and sadness, as they had won but also lost. The next day the people began rebuilding the walls and destroyed homes, with no King to look up to for guidance.