Chapter 11:

Museum of mummies Part 4

Escape:Witch [Remake]

Mochi stood blocking the path of the sarcophagus. Yuni gritted her teeth. They had to get out of there, but Mochi wouldn’t let them leave without Sayuri Benise. She then thought of a plan and whispered it to Madoka. Madoka nodded, hopped out, and ran behind the sarcophagus before pushing it like a bobsled. Mochi was unable to react, and she fell headfirst into the sarcophagus as it hit her.

“Wait you can’t be serious!? Don’t you dare leave me here!” Serika yelled as she quickly hopped in the sarcophagus as it reached the ramp.

Madoka hopped in as the sarcophagus began to slide down on its own. It slammed into the dirt and began drifting. Luckily it absorbed the impact, so the girls were fine. However, it quickly began to pick up speed as it slid away from the truck.

"Don't tell me we're on an incline!" Yuni yelled.

"Guess we're going bobsledding instead of surfing," Madoka quipped.

After sliding down the road for a bit, it stopped and everyone hopped out.

Yuni checked her phone, and confirmed she had cell service before dialing the emergency number. "Hello! My boyfriend and I crashed our ATVs into a tree. We can hardly move, send help please we’re at..."

Mochi stumbled out of the sarcophagus and confronted Yuni as she finished her call. "Why did you call paramedics instead of HQ, and what was that story about you and your boyfriend ATV racing and crashing into a tree?"

Yuni remained silent as Mochi continued to stare blankly at her.

"I'm starting to see why Serika and Bianka hate you. You’re billed as a prodigy yet are incompetent and reckless. It seems I’ll have to call them-”

“Madoka Kick!” 

Before Mochi could react, Madoka kicked her in the face, sending her flying through the air like a football, before she crashed into a tree and fell unconscious.

“The hell was that for!? You wanna throw hands that badly!? Well I'm pissed off enough to oblige!” Serika growled as she cracked her knuckles.

Before Serika could throw a punch, her body went limp, and she fell face first to the ground. 

"Great time for it to kick in," Yuni thought as she and Madoka also felt their bodies going limp before they both fell on their backs with a thud.

"Well, I hope your paramedics get here soon. I’m blaming you for letting that bitch get away," Serika growled.

"I don't feel good about letting that creep get away, but we had to prioritize our escape,” Yuni said as she stared up at the sky.

"Oh, I'm sure those Interpol agents will take care of them," Madoka cheerfully said.

"Wait Interpol!? What the hell are you talking about!?”

Madoka then had no choice but to explain what happened.

“Huh!? She told you not to save her in English and handed you an antidote for the serum!?" Yuni shouted.

“Well at least you didn’t make me drink that sketchy shit they gave you,” Serika growled.

Emeri remained silent as she lay on her back in the sarcophagus.

Nearly 15 minutes later, sirens blared as an ensemble of emergency vehicles approached the girls. Mutsumi got out of one squad car, while a woman with short black hair and glasses and woman with a pink bob got out of another squad car.

"Yuni!? Mochi!? Serika too!? What are you all doing here!? Are you embracing the life of a dirt hill? Oh Mochi, why is the blood escaping your face? Did you cosplay as Tarzan?” the woman with black hair cooed.

Yuni and Serika recognized her as Detective Kaori "Inoka" Inohara from HQ. Kaori was a bit out there and there wasn't a soul within the police that could truly decipher what she was saying. Her only selling point was that she got results. 

"Ugh, why'd it have to be this kook?" Serika growled.

"Hoh? she got kicked in the face. Some genius she is," the pink-haired woman sneered.

The woman was Mochi's older sister, Purin Myouchi. In addition to her pink hair, she had green eyes as well as an attractive body. She was also a Commissioner from Police HQ. However, she did not get along too well with her younger sister Mochi, and harbored jealousy towards her for her talent. After an incident though, Purin's uncontrollable hostility to Mochi vanished and the two became closer. Though that didn't mean Purin didn't enjoy seeing Mochi suffer.

"Are you all alright?" Mutsumi asked as she kneeled next to Yuni.

“Yay, it’s you! Now I MIGHT be able to survive,” Serika growled as she shot a death glare towards Yuni.

“But aren’t you trying to assimilate with the mud?” asked Kaori.

“Wait! what are you even talking about!? Serika Translate!” Yuni growled.

“The hell if I know what she’s saying, she’s always been this loony, and even if I knew I wouldn't tell you!”

"Mako's gonna be pissed off at you. I’ll claim the truck while Pupu lounges at the airport after she's done grillin ya," Kaori cooed as she hopped in her squad car and began speeding down the road after the truck.

"Tch. You all are lucky I'm in a good mood. Well, I'll leave he scolding to your superintendent. I'll personally head to the airport with an elite squadron. Head back to your station once you've been treated. You too Nakajima, that's an order!" Purin stated as she headed for her car and drove off.

"I bet she's going straight back to HQ. Well, I'll radio for a squadron of my own to head for the airport. I'll come with you all for now," Mutsumi stated as she hopped in her car.

The paramedics then took the girls to the hospital to receive an antidote for the serum. It was revealed that the vile that Madoka had been given was the genuine thing adding credence to the mummy being with Interpol. Yuni secretly asked the doctor if Mochi had been affected by the serum. Much to her dismay, the doctor admitted they just gave her the antidote so there was no way to tell if she was affected. Once the girls could move around again, they were taken to the police station by Mutsumi. Mochi glared through her bandages at Madoka as she got in the back seat of the car along with her, Emeri and Serika.

“That Ginkawa bitch is gonna get it for punting Mochi and for the humiliation she put me through!” Serika grumbled as she sat down in the backseat.

"Hmm? What was that?" Mutsumi asked.

"Nothing, just drive, idiot chief."

"You could be a little nicer," Yuni glared.

"It's cramped back here! And why do you get to ride in the passenger's seat!?"

"Because it would be too cramped back there if I sat back there."

"Why do you get it and not me or Mochi!?"

"My car, I get the say in who gets the passenger's seat," Mutsumi glared.

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