Chapter 12:


Escape:Witch [Remake]

It had begun pouring rain when everyone arrived at the station. When they entered, they were greeted with a spectacle. The two women from the salon demonstration were waiting along with Kurobane.

“Nakajima you bitch! I demand retribution for this! I won’t allow Mako-chan to be punished because you refused to fire that bitch!” Tsurutsuru-chan yelled.

“Sorry baldy, but nobody there claimed Bianka sexually harassed anyone," Mutsumi growled.

“I’m mad about what she said about Fujiko!”

Yuni shrieked as Fujiko smiled and began walking towards her. “Yuni-chan! So nice to see you, oh and you’ve brought hotties with you too, are you all gonna celebrate MY BIRTHDAY with me tomorrow?” she sadistically sneered.

"I apologize Fujiko, but I need to hear their testimonies, you are free to wait here with Yumeko till we're done though," Kurobane stated.

Yumeko and Fujiko waited in the lobby while Kurobane and Mutsumi began questioning the five girls.


“Miss Rolly Polly? I’m afraid we will need your real name for the testimony,” Kurobane stated as she finished interrogating Emeri.

“C- Can I not remain anonymous?”

Kurobane sighed as she wrote in her notes. “Very well, I assume unlike Assistant Commissioner Myouchi, you’re wearing bandages to hide your face. I will respect your privacy this time, but I will require you to provide your real name should you get caught up in another incident.”

In another room, Mutsumi was speaking with Yuni and Madoka. “Wait! You suspect Mochi might be with Illumous!?" she gasped.

“Did you or Kurobane ever receive a video of the culprits or a request for backup?” Yuni asked.

“No! It’s been a slow day. I only received that coded message from you. I didn't intend for Inoka and Purin to show up though. I wonder if Kurobane sent for them while I called for the paramedics.”

"Kurobane is close with those two right?"

"Yes, those three along with Yumeko used to be officers here at this station."

"That hairless stylist was an officer!?"

"She and Fujiko are the daughters of the former superintendent general."

"Oh, guess it makes sense. So why'd she quit if she had such a high position?"

"She got arrested. At first, it seemed like she'd get away scot-free, but Reika pushed hard and managed to get her jail time. When she was released, she opened up a salon, though a few weeks after that, Fujiko got arrested."

"That creep having a criminal record doesn't surprise me. So did you find anything on Benise's client?"

“You said he was an American that looked like Col. Sanders, yes? I believe this is him," Mutsumi stated as she showed the two a picture on the internet.

“Senator Carl McDonald… Wait! He’s from New Mexico!?”

“Yes, and apparently he hates chicken as well."

"The hell!? Then why does he look and sound like Col. Sanders!?”

"Maybe he lost a bet and had to cosplay as the Col," Madoka quipped.

Suddenly, the three were interrupted by Kurobane entering followed by Mochi and Serika. She walked up to Madoka and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her.

“Madoka Ginkawa, you are under arrest for assaulting and causing great bodily harm to an officer. Also, Futagawa, the Assistant Commissioner told me that you not only hindered the mission but lost your badge as well. Because of your incompetence, we were not able to get even a shred of video proof against Benise and her client, let alone apprehend her. You are suspended indefinitely until your badge is recovered," Kurobane stated.

Yuni stared in disbelief. “What do you mean!? Mochi said she recorded the evidence and sent it to you! I’m the one who told her to be careful about not deleting it!” she shouted.

“No, I whipped out my phone, but was unable to record anything because you kept leaning your head over my neck causing me to drop my phone. At best all we got was a video of the floor. Luckily, I was able to recover my phone, but then you jumped out and flashed your badge. I was then knocked out by Benise. “Drop your badge” was the last thing I heard before I woke up to Serika ripping bandages off me. Then you decided to escape while just leaving an unconscious Benise in the truck despite both Serika and I insisting we take her. Madoka Ginkawa forcefully rammed a sarcophagus into me, and then later kicked me in the face, breaking my nose and rendering me unconscious,” Mochi stated.

“No! If Benise had woken up before help arrived, we would have died. Besides, I’m the one who told Madoka to rough you up if you hindered our escape. So, drop the charges against her!”

“Why would you ask her to assault me?”

“Because I believe you are in cahoots with Benise.”

Serika raised an eyebrow as Mochi and Yuni continued to argue.

“Me in cahoots? You're spouting conspiracies, where’s your proof then?” Mochi asked.

“The video on your phone should prove I’m right and that what Madoka did was self-defense at best, paranoia at worst. She didn’t just kick you to kick you so drop the assault charge," Yuni glared.

“Mochi please hand over your phone,” Mutsumi ordered.

“I doubt you are able to recover anything, and even if there is something, it’s just footage of the floor. Besides, you have no authority to order me." Mochi stated.

“I know someone that could recover the deleted video." Madoka stated.

“I refuse to allow it. You are under arrest are you not? Nor can I allow someone that is most likely your family’s hacker to handle an officer’s phone,” Kurobane glared.

“If an officer’s present it should be fine,” Mutsumi countered.

“No! This is non-negotiable!”

Madoka then motioned for Yuni to come over to her before whispering something in her ear. 

As soon as Madoka finished conveying her message, Yuni smiled as she turned to face Mochi. “Hey Mochi, why not just show us your phone gallery so we can see for ourselves if anything’s there,” she smirked..

Mochi glared as she pulled out her phone and showed everyone the photo gallery. “See? There’s no video. I’m not going to sacrifice my phone just to recover some useless- “

Before Mochi could finish, Yuni swiped the phone and ran out of the room as fast as she could. Madoka then stood up and began walking out.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Kurobane glared.

“Home, if you want the bail, I’ll happily give it to you here and now," Madoka snickered.

“Young woman, you cannot simply- “

Madoka then removed the handcuffs and slapped them on Mochi’s wrists in an instant causing everyone but Mochi to gasp in shock.

“I’m innocent, she’s the traitor,” Madoka huffed as she exited the room.

Serika glared as she watched her leave while Kurobane sighed as she covered her face with her hand. “Nakajima, I’m blaming everything that happens from here on out on you. Midoriya, I’m going to issue a warrant for Madoka Ginkawa’s arrest. You are to apprehend her. As for Futagawa, if she does not bring the phone back here by 9:00 A.M. tomorrow, you are to apprehend her as well.”

As Yuni ran out, she noticed Emeri getting into a limousine. She ran up to her and stealthily shoved Mochi’s phone into her breasts before running away. Emeri’s face went red as she received a call from Madoka.


“Mado-chan! What’s going on!? Yuni-chan just shoved something in my breasts," Emeri stuttered.

“Oh, good so you have it then? Don’t let anyone see it! You need to retrieve some content. If you don’t, me and Yuni are in trouble."

“Ah, I get the picture, don’t worry Mado-chan, I’ll have it done asap. I assume you want me to head back to the mansion without you?” Emeri asked as she entered the limousine.

“Yep, I’ll probably be here a while, let Momma know that she might need to get our lawyer.”

“Ugh, this is because you punted that loli right? Why’d you do that?”

“Because she might be with THEM.”

Those words were all that Emeri needed to grasp the situation. “Got it, if things get dicey, escape as fast as you can. You still have those gadgets I gave you?”

“Who do you think you’re talking to? I can escape with ease, and yep, still got em.”

Emeri smiled as she ended the call. She then examined Mochi’s phone during the drive to the Ginkawa mansion. “So, the loli might be with Illumous. Guess I’ll do a full deep dive on this sucker,” she thought.

Back at the station, Madoka pridefully marched down the hall. As she passed by an office, she suddenly stopped and hid before peeking inside. For some reason, Fujiko was inside rummaging through some of the files.

“What’s her family name? Onto Fu. Fuoka, Fugo, Futagawa!” Fujiko exclaimed as she pulled out Yuni’s file and gazed through it.

“Why is she looking at Yuni’s file, she’s a stylist right? Kyah!” 

Madoka let out a  yelp as she felt a hand clamp down firmly on her shoulder. She turned around to notice an angry Serika. 

“The hell do you think you’re going!?” Serika glared.

“The files, the stylist she- “

“We’re locking you up you little bitch. You are now also being charged with resisting arrest, oh and your bail request is denied," Serika snarled as she grabbed Madoka’s arm and began dragging her away.

Fujiko, let out a relieved sigh, as she placed Yuni’s file back and snuck out of the office. She then returned to Yumeko in the lobby as if nothing happened.

“Oh, back from the restroom? You sure took a while," Yumeko smiled.

“Sorry, Onee-sama, I got distracted by some officers arresting a beautiful girl," Fujiko smiled.

“Just because they arrested her doesn’t mean she’ll be charged with a crime, so no you can’t shave her, sadly. Probation states that you can only shave criminals convicted of a crime if Mako-chan's present.”

“But I heard them say "resisting arrest".”

“Fine, I’ll check in with Mako-chan. Let’s go back to the shop for now. We can resume our conversation with Nakajima at a later date. Hmm, perhaps we could even arrange for her to come to us. I think she could go for a hair removal makeover. Hmm, maybe we could even make her get a hideous face tattoo as an apology...”

As the two left, Fujiko secretly pulled out her phone. "Yuni-chan, we're going to have so much fun tomorrow," she giggled.


Yuni ran down the street as fast as she could. Since she had left in a hurry, she had forgot her umbrella and was soaking wet. She then heard her phone ringing, and ducked under a nearby awning. She didn't recognize the number, but decided to answer.


“Yu-ni-chan mo-shi-mosh!”

A chill went through Yuni as she recognized the voice; it was Fujiko.

“F- Fujiko!? What the hell!? How did you get my number!?”

“You remembered me!? Ahh. That makes my heart flutter. I’m calling you to ask you out on a date."

“Like hell I’m getting near you again creep!”

“Wow! Soooo mean! That resistance is what I like about you. Don’t forget, we ARE celebrating my birthday tomorrow. I expect you to wear the kinkiest outfit you’ve got when you enter the salon. I'll even come over and pick one out for you."


"Oh, and if you try to run away I-will-find-YOU! Teehee.”

Yuni hung up her phone in disgust. “Great, now in addition to being suspended, I have a stalker," she grumbled as she decided to head straight home.


Back at the station, Madoka grumbled as Serika took her mugshots. She was now decked out in an orange prison jumpsuit and white slip-on sneakers. She had also been placed in a straitjacket and was in the process of getting her mugshots taken.

“Why do I have to look miserable!? Its more natural for me to smile!” Madoka pouted.

“SHUT UP! THIS IS THE 12TH TIME I’VE HAD TO RETAKE YOUR DAMN MUGS!” Serika fumed as she looked at the photos and decided they were good enough.

Serika then dragged Madoka to the elevator and descended to the underground holding area. She then marched her to the most secure cell at the end of the hallway and sat her down in a holding chair before restraining her. Once Madoka was restrained, Serika punched her in the face.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!?” Madoka screamed as blood trickled out of her lip and nose.

“Oh, that was for Mochi. I've known her for years and consider her a close friend," Serika glared.

“But she’s evil!”

“You really believe that bullshit spouted by that twintailed bitch? There’s no way Mochi would ever collude with a kidnapping ring.”

“She would if they’re all with Illumous!”

Serika’s eyes went wide as Madoka realized she might have said something she shouldn’t have. Serika took a deep breath before looking Madoka in the eye. “Why do you believe that!? Where’s your proof?” she asked in a slightly calmer tone.

“The video! If the video is recovered and is exactly like Yuni says, that proves she’s telling the truth!” Madoka stammered.

Serika glared at Madoka as she turned to leave. “You and that bitch piss me off. Well, maybe if you’re lucky you two can be cellmates and spend the rest of your lives here," she grumbled as she walked out of the cell and shut the door. “Illumous huh? You can’t be serious,” she mumbled to herself as she ascended to the ground floor in the elevator.

A few minutes later, Mochi entered Madoka's cell.

“You! You’re the Illumous rat that sold out- Mmph!”

Mochi promptly placed a mouth restraint over Madoka’s mouth before she could finish. 

“This is to prevent you from biting your tongue or spouting baseless conspiracies within our establishment. Rest assured, you will be force-fed meals and allowed to relieve yourself. I will also ensure you are given the maximum possible sentence for your crimes," Mochi flatly stated before leaving the cell.

"Gagging me huh? Guess you really are corrupt you damn loli," Madoka thought.

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