Chapter 22:

The underworld banquet

Spice of life [Remake]

As the group approached the venue, Himawari immediately removed Sundae's wig. "GIVE ME THE WIG BACK YOU ASSHOLE!" Sundae screamed.

"Shut it baldy, as of this moment you're my slave. Don't you dare talk back and risk blowing our cover," Himawari glared.

"Not gonna happen, she's way too prideful. Well, gag balls shouldn't be too inconspicuous right?" Rika asked as she held up two gag balls.

Himawari responded by grabbing one and gagging Sundae with it. "MMPH NGH MMPH!" Sundae fumed in embarrassment.

"So glad the bitch partnered with me instead," Helga grumbled.

"Might as well gag you too. You have a short temper," Rika snickered as she gagged Helga.


The group then entered the venue but were stopped by the bouncer. "Attendees? No, you appear to be chefs. I assume the gagged women in robes are your slaves. What meal shall you be turning them into?" the bouncer asked.

"I'm Tiana Tiramisù. My slave's gonna be tempura," Himawari stated.

"Heidi Koldslaw. My bitch is gonna be a nice meat and seafood platter," Rika stated.

"Hoh, she sure looks hot, though why didn't ya shave her bald like the other one for extra humiliation?" the bouncer sneered.

"Cuz then ya wouldn't be able to see how hot she is."

"Well, guess some guests would prefer it that way. Anyway, you two check out. Now get to work on the preparation."

Helga and Sundae let out muffled protests as they were dragged along.

"We'll go our separate ways. The bust will occur at dinner time," Himawari whispered.

Rika then surveyed some of the chefs and attendees. "A whole bunch of scum I recognize. There's Krokow the Canterbury glutton, Chef P. LaFleur the recipe robber, the leader of the demon queen cult, Ruka, along with at least 10 of her goons, and up on the stage there's Mondeau himself," Rika thought.

Krokow was a large obese man with a mechanical hand and a forked black beard. He was known to literally eat anything insight whether it be chairs, silverware, other people, or even himself. The mechanical hand he had was a result of him simply eating his own hand as an appetizer before murdering an aristocrat family and eating them for the main course. Due to his voracious appetite, he was generally despised amongst his underworld peers due to him being a loose cannon that could easily turn on them if his stomach grumbled.

Chef P. LaFleur was an underworld chef as well as the second in command of Nouveau Neo. He was initially expelled from the cooking world after infamously pilfering the recipe of a popular soup company after being humiliated by said company in a cook-off. He was caught and promptly thrown in prison. He broke out and founded N.N. with Mondeau. He then began stealing recipes from famous brands and selling them on the dark web while resuming his cooking for the underworld.

The demon queen cult was a dangerous all-female cult consisting of over 100,000 members. All members were required to shave all hair from their heads and bodies, then paint every inch of their skin a pale white color. They were also required to all wear the same uniform consisting of a dark green sports bra, light blue yoga pants, and white running shoes. All the followers also wore orange lipstick and contacts, making it impossible to tell them apart by their eyes. Their leader, Ruka, was also devoid of hair and had her skin painted just like her followers. Though instead of the standard attire, she wore a white bathrobe and turquoise sneakers.

Finally, there was Monsieur Mondeau, the taboo chef himself. He would frequently dabble in cooking dishes deemed inappropriate and taboo. It was when he killed and cooked a fellow classmate at Tabemono that he was arrested and blacklisted from the culinary world. However, he was a very talented chef and quickly rose to fame in the underworld. After amassing enough capitol, he formed Nouveau Neo as a way to unite all underworld chefs under one banner. The true purpose of that was to prove him worthy of being an executive member of I.L.U., the world's largest shadow organization.

"Like, I'm Ruka. You're like, so hot gal," Ruka giggled as she wrapped her arm around a female chef.

"Get away from me you freak!" the chef yelled.

"Her slave is like, so cute too. Like, assimilate girl," one cult member cooed as they surrounded the chef and her slave and quickly dragged them away.

"Wonder what one of them cult whores would taste like," Krokow mused as he began snacking on LaFleur's beret.

"Get your munchers away from my hat!" LaFleur fumed as he shrieked away.

"Do not eat until everyone is here!" Mondeau glared at Krokow.

"When did you care about manners!?" Krokow snarled.

"Ugh, a full line up of trouble. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe," Rika whispered to Helga as they headed for the kitchen.

"I doubt it. This bitch dragged us into something way over our heads," Helga angrily thought.


Sundae moaned in discomfort as Himawari finished covering every inch of her body in a thick creamy tempura batter. Only her nostrils were visible, though it was still difficult for her to breathe.

"Relax, you'll be fine, just wait here while I look around," Himawari smirked.

Once she was gone, "Sundae" shed her disguise.

"Well, that was quite easy," Dastard thought as he dawned a new disguise with the flick of his cape.


"You'll need to inject her with this immobilization serum," an organizer informed Rika.

"Oh good, you got a few more? I've been going through my stock at home like crazy," Rika laughed.

"We are open for business following the conclusion of the banquet. As for now, you will only be given one vile. I will confirm that you properly make use of it."

Rika smirked and jabbed the syringe into Helga's neck, eliciting a shocked muffled yelp from her.

"Well, have fun with your preparation. Krokow will be your primary client for tonight, so stack the girl with lots of food so she isn't devoured in a minute," the organizer stated.

Rika gritted her teeth upon hearing the revelation. "Shit, I should have traded places with Helga. That vacuum will bite her throat out as soon as she arrives," Rika scowled as a disguised Dastard appeared before her. "Oh, looks like backup arrived. Now I can get Helga out of here," Rika thought as she placed a slab of meat over Helga's eyes.

"The hell'd she do that for!? If I wasn't immobilized by that crap, I'd- huh? I don't feel immobilized," Helga thought as she reached for the meat and pulled it off her eyes.

She looked around but saw no one else around but Rika.

"It was just Tiana. Said that serum takes a half hour to kick in. Well, guess you better stay still while I butter ya up," Rika smiled as she began pouring gravy all over Helga.

"MMPH NGH MMPH!?" Helga protested.

"Ah, that serum doesn't take effect instantly. Well, that bitch provided the antidote so here you go. Now listen closely. I need you to hide while I do something..."


Krokow's mouth watered as Rika wheeled Helga out on a tray. She was covered in exotic gourmet meat, lettuce, and some king salmon along with pounds of gravy.

"Do not eat yet!" First Allow me to welcome everyone here," Mondeau stated as he took the mike.

Cheers erupted from the crowd as the dishes were wheeled out. Krokow licked his lips as a serene Helga was placed before him by a staff member.

"That's your primary dish, you must eat that before eating-"

Before Mondeau could finish, Krokow had already lunged his cybernetic hand towards Helga's abdomen.


Everyone turned and stared in shock at the sight before them. A knife was embedded in the palm of Krokow's mechanical hand as Helga shoved him down to the ground.

"Huh!? Why's the food moving!?" Mondeau cried as Helga stood up.

Helga then grabbed a salt and pepper shaker and hurling them into Krokow's face. She then wrapped herself in a towel and ran off as Krokow angrily chomped the shakers and their contents to bits before giving chase.

Before anyone else could react, the bouncer went flying into the room bloodied and beaten. Everyone turned to see a young muscular woman with short black hair and no eyebrows clad in a police uniform storm into the room. A woman with long black hair and thick glasses, a woman with brown hair styled in pigtails, and a woman with long pink hair and green eyes followed behind.

"Police! You're all under arrest!" the pink haired woman glared as she flashed a police badge.

"Looks like that’s my que to get out of here," Dastard thought as he lifted up the cover of the cart and picked up Helga, whom had been hiding there.

"Huh!? What the hell's going on!?" why are you carrying me like a princess!?" Helga fumed.

"Relax and hang on tight. We're gonna fly," Dastard said while disguised as Rika.

"So, it's begun. Guess I'll focus on fighting this ass, while Dastard gets Helga out of here. Hope Helga doesn't get mad that I impersonated her for the dish," Rika thought as Krokow chased after her.

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