Chapter 1:

The she wolf part 1

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 4


Yukio entrusted us his secret about the mission with the ring.On the other hand I went to my senior's office.

"Miss Matou I came like you requested."

"Chikage I am here to give you a mission."

"Ok thank you very much."

"Chikage,is it true that the night of the ball you along with Yukio and Erina were saved by a mysterious she wolf?"

"Yes it is true."

"Do we have any information about her?"

"No we don't."


"I am leaving now ma'am."

My senior is Marin Matou.So I travelled to Kobe city of Japan.They said a former member of the military was killing people.

According to sources he was hiding in Kobe city.I found a shrine.A maiden saw me from distance.

"Hello is this shrine yours?"

"Yes.I am staying here with my apprentise.You must be a traveller.Let's have some tea."


This shrine is good looking and enormous.The tea was delicious.

"My name is Motoko Hanekawa."

"I am Chikage,lady Hanekawa."

"Don't call me lady it makes me sound old.Just call me Motoko."

"Sure...Motoko.You reminded me of my teacher.I remember him telling me the  exact same words."

"I see."

"Do you know this man at the photo?"

Motoko didn't have any information about him.Suddenly she felt a dizziness.


"Do not worry." she said smiling

I guess it really is serious.

"Stay here for the night."

"Do you think it is a good idea?"

"No is not accepted as an answer."

"Ok then."

Motoko showed me the room I was going to sleep.I was wondering if I was going to meet her apprentice.I could barely close my eyes.I heard some strange noises.After some hours I finally fell asleep.

The next morning Motoko made breakfast.

"It is delicious.Thank you."

"I am glad you like it.My silly apprentice just came back and she left without having breakfast."

"Well skipping breakfast was also a bad habbit of mine too."

"By the way I look at you,you are a nice person who passed a lot.Just like her.But this is an other story."

"Thank you for the breakfast..."

"You can stay here until your investigation is over."

"Ok I will."