Chapter 6:

(Concept end)

Rain and happiness? (concept)

I would like to thank every one that read out light novel concept,in all these days i was thinking how to make the story more "understandable" and more loved by the readers in the sense of the characters,the story will be changed including an "aura" that will make you feel like you are watching a movie or anime series,the characters from the original story will be kept but removing the man that was "teammate" with Rain in the first chapter.

The original non-concept story will have around 5000-8000 words for chapter,i will change the orignal Main Character,Rain was always meant to be a supporting character.

Stay tunned, i will start Chapter 1 writing from today

Thank you for the support these light novel series will be concluded to start the real light novel series (concept end)

The new series will be called Ame To Shiawase! (Rain And Happiness!)