Chapter 5:


Rain and happiness? (concept)

1 Day after Shiwase death

7 P.M

Inside the base at the waithing room

Rain puts inside the mailbox a written paper

"(How many days did she live with me?Like only 3 days ...Why should i get sad...)"

Thinks Rain while having a depressed and neutral expression...

"(Now i have to wait for someone that can work with me,rarely i find someone,because almost everyone has their group,the only times i get inside a group it's because they do me a favor...)"

Rain sits in the sofa,where other people are around talking or waiting

"(While almost all that waits are for missions,i , i wait for any person that is with no group or that needs someone...)"

Rain keeps looking for someone just by the eye while she stays sitting,she sees the blonde girl of the other time,and a lot of groups of 3 and 4

"(This girl dosen't seem very friendly...,Last time she looked at me with a scary face,those groups seem not needing someone)"

Someone opens the waiting room door,we can see the girl with red hair that delivered last time the supply box to Rain,she has like the last time a neutral expresion

"(She is not with his brother now?)"

"Where is your brother?"

Says with a deep voice a tall man with scars that is in charge of giving the missions...

"He is sick,he had seen a deformed body,he vomited and now he is sick,so that's why he is sick"

"(She repeats a lot the same thing and she talks like someone with limited feelings...Wait that means she is alone)"

"Ok sit i'll come back in 5 min"


The red hair girl sits

"Hey aren't you the girl who delivered me the last time the supply box?"

Says Rain...

"Yes,i think"

Replies the red haired girl...

"Are you 'free' today?"

"No,i need to work"

"Well,he he i mean if you are alone,because normally working alone it's hard"

"Yes i'm alone for today"

"Can we work today together?"

"No,i can work alone"

"Alone?!Are you kidding me i think..."


"Well then thanks anyway..."

"We can work if you want,but i just warn you that i will deviate a lot"

"Thank you...Well today i wanted to work with someone but i think she will never return..."


"(That's cold..)"

The tall man opens the door and gives a paper to the red haired girl

"Sir,this girl with blue sea eyes want to work with me"

"Rain is that true?"

"Yes...Well now i'm alone so...Yes"

"Ok, then Kaede will explain you what to do"

The tall man leaves the room

"(Kaede...Well i don't know why but for some reason no one wants to say their last name, i ,for example called myself Rain because i don't remember my past and name)"

Rain looks at right and left

"Kaede?Oh she did already leave?Ugh!"

Rain runs towards the outside door and finds Kaede

"Uh..Uh..I know you did me a favor but you could wait for me at least"

Says Rain while breathing hardly

"Yes,but you were 'thinking' so i let you thinking,well let's start,i don't like working at night"

"Ok fine for me"

Kaede removes some grass near the door,then she takes a hard case from there

"Is that a gun?"

"Yes,but just for today"

"So you have good weapons that means..."


"Can i see it?"




"Because what?"

"Could attract attention"

We can see a group of 4 with masks outside the door looking at them

"See,just the hard case attracts some rats"

"Well true sorry..."

Says Rain while she is curious

"(Well at least i can work today,but...I feel sad for Shiwase she was an albino with heterochromia eyes and she died in one of the most painful deaths,metal going through her,in fact i think her name was Shiawase just that she didn't wrote it good...)"

Rain turns left and right

"Uh...I better stop thinking i will lost her!"

8 P.M

In front a small forest

"Kaede i have a question i know i don't know you so much,but really your brother is just sick?"


Replies Kaede obviously meaning yes...

"Well if he is so bad i think i can help..."

"How can you do it then?"

"Well you will say 'i don't trust you' but for some reason i know something about medical"

Kaede turns immediately and approaches her face closely to Rain's face

"We start tomorrow working then,please help my brother now"

Rain looks directly at Kaede's frightened expression

"He is not just sick how i understand..."

"If you help him..."

Kaede opens the hard case with more than 4 keys,we can see a small blanket, Kaede removes the blanket


We can see an CSR 50 a sniper rifle originally from the United Arab Emirates 

"This gun is so rare how did you get it???If finding weapons is already rare a foreigner weapon even more!"

Kaede looks at Rain with an expressive and needy look

"Please i need your help if you really know how you can take care of him"

Rain says yes with her head with a neutral and determined look

"(How does she have a weapon that rare...The sniper guy that died when he failed throwing the bomb...Had a sniper rifle,but how i remember he had a homemade model imitating a russian riffle...I didn't get surprised so much because russian weapons were exported worldwide...)"

"Rain,follow me please"

"Oh yes sorry..."

9 P.M

We can see a lot of trees in some half desert city

"Were do you live?Is it here?"

"Yes,you see those trees,just in the left inside a sewer pipe don't worry,all it's dry inside,no humidity"

"Well that's a good spot at least not like mine"

Kaede approaches the sewer pipe,opens it then she start going down the stairs

"Close it before entering"

"Don't worry"

We can see a rust door with some buckets that have some type of liquid

"What do you have on those buckets?"

"That's his blood,he puck blood"

"I have a question,do you work a lot you and him?"

"Yes i think"

"What do you mean 'i think'?"

"We only work when we need food,but we always lack of food because he can only eat some types of food"

"So that means you have to pick hard missions or work a lot..."

"Yes,that's why i had a sniper rifle,today we had to kill a reported creature that can melt metal"

"(That's the creature i reported...)"

"You have other questions?"

"Yes,does he have some recent lesions or anything else?"

"Well yes,i usually run a lot and well,how he is still a 'child' he can't really follow my 'rythm' "

"Do you have meds'?"

Kaede takes a box where we can see a lot of medication like pills,bandages,etc

"You have a lot of those...Well i can only tell you something,i think your brother 'is not born for sport' if you understand me..."

"So that means..."

"You have to take easier missions at least for him"

"But like this..."

"I know,you can't help him reach his full energy,but did you know that those 'pills' are not the 'pills' you think?"

Rain takes from the box some vitamins

"What are those then?"

"You are giving your brother a lot of luxury,but if you didn't know he can eat normal food 'plus' those pills,so like this there is no need to take hard missions."

"I didn't know about that..."

"How many months you kept like that?"


"Oh that's okay,let's open the door and see how he..."


Before Rain opens the door turns slowly into Kaede

"Are you telling me that you've been finishing missions that are done by groups of 5 only you two?"

"Well can you do something for him please"

Kaede goes ahead and opens the rust door...

We can see Kaede's brothes full of spilled blood from the head to the torso,he wears a type of gas mask and his sclera eyes are rose of blood...

"This is not what i was thinking...Wait the blood buckets...Why buckets of blood???Is he really just sick"

"I don't know,that's why i need you to help my brother"

Rain runs towards the bucket,puts her hand inside the bucket and...

"(This is not just blood...I feel something...I feel something that is not liquid...) Kaede don't lie to me!Why did you not throw this 'blood he pucked'?!?!Tell me the truth or i can't help him!"


"You want your brother to die?!?!"


Kaede moves towards a bucket of his brother 'blood',then she throws into the floor and takes something that was inside...

"Just because i want to save him,you see this"

Kaede lifts her hand showing what did she took,we see some type of type of organ moving


"My brother died a week ago,but this that i bought in change of almost all my guns can save him,what you said about 'he was probably eating incompatible food' was non sense for him,he just died"

"Then...Why he is alive and sick..."

"He needs to swallow it and let it in the throat"

"Then ...Wait this is so confusing..."

"He can't eat it,he can't puke it,but he did both"

"No...But does that mean he revived but he didn't in some way..."

Kaede looks with a cold look at Rain...

"If you can't do something,just leave,take the sniper and never come back"

Rain looks at Kaede with the same way

"I'll try save him,but you will explain me what is this shit moving you are holding"

Kaede throws it near his brother

"If he dies, i will not kill myself,but the way he died was because me,so simply if he dies,i will do whatever i want,because my brother is the only one who can help me go straight into a normal life..."