Chapter 1:

Swords judment curse arc

Swords Judment

Long ago in a town called Hiagashi lived the swords of judgment. These swords were the strongest weapons past down for generation.These weapons were The Nightbane,The lighting strike,the water blade,and the malice. All was peaceful until the judgment sword of the Malice wielder lost control And turned to a powerful demon. The other sword wielders trying there best to defeat the darkness and stopping him from destroying the world but the judgment wielders didn't stand a chance against Malice.Suddenly came an angel in blue armor from the sky and defeating the Malice, peace finally returned to the world.Bookmark here

In the PresentBookmark here

My name is Senki Soshiki and i'm the 8th Malice sword wielder.My goal is to be the best swordsmen in the land. "Senki wake up its the first day of High School for us!!" said Setani. Okay Okay i'm up now. Senki and setani puts there uniform on and heads towards the school."HEYY SENKI!" yelled tatsu. Yo tatsu how you been. So your attending Higashi High School too I see. "Yeah I was surprised myself when I was accepted here" Tatsu says with a  smirk. Holy crap come on were gonna be late on the first dayBookmark here

After setani,senki and tatsu attended the opening ceremony they run in to the strongest swordswomen in Higashi,Yuki Saiho. Woah tatsu is the the 8th Nightbane user. "Yeah it is i can sense it "says tatsu Then lets go talk to them tatsu. Oh and there's setani, HEYY SETANII! "What is it senki." said sentani. Come with me and tatsu to talk to the nightbane wielder. No I think i'll pass,she's my dorm roommate anyway. "But I have to go Bye call me" setani said.Speaking of roommates tatsu whats you room number."Its 206". says tatsu. Wait really!,Mine is 206 too.So tatsu wanna spare like we did 5 years ago.'Yeah this time I wont lose" Said tatsu with a grin.Bookmark here

Senki and tatsu head towards the arena and prepare for battle.Bookmark here

Alright tatsu no holding back. "Oh trust me i didn't plan on pulling any punches." said tatsu. Malice I Unleash You!!  "Lightning strike I Unleash You!!" said tatsu seriously. Okay we start in 3..2..1 Now. tatsu and senki run toward each other colliding swords causing debris. Wow tatsu you've really got strong. "I could say the same for you".says tatsu while jumping back. As both of them kept going back and forth they decided to end it with one finale blow. Alright tatsu i hope your ready. Malice I withdraw your power into me. Lightning strike I absorb your power. "With this final attack will end it here!!" They both yell. MALICE SLASH!!! LIGHTNING CUT!!! With that last attack they both fall unconscious. Ouch my head what happened. "So senki who won." said tatsu tiredly. We will call It a draw for now. "Okay that's fair I guess."tatsu says while falling asleep.Bookmark here

Next morning at schoolBookmark here

Hey tatsu there's Yuki. Im gonna go talk to her. "Go get her senki." said tatsu. Good morning Yuki. "Morning." said yuki. Woah she actually talked to me senki says in his head. I was wondering if you wanted to hangout after school. Yeah okay here what I wanna do If u beat me in a duel i'll be your servant but if I win you never talk to me again. WHAT!!. "So do you agree or not?."says yuki. Ughh fine ill do it. "Alright then see at the arena after school then." Bookmark here

After school at the arena.Bookmark here

I wonder where yuki could be."I see you actually came." says yuki walking towards the arena. Well yeah i wouldn't want to miss out on this fight. "what did senki get himself into now." says setani. "Well you see he gonna fight the strongest swords woman herself."said tatsu. "I see well I wish him good luck." says setani. Alright yuki you ready. Ready when you are Malice I Unleash you!! Nightbane Give me light!! They charge sword first at full speed.Bookmark here

To Be Continued...Bookmark here

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Swords judgment

Swords Judment

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