Chapter 0:


Your typical Fantasy without any twists.

Hey guys! This is Miyano. As you may have guessed, I've been transported to this amazing land filled with enchantment and beauty...

Wa-wait! I'm talking about the natural beauty of this place! Ye-Yeah! That's exactly what I'm talking about.

*Worried face of mc*

Anyway, it all began while I was in junior high school, and it was a typical normal and pleasant day, not until I was ran over by truck-kun, my soul was then relocated to heaven, and I met Elohim, he said that he was a God who focuses on giving life I think, that's what he said.
Seeing me as a 15 year old boy, who died suddenly because of an accident. God took pity on me. *sigh* I know, right?

I also met some people who I will love unconditionally. Especially my parents who gave birth to me in this world. Although my old man is obnoxious of some sort, I still love him...
Actually, never mind, that old man never gives me a peace of mind, so, no. 

There are a lot of things going on here, there are also various races that I've met and interacted with. I even tried to kidnap a bunny girl, man, that was a headache after the whole fiasco, jeez, suddenly remembering it gives me chills, brrrrr. 

But, then again, looking back to all the things that happened because ( I might have something to do with those things) of unexpected variables ( I am so not definitely referring to myself as those UNEXPECTED VARIABLES), it was definitely a fun and hectic life that I was into.

But the main point is, this is your typical fantasy story without any twists. *wink*