Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Unprecedented Event

Your typical Fantasy without any twists.

"Huh? Where am I?"
I roamed my eyes at the place where I'm currently at, it was so unfamiliar, but the key factor was that the place was super bright.

"Oh, nice, you're finally awake"

"W-who are you? Where are we? Why am I here?"
I was super confused as to why I'm here and also at a loss as to what is happening right now.
Then a quick memory fragment of mine suddenly appeared inside my head.

*Alarm clock beeping* *Opens eyes*
"Oh no! It's already 7:48AM, I'm late to school again,"

*somehow manages to compress all things like taking a quick bath and dressing up to 12mins*

"Mom, Dad, I'm going now, see ya later".
"Great, I still have time to go to school, It's Monday today, so there should be a flag ceremony right now, I'll take the shortcut".
I thought that to myself because I have a bread on my mouth at that time
Author: Of course we're going for the super cliche moments

It was a usual day, me being late in school isn't anything out of the ordinary for me. In fact, it was as if that is the normal thing that could've happen. I'm late now, running, taking twists and turns, left and right.

"Phew, glad I made it in time"

*truck-kun crashes*
I was sent flying in the air, making it seem like a person knows how to levitate. I slowly opened my eyes to check what was happening.
"I-it hurts so bad! Is this my time right now, it can't be, r-right?".
*closes eyes*

"And that's why I'm here right now, standing in front of you, let's see, your name is Miyano Shinsetsu, so, what do you want to do now?"

"Huh? Can I still go back to my world?"
I stared at him, still wondering where I am. As I waited patiently for the person's reply who is right now, in front of me, he said...

"Unfortunately, it's been 3 earth days since you died, and your body has now been embalmed and is now at your house, with your family and friends' who came to your funeral"
"Oops, that's a bit wicked, huh, I shouldn't have said that, tee hee" *wink*

I heaved out a heavy sigh. I was so shocked that my face wasn't really showing the expression that it should've been showing. As I was feeling a bit numb by the news that I heard just now...

"Alright Miyano, ho-ho, I'll give you two choices" 
I looked at the person with an interested face as to think that if he could do anything to make my current situation a bit better at least.

"Ehem, the first one is to just stay here, you'll be in heaven for the time being until your soul gets cleaned up and will be reborn again in your world. Of course, getting your soul "cleaned up" really means what it really means. You'll forget this current life, and live a new life."

I nodded and said nothing else, implying that I'm waiting for the next choice.
"The second choice is to be born into a new world, while your soul is still in tact, I'll also give you a head start. You'll be able to learn things faster, and I'll also add this into your new body. You'll be able to use every element. Sounds neat, huh?"

"Elements? What do you mean?" I solemnly asked

The person tilted his head as to say that he didn't get my question.
"Oh, yeah, right, the world you'll be born in has magic."

I thoroughly processed what he just said right now. My mind snapped as if it had experienced an epiphany. 

"EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? Are you serious??? Am I really gonna be in that kind of world!?"

He straight up looked at me and said...
"No, never mind, I've changed my mind"

I then of course, hugged his left knee and said...
"No, no, wait, I want to! Please let me be born in that world please."

But then, a thought suddenly hit me.

The person quickly caught my thought and said...
"It's alright, I'm pretty sure your family loves you to the bottom of their hearts, although you're worried about them, we can't do anything about it, since your body is in the casket and everything." 
"Oops, I should've not said that again, huh?"
"But, instead of being worried about them, how about enjoying your soon to be new life, as to say to them that they shouldn't be worrying about you and that you're enjoying your new life. Although you can't say that to them directly, your bonds as a family and with your friends can't be severed just because someone (you) died. They'll be able to sense it and be put at ease.

I took a deep breath and said...
"O-okay, I'll leave the rest to you si-sir?"

"Elohim. My name is Elohim. Alright, everything is ready, I'll bring you to that world now. Good luck with your own journey, see you again".

I nodded and said "Thanks Mr. Elohim" I stopped speaking and pondered for a second and said "Wa-wait? See you again?"

Elohim then said "Ho-ho, bye-bye."