Chapter 1:

A little about myself

The Boy Who Cooked Wolf

Date: 9-9-2020
My Name is Hugo. Hugo Morin a 16 year old boy from Baunelle, Biligeau .My dream is to be the best cook in the world. Biligeau is a country that was formed by the United Nations when The Great War of 1983 had ended. It borders France and Belgium. In Biligeau my father had a restaurant. When I was small I often visited the place with a friend. We saw tons of people come in and out. When he sees the people off, he always gives them a smile. But now the restaurant closed due to my dad getting sick of arthritis. His face saddened in time. To be the best, I studied the art of cooking by myself and had decided to enroll in La Plat Academy for Culinary Arts in Biligeau. There I find myself troubled, as I’m from a rumored restaurant that was abandoned by its owners. Do I have the skill and knowledge to be the best? Will my reputation go well in this coming years? Bookmark here

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