Chapter 2:

Are you...?

The Boy Who Cooked Wolf

In a hot sunny morning I felt excited when I read my name on a letter I received from La Plat Academy. As I nearly fainted I screamed
“Dad! Look! I’m accepted!” He showed a smile when he heard.
“Your mom will be happy” He replied. I smiled at him as I remembered my mom.
“Will you be fine on your own?” I asked him.
“I’m not that old, you know! By the way when are you leaving?”
“I’m leaving next week. But by tomorrow I need to pack up and send them my things.” I replied.
“Don’t pack up too many things, okay? You’ll be provided with basic necessities” He lectured
“I know, I know. Don’t worry, dad.” As he brought a fancy looking box out he handed it over to me
“Here, this might not be enough but I hope you’ll be making good use out of it.” He said with a smile in his face. As I opened the box I was surprised to find the knife set he treasured for a long time when he had his restaurant.
“Dad, This is.” I said to him
“I have no further use for it, I’d like you to pursue my dreams”
“Dad.” I felt proud.Bookmark here

-One week later-Bookmark here

The day I was waiting for is finally here! I can finally wear my school uniform. I might be looking quite tired but that came due to the lack of sleep I had today. As I took the train from Baunelle to La Plat Academy I was surprised to see the academy. It was gigantic building that looks like Chateau de Versailles in Paris surrounded by a forest. After I stepped out the train I was greeted by a lady that was around 40 years of age. She was waiting for me
“Are you Mr. Morin?” She asked
“Uhm… Yes” I replied
“I’m Ms. Mikazuki. I teach Asian Culinary Studies. I’ve been asked by your father to come pick you up. I’ve known him for ages.” as she introduced herself. She started walking in a direction towards the exit of the station, I soon followed her.
“Oh, I’m sorry to take your time. My father is such an pain.” I replied.
“Hahaha, its fine. So, how is your dad doing? Is he still cooking?” She asked
“Well, sometimes he cooks dinner. But it’s not really that often anymore. I’m afraid he starts losing the thought of cooking being fun” I replied.
“I see.” She sounded concerned.
“Just a little walk and we will reach the exit.” As we exited the station I was surprised to see an expensive looking car waiting for me. I stopped for a second
“Come, get in” Ms. Mikazuki said
“Yes, Ma’am” I got in the car
As we arrived at the school. I was surprised by the appearances of the students. Some had even butlers with them.
“Some students here are from different backgrounds. Some are heir of a big restaurant chains. Some are cooks that wants to pursue their dreams of being the best.” She told me. As we stepped out of the car
“Just go straight ahead through the gate and you’ll find yourself the main hall where they’ll do the welcome ceremony for new students”
“Thank you very much for your help” I thanked her
“Its fine. Hurry up, go! You’ll be late”
I went in the gate running only to stumble on a girl with long black hair and also has the same school uniform as mine. As we were down on the ground defenselessly, I found myself in an awkward position where I accidently got on top of her. As she was hurt she then realized in what for embarrassment we were in.
“Pervert!” She shrieked and slapped my face as we stood up.
“It’s a misunderstanding!” I told her. she took a second look on my face she suddenly said “I’ll let you live for today!” and walks towards the main hall. I slowly recognize the face but It doesn’t seem to get on surface. It might’ve been someone I met before.
As the ceremony was over we must go to our class and attend our first lessons. My class is 2-3A, Classes here are ranked based on base skills and cooking knowledge being 5 as lowest and 1 as highest. For me I was placed in class 3. I’m relieved I’m not placed in the lowest as I doubt my skills to cook
I entered our classroom only to find my fellow students and a familiar face I encountered this morning. When I looked at her, our eyes met. She then faced me an angry face and looked away. Some students around her that I pre-assumed was her friends suddenly made the same face towards me.
“Okay class, Sit down on your places. I’m introducing someone new here.” The teacher went in. It was Ms. Mikazuki from this morning. The class suddenly went quiet and the attention went towards her.
“This is Hugo, Hugo Morin.” When they heard my name. Whispers suddenly filled the air
“He’s the son of that chef that had abandoned a restaurant” as I heard one from someone. The girl I met this morning suddenly stood up yelled
“Quiet!” I was surprised to hear that from her
“Ms. Jauniëlle please sit down. Hugo you can sit down on the seat in front of Ms. Jauniëlle” Ms. Mikazuki said. As I heard her name I thought of it being familiar to me. I sat on my chair and put my books on the table.
“Let’s begin the class” as Ms. Mikazuki wanted to start the class.
“Open your books to page 11 and read the article over Chinese Cuisine.
“As I felt tired of the things I encountered and did today I suddenly fell asleep
“Hugo, Hugo, Hugo!” I suddenly woke up and saw Ms. Mikazuki staring at me with an annoyed face.
“Is my lesson that exciting to you? What are the 3 most famous staple food in the Chinese cuisine?” She asked. I suddenly answered
“Rice is the major staple food of China, White rice is usually the most common rice used by people. They also use it for making beer, wines and vinegar. Second comes the noodles, noodles comes in various sizes, shapes and texture and is often served in soups or fried as toppings. Then there is the soybean, soybeans contain protein therefor is made for tofu, milk, soy sauce and much more.” As I answered her the class suddenly went looking towards my direction. The teacher suddenly walked away and continued her lesson
When the first day of lessons were done I must go to my dorm. It’s called The East Moon Dorm. It’s rumored to have housed famous chefs around the world when they were in school. As I arrived at the dorm I was surprised how creepy and run down it looked the roof was black like from a horror movie the sound of ravens suddenly came from the forest next to the building. I slowly approached the door and rang the doorbell. A few moments later I was shocked to find an old lady
“A witch!” I yelled
“Dumbass! And you are?” She said
“I’m Hugo Morin, I’m supposed to stay here during my studies.” I introduced myself
“Welcome Hugo, My name is Mrs. Mayne I’m currently the landlady of this dorm. Come in.” She welcomed me. I stepped in only to see a guy that was laughing his pants off
“A witch!” He repeatedly said.
“Shut up and introduce yourself.” Ms. Mayne told him “Oh sorry, I’m Pelt Flemming. I’m from room 201” He introduced
“My name is Hugo Morin, Looking forward to work with you!” I said
“Your room is 202 by the way here is the key” Mrs. Mayne gave me the key.
“Hurry up and change, Mari is cooking tonight” Pelt told me. Again, those names are really familiar to me but can’t seem to recognize them. I soon then went to my room to take a bath and change my clothes. A hard yell came from downstairs that sounded like Pelt
“Dinner’s ready, Come down!” I went downstairs to the dining hall. The smell of fried starch with faintness of soy sauce reached my nose. As I enter the hall I saw Pelt with a plate of fried chicken on the table
“Is it just us alone?” I asked “
No, No. Mari is getting the plates and chopsticks. We’re eating karaage tonight” Pelt said “Karaage?” I asked.
“Karaage is a Japanese fried chicken that was marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, lemon, rice wine and some other ingredients. It is usually served with lemon but I personally prefer to add honey for the distinct sweetness it lacks” Mari came in and was surprised to see my face
“You are!” she said surprised
“You are” I said surprised. As the thought came in to my head, a memory of the past came suddenly to surface.
“Are you Mariëna Jauniëlle from Baunielle. You’re that girl I was playing with when I was young.” I speculated.
“That took you long, Hugo” she said with a smile on her face.Bookmark here

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