Chapter 1:

The world is about to change

Impending Doom

Tokyo, 2041.

What is this? She's too cute!

Ishikawa Kanata, a red-haired 16 years-old woman. She had a ponytail, orange eyes and often wore orange outfits, like the gym clothing she was using right now for her daily walking. She was the top 1 level 7 hero of a powerful association in Japan. Just to know how strong she was, she could destroy Tokyo in seconds if she wanted, without trying her hardest.

She had a little brother, who was pursuing his dream of becoming a level 7, just like her. Although she didn't like the idea, she let him join the association and awaken a power. Powers were supernatural abilities granted mainly by dreaming after meeting a green-haired girl that the association held captive. His was gravity, hers were absurdly strong physical abilities.

She was now in front of a ninja girl, about 12 years old. She wore a black uniform and a face mask. She also had a ponytail, but her hair was black. Kanata was fascinated by cute boys and girls, like a shotacon, so she was hypnotized. She had a deep love for her little brother, so this wasn't the weirdest feature she had.

Is this a ninja cosplay? Does she want my autograph? Ah, this is too much for me...

She was salivating at the thought of hugging that little child.

— Ishikawa-sama, I have a favor to ask you.

She bowed before her, as a sign of respect. Kanata's heart was almost exploding.

Is she bowing to me?! I'm going crazy...

— A-Ah, right, what is it, adorable girl?

— My name is Kohashi Hayate. I'm a ninja, whose only purpose is to serve my master.

— Your master...? Who are you talking about?

— I'm sorry, but it's confidential. He sent me here to send you a message: the world is in great danger in the coming days.

— Hm... What else? This is too vague for me.

— People from another dimension will invade this city, somehow. I don't know the details, because I couldn't see it the first time...

— The first time? Did it happen before?

— Ah, I shouldn't have said that!

The girl got embarassed and gestured for her to forget what she just said. Kanata fell to the ground, overwhelmed by the cuteness.

— M-Miss?! Did I do something wrong?

— Ah, nothing, don't worry. I'm just not used to people talking to me like that. They always run away or scream when they see me.

— R-Really? I'm sorry if I'm being rude... How should I talk to you?

— Just the way you've been doing until now. But you can simply call me Kanata, or Phy, my hero nickname.

— R-Right, Phy-sama!

I will never get tired of this.

— So, if you don't mind, could you tell me what you meant before? Did you see the incident happen already?

— Ah...

The girl looked away, holding her arm, unsure of what to say.

— I think it's only fair I give you an explanation, I hope my master doesn't get mad. His power can indirectly make someone travel in time. But only one person can do it, that's why I'm here.

— Wait, did your master really send a child to accomplish his mission?

— I-I insisted to be here, so...

— I really do hope you have a power that makes you invincible or something. How would you survive if I decided to punch you?

— Eh?!

The girl quickly positioned herself defensively.

— Wow, that's a great posture. Did your master teach it to you?

— Y-Yes! Everything I know came from him.

— That's good to hear. At least I know now he's not a bad person.

Kanata approached Hayate. She was scared at first, thinking she would get smacked down. Phy, however, bent down and gently patted her head.

— So you want me to beat those guys breaking into our world, right?

— W-Will you really help us?

— Of course! If there's something I love, it's fighting powerful people. It'll be a good training for me, for sure.

— T-Thank you so much, Phy-sama! We will be forever in your debt! But... are you sure you will be okay?

Kanata stood up imposingly and pointed her thumb at her head with a determined smile.

— Who do you think you're talking to? I can kill even gods with this body! You asked the right person for help!

— T-That's good to hear, but... can I ask you another favor?

— Absolutely!

— Can you also prevent the city from being destroyed? I-I'm not saying you're not good at protecting people, but it can be pretty frustating to fight while not killing anyone...

— Eh?

Her smile fainted quickly, disappointed and defeated. She didn't want to bother about anything other than the battle. She faked another smile, almost confidently.

— Of course I can do that, my child! Can I at least destroy some mountains, pretty please?

— As long as there's nobody in them, I think it's okay.

— How can I even check something like that?!

Phy held her head in despair, almost tearing out her own hair. Hayate backed off, scared.

— T-There are devices that can scan living beings in large areas! The association must have them.

— I see... So technology is really here to help us all. I always loved technology, you know? It makes things us humans are unable to do naturally... yes, I really love it...

Kanata was going crazy over the fact that a mere device could do something she couldn't. She never had to worry about innocent lives, since they were insects to her. This was the first time she had to deal with such an inconvenience. Hayate was very worried, but it was a good sign that Phy was at least trying to find solutions to that problem.

Now I understand why people always run away from you!

— A-Anyway, if you fail at anything, you can go to the Gojirou dojo and ask my master to use his power again.

— So he's from the Gojirou family, huh.

— H-Have you heard of them?

— No. Not a single time.

— A-Ah, I understand...

The Gojirou family was a discrete group of ninjas. The new leader was Hayate's master.

— So you're saying his power can work multiple times? One hell of a power, I must say. I'm almost jealous.

— Y-Yes, but there is a slight chance it doesn't work and everyone dies...

— Now I'm really jealous. You're saying his power is stronger than mine?

Kanata approached her again, with a scary face. Hayate's legs were trembling with fear.

 — N-No, I just said that... P-Please don't hurt me!

Phy put her hand on the ninja's shoulder and smiled.

— I would love to meet him! I like people of my kind, stronger than anyone else.

— I-I'm sorr- what? Do you want to see him?

— Of course! Then we can exchange some ideas peacefully. Yeah, peacefully.

Why did you say that twice?!

— I-I think I can ask him to meet you, but I don't guarantee anything.

I only think I can do it, because I won't! She'll just destroy everything if she meets my master!

— Really? I'm grateful, my child. Now, I must go. Ah, when did you say it would happen?

— A-Ah, about that...

Hayate took her phone and gave it to her.

— Can you please add my contact? I will be sending you useful information about the event.

Argh, this is so boring! I can't even ask anything without people pleading for their lives.

— Shut up and give me the device already!

— I-I'm really sorry! Here it is, you don't need to pay!

— You don't have to say that, I know I don't have to pay for anything here.

Kanata took the life-scanning device and left the association's main building. She was right, many things were free for her, since she was the top 1.

I can't believe I'm doing this. Now I know why that Gojirou guy sent such a cute girl to ask me for help. He knew my weakness from the beginning.

She ran towards her house, where her little brother was. Even though it was kilometers away, she arrived there almost instantly.

I should have checked on him before I went to get this crap. I don't know why he likes to have privacy all the time when he has me, but I need to know if he's okay.

— Yuto, I'm home! I'm sorry for being late!


— Yuto? Are you there?

She walked around the house, worried. The first place she checked was the bathroom, for some reason.

He's not here... Why? I would love to see him here...

She went to all the places considered private and didn't find him. She was going crazy, about to destroy everything to find him. She thought about the conversation she had with the ninja girl. Was that all a distraction? Did they use that time to kidnap her little brother? Unforgivable, unforgivable...

The door to his bedroom opened.

— Ah, big sis! I didn't hear you, since I was using the headset, I'm sorry.

— Oh...

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