Chapter 3:

Cooking with Feelings

The Boy Who Cooked Wolf

As I tasted the karaage Mari made. The juices of the delicious marinate she made came out as I bit through the chicken. The taste made me feel a gust of a cool breeze with a tinge of salt in the air. It feels like I’m at the beach of japan eating their delicious fried chicken.
“So? How was it?” Mari asked.
“I’ve never had something like this before. The taste made me feel paradise” I answered.
“It’s not like I’m making this because I knew you were coming.” She blushed. The room suddenly went silent as I hear Pelt chewing.
“I didn’t knew you were close.” Pelt asked
“U-us? We just used to play together.” She said.
“Do you remember that costumer that asked my dad to cook at his home?” I asked with a laugh. She laughed and nodded her head
“He afterwards gave a huge tip.” she said.
Memories of the past makes me smile and emotional. The times when we were playing on the playground behind our school, the neighbor we always annoy by ringing her doorbell. My childhood felt complete with her. Now that we’re older my feelings has changed. I’m not seeking for fun anymore. I need someone who would encourage me to cook. My father has this saying of his: To be a better cook, find someone dear to you and make him/her happy with your cooking. The day he told me, I wasn’t for sure what he meant. For now, I’ll hold on to that.Bookmark here

“It’s late already, we should go to our rooms and get ready for tomorrow’s cooking challenge” Mari proposed.
“Cooking challenge?” I asked.
“Yeah, Oh. I forgot to remind you. This was when you were sleeping in class, you idiot! The teacher told us that we’re having a cooking challenge tomorrow” She informed.
“What kind of challenge?” I asked.
“We need to cook something that shows our emotions. The ingredients presents how we both feel.”
“We?!” I said.
“Yeah, I already decided with who you work with.” She arrogantly murmured. I didn’t answer her and decided to go to my room instead.
“I’ll see you in class tomorrow then.” I waved. A sudden thought comes in to my mind:
“What are my feelings towards Mari?” That question couldn’t let me sleep for the night so I thought on what for dish I should propose to Mari in the morning
In the morning of the following day. Class has begun, we have 1 hour and 30 minutes to cook our dishes. So Mari and I head towards our cooking counter. There I found high quality pans and more cooking accessories. In a pantry behind the class is where the ingredients are located, there you can find the freshest and high grade meat and vegetables. As I saw honey and ginger, I knew what we can cook. As if Mari could read my mind she took a Salmon fillet from the meat & fish section. As we both checked our ingredients, we were both surprised that we had the same thought of cooking a popular dish that everyone can cook but hard to perfect: Grilled Salmon. This Grilled salmon isn’t your usual everyday dish you cook for your family. For today this dish will show how Mari and I feel for each other.
I began chopping the green onions to dices with high speed. In the meantime, Mari started to make the marinade for the salmon. I then gave her the chopped onions as she putted it in a zip tied plastic bag with Ginger, garlic, soy sauce, orange juice and honey. Afterwards she took the salmon out and puts it in the bag. As she refrigerated the marinade for 30 minutes. I decided to chop a cucumber and spring onions to even slices. These will act as a side dish.
The moment has come. Some students are still cooking and some were already done. My heart started to beat in a faster rate. Time suddenly slowed down. As if my life is hanging on a rope with our dish as the only savior. As I was done with our presentation. We walked towards Ms. Mikazuki who is in charge grading our dish. She looked towards our faces and then towards our dish. She then took a bite with a piece of salmon and some of the side dish I made. A moment of silence went by.
“It’s… Perfect, a harmony of land and sea. It shows that ingredients from such different worlds come together and makes this beautiful dish. The sweet juice from the honey spreads on to my tongue and the soft meat from the salmon. It feels like my favorite candy from my childhood.” she mumbled as she can’t get enough of our food.
“If this shows how you both feel, I couldn’t hesitate that you two are in love.” She said. Mari’s face and mine suddenly blushed
“It’s just something we came up with.” I came with an excuse.Bookmark here

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The Boy Who Cooked Wolf

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