Chapter 6:

Genesis (Part 2)

Chronicle of the Mad God

“Why’re you here! Defilers!” The being that spoke was of a humanoid shape. Six pure white wings jutted out from the being, three on each side. Metallic armor covered seemingly every inch of its body, the few spots uncovered hid a chaotic flowing energy. The armor was imbued with glowing bright blue runes that stood out from the pure, white light that streamed outwards from it. Lust could not decipher their meaning. The feature that stood out the most, however, was the pulsating heart that stood atop its head, cradled in a golden crown.Bookmark here

“Take a look.” Lust pointed over at the screen as Envy stood silent in the corner, attempting to blend in. The screen revealed an enormous kingdom that stretched out into the horizon. However, the focus seemed to be placed on one particular woman below.Bookmark here

“Her name is Bathsheba. Did you not notice his affection towards her? Or, are you so blind to ignore the sins of the man after...own heart?” Lust taunted the angelic being, still unable to say their name.Bookmark here

“For the original sin has thrust sin upon all humans. He has struggled. Still, it looks like he couldn’t fight against your influence.”Bookmark here

“Seems like just an excuse, Archangel Zadkiel. For you have been in existence longer than I but you would excuse his behavior by blaming me. If you recall, our birth was from their choice.” Bookmark here

The naked woman disappeared from view below as the screen panned back in towards the interior of the room. A large bed was placed to the right, pure purple sheets laid neatly on it. A table was set up on the opposite side of the room. Upon it were two golden chalices filled to the brim coupled with two plates of grilled fish. Near the door, the Balm of Gilead burned with a small smoke streaming out from it, filling the room with a mint-like smell.Bookmark here

“I would imagine he’s bringing her up here to talk?” Lust taunted Zadkiel with a crooked smile. He remained silent, refusing to respond.Bookmark here

Lust and Zadkiel remained silent as the screen stayed still on the door. It took but a blink before Bathsheba was escorted through the door, completely naked. Gold accessories strewn about upon her neck, wrist and ankles decorated her dark brown skin.Bookmark here

“Looks like he took her clothes off, rubbed oil on her body and decorated her with golden chains to speak with her.” Lust broke the silence.Bookmark here

“SILENCE!” Zadkiel spoke as Lust’s lips forced themselves together. She was unable to free them.Bookmark here

Zadkiel and Lust watched him beckon Bathsheba over to the bed, pushing her upon it as she approached it. He placed his hands around her hips and pulled her toward him. With one violent thrust, he had penetrated her.Bookmark here

Lust tapped Envy’s shoulder. She got up and followed Lust out of Zadkiel's domain. Lust turned around, getting one last look at the screen. Upon it, she saw Bathsheba’s back before her as David haphazardly continued to thrust himself into her. Low sobs were muffled through the sheets as her face hid in it’s embrace.Bookmark here

This is the legacy of corruption, even piercing the hearts of those closest to glory.Bookmark here

~~~~~~~~~~Bookmark here

“ReiRei!” The pig-tails on the light blue-haired girl bobbed back and forth as she ran down the city street toward a red-haired girl. A blue butterfly pin stuck prominently on one side of her hair. Buildings jutted out from either side of them, partially obscuring the sky.Bookmark here

“Nijima-san?” The red-haired girl braced for impact as the girl jumped at her. With a loud thud, the two girls laid on the concrete sidewalk.Bookmark here

“Ow. Ow. Ow.” They both said in tandem. “What do you think you’re doing, Nijima-san!? You could’ve really hurt me!” The red-haired girl responded with indignation.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, I thought we were on the same page being best friends and everything.”Bookmark here

“Best friends? I barely know you.” The red-haired girl questioned her. Although the girl didn’t know it at the time, this was quite possibly the worst question to ask the light blue-haired girl. Bookmark here

The light blue-haired girl began to talk, without skipping a beat and taking no breaks. She spilled her heart to the red-haired girl, detailing the smallest of facts down to her deepest darkest fears.Bookmark here

What have I done? The red-haired girl lamented as she could do nothing to stop this open faucet of information that spilled out from the girl’s mouth. Bookmark here

The red-haired girl examined her surroundings when the girl looked away, looking for an escape route. She spied a nearby alleyway that looked promising. I could make a break for it, I should be able to escape her. The red-haired girl tensed her legs, ready to push off to get a headstart before hearing a familiar voice calling her name.Bookmark here

“Reina! What’s goin on?” Reina’s best friend, Fuuka Kazemori, called out to her. “Oh, who’s this? Nijima-san?” Fuuka turned to the light blue-haired girl. The girl stopped speaking and turned to Fuuka with a giant, ridiculous smile donning her face.Bookmark here

“Proper introductions are important! My name is Sasaki Nijima but you can call me Sasaki-chan.” Sasaki bowed before Fuuka as she spoke, a sincerely polite gesture.Bookmark here

“Hahahaha! My name is Fuuka Kazemori but you can call me Fuu-chan!” Fuuka matched her bow as she responded. The scene in front of Reina was pretty strange. Two middle school girls are doing full bows to each other on the sidewalk in the middle of Kabukicho.Bookmark here

Looks like we are the center of attention right now. Reina looked around as she noticed the strange glances they were all receiving from the passing pedestrians. “Hey. Those were some great introductions. Let’s go somewhere else to talk.” Reina blurted out.Bookmark here

~~~~~~~~~~Bookmark here

“So, how did you two come to know each other?” Fuuka next to Sasaki with her elbows placed on the table. Reina sat opposite them.Bookmark here

“Well…” Reina started to speak before the server came up to their table.Bookmark here

“I have two Super Chocolate Explosion Yogurt Parfaits and one iced mocha.” The server bowed after she dropped the items off, walking off immediately after. The parfaits went to Fuuka and Sasaki. Reina got the iced mocha.Bookmark here

“Nijima-san and I are in the same class but I’m not sure how much we have actually spoken.” Reina replied cautiously. Bookmark here

Sasaki had already started stuffing her face with her dessert, chocolate smeared across her mouth to her cheeks. “Hey, Reina-chan. Are you sure…” Bookmark here

Sasaki perked up as she rejoined the conversation, cutting Fuuka off in the process. “What, what? You and I have spoken plenty of times! Don’t act like we’re strangers or something. What’s with this Nijima-san business. Call me Sasaki-chan from now on.”Bookmark here

We ARE complete strangers, you weird girl. Who uses someone’s first name when they barely know them? Reina thought to herself before opening her mouth again to speak. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, Nijima-san.”Bookmark here

Reina bowed her head to Sasaki. She heard giggling and a dull metallic object pushed against her head. “We’re not going to have any of that anymore.” The handle of the spoon pressed up against her head harder as Sasaki spoke, pushing her head back up to face Fuuka and Sasaki.Bookmark here

“I think we could be good friends, you know?” Fuuka suddenly burst into the conversation. She wrapped her arms around both Sasaki and Reina bringing them all close together.Bookmark here

Why is Kaze-chan always like this? Reina lamented to herself. Bookmark here

“Hey! Stop squeezing us so close together. Sasaki-chan’s chocolate face is starting to rub off on me!” Reina exclaimed with an irritated tone before letting out a slight giggle.Bookmark here

And just like that, Sasaki Nijima, Fuuka Kazemori and Reina Kawamura became middle school best friends.Bookmark here

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