Chapter 7:

Genesis (Part 3)

Chronicle of the Mad God

Why did I want to be friends with Reina Kawamura? Sasaki stared at her ceiling, the moonlight filtering in through the nearby windows. I’m really not sure myself. Sasaki giggled to herself as she got up from her bed.

She walked over to the window as it overlooked the bustling nighttime activity of Shinjuku. In the distance, the sea of multicolored lights filled downtown Kabukicho.

I wonder if he texted back? Sasaki walked over to her dresser and pulled out the bottom drawer. She rustled around her cute animal themed underwear, revealing a plain, black cell phone.

He texted back? I really shouldn’t be surprised. He seemed a little too happy when I gave him my actual phone number over video chat. She looked down at her phone as she read a two day old text message sent by someone named “Oji-san A.”

“When can we meet up?” The text was followed up with a smiley face emoji.

“How does tonight sound?” Sasaki also included a smiley face emoji in response.

Keep them guessing. They’re going to regret missing… her thought was interrupted by the notification they popped on her phone. He already responded?

“Love, Pretty, Golden at 10:00PM. Meet you there. I’ll be wearing a blue feather on my shirt.” The text was followed up with a kissy face emoji.

Should I even go? Not like a twelve year old can get a regular job. I don’t want to ask him anyway. Sasaki thought to herself.

She leaned against the cold window, it’s embrace strangely calming. It can’t be that bad, right?

Sasaki walked back over to her dresser and lifted a small bear plushie that laid on top. Underneath it, a small switchblade was hidden.


Neon lights burst through the glass window illuminating the dark room. A slight metallic sound whispered in the room as Sasaki slowly pulled down the man’s zipper.

“I, uh, it’s a little weird…” Sasaki gently whispered as she looked at the open window.

“This is your first time? You’re so cute.” The man lowered his hand, cupping the left side of her face. Cyclical rotations of his thumb ran across her face, calming her slightly. His hand is so soft.

“Maybe this will help a bit.” His laugh was gentle, one which she had heard from her father several times before. Kinda weird hearing it here, though. A silent chuckle lingered underneath her breath.

“Does that help make it a little more comfortable?” The man closed the curtains, the room returned to darkness. He stood over her but she couldn’t make out his expression anymore.

He’s surprisingly kind. I was worried he would be mean. Sasaki reached out her hand and unbuckled his plain black belt. She undid the button holding his pants up. They slowly slid to the ground leaving only his white boxers remaining. With a slight tug, they fell to the ground too.

Feels really hard. Sasaki examined his manhood with curious hands, caressing it from the top to bottom.

“Put it in your mouth.” Sasaki felt his hands run through her hair, gripping tighter as he pulled her toward him.


Why must it always be the same? Lust stood before the screen as the faint outline of Sasaki could only be barely made out. The blue butterfly clip she always wore standing out the most prominently.

Pedophiles, crooked bosses, dirty’s always the same. They lust for the simplest things. It’s just...boring. Lust could feel the man’s excitement at getting a blowjob from a barely twelve year old girl. A feeling of bliss for the man, a long lost joy for Lust.

What’s that? Lust could make out the faint glimmer of something metal hidden in Sasaki’s stocking. Looks like she came prepared. I wonder what’s going on inside her head. Lustful temptations or misguided hopes of love?

With a singular thought, she had entered the domain of Sasaki’s god. A candyland stood around her. Mountains of giant chocolate pandas laid in the distance. The trees were made of chocolate Pocki biscuit sticks, cotton candy filling in the empty space. To her left, a river of strawberry ice cream flowed. She looked up to see giant white puff balls floating through the sky.

What a strange place. Certainly not a lust filled girl. Lust thought to herself as she continued her investigation.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s nice to meet you!” Lust flipped around to find a short, blond twin-tailed girl. “My name is Yan!” Little panda clips held her twin-tailed hairstyle in place. Her arms were adorned with several multicolor bracelets. She had a puffy pure white skirt on, complimented with a blouse of similar design.

“What’re you here for? You wanna battle?” Yan held up her hands with fists clenched.

Another hopeless romantic trying to convince herself someone three times her age wants a long-term relationship. Boring. Lust turned her head away from the seemingly harmless little girl.

Looks like they’re nothing left for me here. Should go see what war Wrath is trying to incite. As she gave thought to leave, she felt the blades pierce her eyes.

“Shouldn’t turn your back on your opponent, idiot!” Yan teased her as she felt the blade run across her skin.

Fucking little shit. Lust reached out trying to grab her but was unsuccessful. This was not due to Lust’s inaptitude but rather just how quick the little god appeared to be.

Lust felt her skin being torn off as the god appeared to slice her with surprising precision before ripping off sections in a relents series of hit and run attacks. A master trickster god? How annoying. Lust lamented at her situation.

“Your skin is so beautiful, miss. It just comes right off as I slice it.” Lust felt the murderous intent behind her childlike tone now.

Lust reached out fruitlessly to stop her onslaught and soon none of her skin remained to cut off.

“You’re just like a piece of art now, miss!” Yan’s taunted Lust as she crouched down onto the ground which appeared to be composed of unchewed bubble gum.

“I’m done with your games, you little shit.” Lust punched the ground, fitting it in tightly.

“Throwing a tantrum is a no-no for adults.” Yan giggled at her seemingly misdirected act of rage. Yan looked up at the screen hanging in the sky as the man appeared to be trying to force himself deeper into Sasaki’s throat. “That dude is crazy.”

“Where’d she go?” Yan looked around as her victim had disappeared. She looked around as she found her environment beginning to change. The mountains shed their chocolate exterior revealing mountains of corpses in their place. The biscuit covering on the trees cracked off revealing the dead eyes of sewn together corpses. The river had gone rancid as Yan saw flesh mixed with organs run through the river of blood.

“Lust is eternal! Stupid little god. You are nothing!” Yan looked down at her feet as the ground became her prison. The pulsating flesh grew on her body like a cancer that held her to the ground.

“I can see everything now little girl.” The flesh abomination that stood before her was of her own making. The gouged out empty eyes as no trace of any skin remained. It approached her. Yan was unable to fight back any longer as the flesh prison had subdued her arms.

Lust held her hand up in the air, a spear materialized. At the end of the hilt, a bloody heart beat with a cyclical rhythm. At the blade's edge, two bone arches billowed out, approximating the shape of a heart.

“I’m sorr…” Lust wasted no time in throwing the spear into her chest. Grabbing it she sliced and sliced her, a unique feeling of satisfaction filling her body.

When’s the last time I had this much fun!? The screen behind them blurred as the man had started trying to throat pound the young girl.

Yan leaped at her, grabbing hold of the bloody sockets that once held Lust’s eyes.

“Your powers will be mine!” Lust felt Yan absorbing the strength from her. As Lust lifted her hand to smack her away, she looked upon her attacker with intrigue.

I wonder… Lust dropped the spear in her hand as she held the girl in closer. Yan gasped as she had not anticipated this. ...what losing control feels like.

“This is going to be fun for both of us!” Lust’s body began to melt in Yan’s embrace. The slimey substance stuck to her skin as it crawled its way up to Yan’s mouth. Her efforts to subdue the growth faltered. It curled its wave around Yan’s mouth. A loud crack rang out as it forced Yan’s mouth open, breaking her jaw instantly. The growth burned Yan’s skin as it slowly seeped through the skin’s surface.

“You and I will become one.” Yan didn’t hear the voice, she felt it echo throughout her body.

“N-No…” the final words of before she succumbed to darkness.

Her eyes reopened to see a large hill filled with bodies. They pushed and pulled away from each other in a mindless orgy. The depravities of mankind laid before her as she spied Lust at the top. With a giant leap, she stood before her enemy, ready to strike.

As she went to strike, Lust melted into the hill, dripping through the mountain of bodies. Yan looked down as the bodies had turned their eyes on her. She tried to escape but a hand had grabbed her ankle. Hands reached over her body as they pulled her deeper and deeper toward the hill’s center. The deeper and deeper she fell, the more the sexual fluids began to drown her. She tried screaming out but could only gurgle in weak resistance. It can’t end like this…

The memory and history of a god created from Sasaki Nijima had been destroyed. So too, the cardinal sin Lust had faded away. The only thing that remained in their place was the “Goddess of Love.”


The acidity burned in her mouth as Sasaki crouched on the bed throwing up.

“Stupid girl. I was just about to finish! Do you not know your place!? Do you even want to get paid?” The man still had his pants at his ankles as he commanded Sasaki to finish the job

“I’m so sorry! I can’t believe I did something so disgusting.” Sasaki apologized, crawling back over to him. She grabbed hold of his manhood and placed it near her mouth.

As he was about to start thrusting again, he felt an intense pain from his manhood. It took only a moment for him to realize Sasaki had cut deep into it.

“I’ll make sure to finish the job, Oji-san.” A childlike voice echoed through the small room before she sliced into him again. He fell backwards as his legs were still bound by the pants at his legs.

“Please stop!”

“When I’m done of course!” Sasaki leaped at him, stabbing him in the chest several times before letting him crawl away.

This is too satisfying! Sasaki didn’t notice the drool running down as she slowly walked up to her new prey.

“You shove something down my throat, I shove something down yours? Seems fair, right?” Sasaki crouched down next to the man as he fruitlessly dragged himself toward the door.

Sasaki ran the blade across his throat before holding his head up. The blood was pooling out below her.

“Bye-Bye.” Sasaki shoved the switchblade down his throat and pulled it back out again, ending the man’s life.

Sasaki was drenched in throw-up, blood and sweat as she walked over to the window. Uncovering the curtains, her body was illuminated by the neon lights of downtown Kabukicho.

She looked down at her blade covered in blood. A devilish smile formed as she lowered it down. Holding the handle facing her, she finished the final act of her first murder.

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