Chapter 36:

036 – Did We Hear that Right?

Rainbow of the Horizon

Prior to the time when it was still winter-spring break…

"Wow. So you didn't ask Eiji about this, Nagi? I was just surprised that you personally asked for help. But at least, I'm glad that I'm still being relied on even when I'm no longer human."

"Glad to hear that. I've told you the gist of it. If it is doable, I will also ask if I can stay here for a bit of time. I do feel the need of a new environment…

I think I can't understand people well."

Nagi, who suddenly came to the underground base of the Exiles, explained the circumstances to Ken one day in the break.

"You're always welcome. You are a companion after all," he said as he removed his mask.

Nagi was once again left dumbfounded seeing the seemingly faceless Exiles. This was his second time entering the base but he was not alone at that point. Now that he came by himself, he managed to finally take a good look with how it is to live a life as an Exile.

"Well, let's have a seat."

The base is for the most part open without any dividing walls aside from rooms; even with the space they had. The living room was basically open to anyone with the numerous couches and carpets surrounding it.

Nagi did not expect that the Exiles will actually interact with a 'human' but they are casually greeting each other like normal. A child then sat on his lap, behaved and gave him a bright smile which Nagi was obviously caught confounded.

Nonetheless, he let the child on him while they talk. He was more surprised that the child was very well behaved.

"So about the favor?"

"Ah, yes. I heard that you are part of the engineering and research of the unnamed material. I know that this part will be easy… or so I think, so I am requesting you to make a pair of glasses for me."

"Okay… Totally doable. But why us when you can just prescribe one outside?"

"Because this may be the hard part of it. Surely you've heard of the glasses that gives color blind people ability to properly see colors with a pair of glasses. That's a given but even I can't still say that it works without primary data."

"Yeah, you have a point."

"What I wish for is the opposite of that."


"If possible, I want to see what a color blind person sees. Not the ordinary cases, but the color blindness that will completely disable you from seeing any color."

Ken stood up, "Oi, Nagi… Do you understand the consequence of what you're trying to do? Even I don't think I can comprehend how those people feel, but Nagi… this could deal a long term mental stress to you!"

"That is my objective, though unfortunately."


I've warned you, Nagi. If you do this for even a short time, your life will never be the same. Dare I say, you are stepping in the doors of where Eiji and I went to long ago.

If possible you have to tell Shiro before anyone else."

"I will try…"

"If you're really resolved to doing this, then I really do suggest you stay here for a little while. Try to talk with the other Exiles. Ask them about their experiences. It's not just trying to understand how the person in question feels, but also understanding the others who understood.

I can tell that Ringo has that experience. I've known that she often visits even without Eiji. Even as a Subordinate, she knows the Exiles well.

And while we're at it, I guess I should give you a rundown of what to expect with our unnamed material."

"Uhh… sure. I think I'll need that."

"So… that material in simple terms is nearly indestructible. It also has very versatile properties which can be glass-like and even be garment. You all probably know this, but all the windows in Blue Ink are made up of that.

As for the clothing we used, we managed to upgrade it more after the confrontation in the Square. The first one that shot Eiji was the first version of it, so it did not absorb much of the shock of the bullet. So it still dealt pain for him, although minimal. Of course it's way beyond the capabilities of Kevlar since it literally ricochets bullets.

That is how we currently utilize its uses along with our masks. But the surprising thing about that material is its insane durability. Put it on Mohs Scale of Hardness and it will be off the charts! It's waaaaaaay ahead of the diamond.

If I were to put it to simple words… It's more like-"

"Something like Vibraniu-"


▪ ▪ ▪

Nagi's request was, even to Ken's surprise, made possible with the technology of the Exiles to regulate their own material. A few days after his visit, the pair of glasses he asked for was finished.

All they needed was Nagi's data to call the project a success. And indeed it was. They have successfully attempted and managed to block the passage of colors to the cone cells through the glass. However bright the light was, all that Nagi saw at that time was 'life' fading right in front of his eyes.

A little time passed and Nagi had interacted with the unique experiences of the Exiles. Although he was looking in monochromacy, he felt the sincerity and was moved.

But his stay in the base did not end well, as Ken expected at least. He holed himself up in his room for a few days and did not answer to the Exiles' calls. That is, because the mental rebound of continuously being blinded from colors finally came.

He learned how negativity, darkness and despair felt in one's heart.

I tried my best to summarize my experience. This is Nagi, by the way. Narrator, can I go now?

Yes, you can. Thank you for your input.

▪ ▪ ▪

And just like that, the mic came back to me. Code 027, narrating again.

And if you're wondering what I am doing right now, I just started running. I am literally just thirty meters away from my house. Don't worry, I won't be gasping like a dog since what you're reading are all coming from my head.

Mentioning that, you would probably remember that I invited Rin to run 15km, and today is that day, which means that this is just the next day after Nagi and Shiro's plots.

For everyone's sake, think of rainbows and sparkles.

That was quite a scene that even I don't think I can pull off easily. I suddenly remembered the beginning of the rumors when we were fourth years because we played with paint that was mixed to look like blood. It did scare a lot of students and they became fearful of the Art Club. Thinking back on that…

I can seriously imagine Nagi saying, "That's cute."

Not only did he dye his own uniform to look like so much blood was loss, he even changed the scent of the paint and placed a bag of it on his body just to look like it was really flowing out. Again, rainbows and sparkles.

But if I were to say, I do believe that he has a knack of acting or playing dead. He's not on the same level as Ken though.

But who would have thought that it actually worked to put Mori to his senses. He was able to once again see colors, and finally moved on from the death of his parents. The risk was too high for being able to use his most feared weakness to turn him around, but things worked on the favor of Nagi, thankfully.

With that being out of the way…

"Say, Rin… When was the last time you ran?"

"I did morning jogs back in Kyoto since you always wake up late."

"Ahh… I remember you saying that at some point. Oh, that's when we met Shun-kun, huh."

"You're right about that, Aniki."

"Ahaha. Stop impersonating him, Rin. It doesn't suit you at all."

"Oh, shut up.

But I wonder how the guys in Japan branch are doing."

"Ugh… If only Japan was reachable with a car… I have no money to go anyway…!"

"And then there's Yuzuri-san too."

"Yugare-san surprisingly had good tastes in women."

"Hahahaha…! I didn't even believe that they were dating at first."

"Who would believe that a plain guy like him would get a girlfriend that can cook better than me."

"You're plainer than him, you know."

"You could say that again.

Oh? We're already at 8km. Want to take a break, Rin?"

"Yeah… I might get dehydrated if we don't."

"Oi, you could have said sooner."


~ ~ ~



"Are you sure you don't know what's wrong with Sis?"

"Hahh… Really. I don't have any idea what's up with her.

Share half of the water at least."

"So I really am the least weird in my family, huh… I feel so proud."

"Uhh… What?"

"Even Mom and Dad are acting like Sis on cloud nine. They have flowers floating around them!"

"Ah, well. I thought I was the only one suffering from sweeping fallen petals. Haku even tried to scratch her because he got so annoyed on her face."

"Pfft… Did that really happen…? Hahahaha…!"

"It sure did. You know, Haku's quite an intelligent cat. Even I didn't think he would be so smart."

"I don't really notice it… That's so hilarious."

"Sure, you can't since the cheeky guy likes sleeping on your lap. No way I'm jealous of him."

"Ehh… really~?"

"Look… I obviously have more than ten times his weight."

"Ahh. Fair enough.

Here, water."

"Let's go back to running."

▪ ▪ ▪

I have to admit that I was surprised that Rin paced with me in that 15-kilometer run. Truly, I underestimated her physical ability since I rarely see her exercise… and gained weight from stress eating because of me.

One running session is of course not enough to burn all those calories so I gave her different sets that she has to do regularly. Well, isn’t my girlfriend hardworking these days.

Rin's case is not much of a conflict… because there is something way worse than that.

"I'm back~

A little tired…"

"Welcome back, Gin."

"Oh, Mom. Preparing for lunch? That's quite unusual. Did you do all the shopping?"

"I did~"


WAIT. You're not my mom."

I was blinded… there was, for a moment, a homely feel that only have I ever felt from Mom, Aunt Sumi, Rin and Yuzuri-san.

How in the world did it infect Sis?!

There isn't even a point of denial. I was pulled by that feeling. I know that she can cook above average, but she rarely does because of her workload. And now… She's even with an apron… diligently preparing a meal for lunch that even she shopped for.

Please. Someone declare state of calamity in my residence!

Where the heck did the bright, gentle smile come from?! Even I was subconsciously taken aback when she opened the door for me just after we finished running. And then the vibe of the house is completely different…

Heck, even Haku turned 180 towards Sis!

But in all seriousness, the feeling of watching her back as she stood in front of the kitchen counter was somewhat nostalgic. It reminds me of the times that I felt so much anticipation in seeing that, but I failed to show. I regretted my lack of sincerity, but this time, I feel like I can fulfill the honesty that I failed to show grandfather many times. As though I came back to the past, it is time to correct my wrongs.

And in hindsight, there is an overlapping scene in my head from the view of my kitchen. No, it was not just this, but ever since I was received from the door, there was a revolving thought. It was as if I was looking at three people… and especially with Sis, I was put into a daze of a certain silhouette of a woman standing on the same spot even after knowing that the scene I saw never existed…


Realizing that I was losing my thoughts, I slapped my face on both sides with my hands.

"Something wrong?"

"Nothing. I was just thinking that you're stuck with your little brother when the husband is still at work," I joked. "I'll just take a shower and go back down once I'm done. Thanks for making lunch, Sis."

"Ahahaha. Don't joke like that."

~ ~ ~

After going down with a towel still on my head, I saw Rin sitting on the kotatsu.

"Eating lunch here, Rin?"

"Sis actually invited me," she whispered.

I stood still while I looked at Rin with the same confused thoughts. Then I watched Sis in front of the stove. Slowly, my head tilted as I began to walk.

"I understand why," I also replied with a whisper.

I came out to hang my towel under the sun, and a thought suddenly came to my mind which Kuro even agreed to.

"Sis is actually amazing."

It was a small detail, but I realized that what Sis was making for lunch was for Rin to balance out her diet. Not only that, it did seem that she was taking mind of food that however many times I have conquered, I just can't like. I did not see anything of that sort.

~ ~ ~

Lunch time.

"**Thank you for the food."

Basically, it's cringey to straight up write 'itadakimasu.'

"Ah, Sis. I'll be going to work after I eat. My boss asked me to come in my day off because the crew is shorthanded. I'll be back by sundown."

"Ehhh. That hasn't happened in ages. What happened in the resto?" asked Rin in concern.

"Well, Sean was the one who asked me since Hiro apparently is resting the following half-day."

"Then what do you want for dinner, Gin? I bet it's a huge wave in your work later."

"Hmm. I'm fine with anything you make, Sis. I'll bring home donuts, then.

By the way, you're seriously nailing this, Sis."

"Ahahaha. Thanks. I kinda got absorbed in cooking."

While I was continuously shoving my spoonful of the delicious meal, I was unnoticeably looking suspiciously at Sis. I was unable to hold in what I wanted to ask.

"Sis. If I may not be so rude to ask… Did something happen to you?"


She stopped her fork and looked as though she wanted me to explain.

So I did, "Well… I find it unusual for you to be doing this, bluntly. You're usually stuck in your work most of the time, but I came home from running today and see you prepare lunch for me.

Actually, you've been acting differently since Monday."

"Guhh-!" suddenly, Rin choked and drank. "I remember now…!" in a husky voice.


"This happened a few years ago in the house. Maybe… five years!

Sis is acting exactly the same as that time in the past. But it's weird! Even Mom and Dad is acting so fluffy like how Sis is right now…!"

"She said fluffy…" I can't help but repeat.

"Lil Sis, you talk as if I'm not here."

"But I'm just saying the truth, Sis. If I recall, you were 19 at that time."

"Oh, yeah. You're about to turn 25 next month." I teased.

"Why did you even bring that up, Gin?

I guess something did happen. You guys are busy so I'll tell you in a later time."


Even I who always keep answers in the shadows was overwhelmed by not knowing what is really up with her.

But my lunch passed quickly and I headed out for work. When I thought that I was finally away from weird things… I shouldn't have entered the staff room.

"What the… Why is it so hot in here? Sean~! Why's the break room so hot?"

"For crying out loud, it still hasn't died down…

Blame Hiro for the heat!"

It was pretty evident that Sean was a bit mad. I wonder what Hiro did-


Even my monologue was interrupted.

I saw Hiro lying down on the couch… but even when he is at rest, his energy was so lit with flames that it almost burns in the skin.

Without further disturbance, I came out to fold newspapers like a fan and taped them.

Seconds after, the customers heard a loud whack.

An hour later, he came back to work with considerably lesser wave of heat from him. But I kind of figured out why Hiro had to take a rest after the day shift.

I'm not even joking. Hiro's efficiency and performance is around eight times more than he do. Sean even told me that he hasn’t seen Hiro work like that.

All I can do was watch him as I sarcastically clapped in sincere amazement. I forgot to work for twenty minutes while the other chefs wondered why I was just standing.

If I try, I can work without my neck budging.

▪ ▪ ▪

Exactly the next week, Rin and I ran 15 kilometers again. Seven days have passed, but Sis still never told us about the sudden change. The same situation where she was doing housewife-like work persisted.

And if ever you do remember that Uncle Shuu always shouts "It's Wednesday my dudes!" every Wednesday, that's because the Sakato and Akanami family get together for the night, right? Well, the Akanami household is the one that prepared just this Wednesday, but Sis took care of it all.

As expected, the dinner was so good.

That being out of the way, we came back from running and asked Sis again like it was as regular as breathing.

"I will be resigning on my current work at the end of February."




We ran (again) away from my house.

~ ~ ~

"W-Why are you resigning, Sis…?"

We came back after five minutes.

"Ringo, you already know that my workload is high. I'm going to resign to find a lighter work for me at some point in time."

"Well, that makes sense. My guess is that you're blowing off steam from work that's why you diverted away from it?

Thanks for doing the meals, though."

"That's part of the reason, yeah."

In any case she explained although very briefly but clearly. I can however somehow tell that I'm not getting the whole picture.

~ ~ ~

In the afternoon, I went out with Rin to come back to the cafe where we found out about G's friends.

I won't get the XL peppermint mocha frappe, though. I'm on board to balancing my weight too.

But just as we entered the cafe, we immediately saw Hiro who is sat on a table alone with a cappuccino. He waved after seeing us.

In the end, we went to his table to accompany the solemnity around him.

"I really thought that you'd go overboard with your order, Gin."

"Not today, boss. Girlfriend will hate me if I'm not disciplinary with my diet too."

"Oh… I sometimes see Ringo weighing herself in the base.

Actually, this is quite a good time to discuss with you. I have a request to ask you two."

"Uhh… Ah? Even me, Hiroomi?"

"Well, you two are aware of this so…"

"W-Wait, Hiro. Aware of what? Am I missing something? Why do you look so serious?"

He fell to surprise and realize the failure of awareness of the couple in front of him.

"S-S-So you didn't know…? Especially you… Ringo?"

"H-Huuuhhh?! What?! What could I be missing out on, Hiroomi?! I don't have any idea what you're talking about!"

Even I was also panicking as Rin shrieked.

"What the… It has been five years… How come you two didn't know?

Please tell me that you're actually aware that I'm in a relationship with Yu ever since…"

Yu=Yuna=Yuna Akanami.

We now learn how to put my shoes on our friends when we told them that Rin and I are dating. It's just that our reaction was way more surreal than theirs.

Our face turned henohenomoheji.

"So Sis is the Non-Exi-

So Sis is the girlfriend you are talking about?!"

Thank goodness we are the only customers inside.

"Th-Then… I hope that you're aware that she's still living in my house…!"

"Ah… I know that long ago. I visited her when you were still in isolation."

"Phew. Now we're clear on that."

"Well, thanks for letting her live and work in your place."

"Eh. No problem with that."

"W-W-Wait a second…! I basically get that Hiroomi is Sis's boyfriend. Then what's the request you're talking about?" surprisingly, it sunk in to Rin fast.

"Ah… about that. How should I say this…"

"Oi. Quit being bashful," just a casual boss-subordinate conversation.

"Yuna and I are getting married next month…"




We both fainted.

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037: About the romance that sprouted between a human and an Exile.