Chapter 37:

037 – An Exile and Human

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"Yuna and I are getting married next month…"Bookmark here

Is what Hiroomi Katsuto said.Bookmark here

I have to give him credit for getting the rarely unfazed got fazed. Talk about having people who can change the color of their eye, heal their bones in an extremely minimal time, stop their respiratory and circulatory system and still be alive, run in speeds more than half of Mach 1, jump an incredible height, discover that people are living underground for seventy years, discover that there is a room that can accelerate time and gravity, found out that shinobi still exist in this time, and found out that the other pair of my favorite socks were under my bed all this time.Bookmark here

Did I miss something?Bookmark here

Needless to say, those things that I just mentioned are somewhat unbelievable… excluding the socks. But they all exist in this world but those did not even make me spit out my heart.Bookmark here

Then I suddenly hear that the sister of my girlfriend who is freeloading in my house is getting married to one of the people I trust the most and made me faint literally.Bookmark here

The workers at the cafe apparently panicked, but Hiro said to them that it was "normal." At least don't include Rin.Bookmark here

Well, we got a little mad after we woke up. Rin, I guess is marginally madder than me.Bookmark here

"Oi… When did you even propose?"Bookmark here

"Ahaha… It happened at the 7th."Bookmark here

I hammered my head on the table and groaned, "Uuuuuurrrrrrggggghhhhhhh…Bookmark here

I could've have got the hint from the very beginning!"Bookmark here

"So that's why that sister of mine is in a cloud nine until today?!" she slammed while she moderately scolded her future brother-in-law. "Is this also the reason why Sis is quitting her job?"Bookmark here

"So you both knew that already… but yeah."Bookmark here

"I see. That makes sense if she'll be moving out of my house by next month or March. Wait, so that's why she was having the housewife vibe on her!"Bookmark here

"Uhh… That happened?" Hiro obliviously inquired.Bookmark here

"Because of you…!" I didn't realize that we were already scolding him. "It has been a week since Sis did things that she wouldn't even bother doing because she slack off in the kotatsu most of time. I'm rather scared, you know!"Bookmark here

"Ah, snap. I really should check on her more."Bookmark here

"Heh. You just want her to make lunch for you."Bookmark here

"I bet you're jealous that she makes lunch and dinner for us, but not for you, Hiroomi."Bookmark here

We leaned back and initiated the insult as we stared disgustingly at him.Bookmark here

"I'm not that immature!"Bookmark here

He was occupied from being worked up that he didn't notice that I emptied my cup and the rest of his cappuccino. The bills have been paid in advance and so I blatantly grabbed the back of his collar and dragged him out of the cafe.Bookmark here

Walking with the two, I made a quick call, "Hello, Jean? Can you come work in behalf of Hiro for the rest of the day? That's good. Tell the guys that the sous chef will take responsibility as to why the head chef is skipping work. Yes. Thanks.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Now we don't have any problems. Isn't that right, Hiro?"Bookmark here

"Aaah… Waaaah-! This is abduction…!"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Sis~ We're back!"Bookmark here

"Oh? I didn't think you'd come back this quickly. It's still early for dinner."Bookmark here

"Nah. That's okay. Besides, I brought a souvenir from my excursion with Rin."Bookmark here

"Wha- You rarely brings souvenirs. What's the occasion, lil bro?"Bookmark here

Still on my grip, I raised Hiro.Bookmark here

"Uhh… Hi there, Yu."Bookmark here

"H-Hiro?!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Well then, you two have some explaining to do, isn't that right?"Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah…"Bookmark here

The soon to be married couple was suddenly pulled to an unexpected situation in front of the enraged little sister of the bride, and the subordinate of the groom.Bookmark here

"Ah, wait.Bookmark here

Uncle Shuu~ you'll never hear me say this again, but would you like to have a drink?" I whispered although pointless as it is.Bookmark here

That's what she said.Bookmark here

"Heyoooo! Musuko, I heard your once in a lifetime call!" Shuu Akanami crashes in.Bookmark here

"How in the world did he hear that?!" they all thought.Bookmark here

"Here's your drink, Uncle Shuu~"Bookmark here

"Eh. Tea?! That's low, musuko!Bookmark here

Wait, this is actually good.Bookmark here

Oh, so you're here, Hiroomi! So musuko dragged you here, huh?"Bookmark here

Hiro suddenly complained, "Why is Gin getting called 'son' but I'm not?!"Bookmark here

"Huuuhhh? What, you got a problem with that, punk?"Bookmark here

"No, sir!"Bookmark here

"And Uncle Shuu, you're aware that I've been working at Giotto's for more than a year. You could've told me!"Bookmark here

"Ahahahaha…! Sorry about that, musuko."Bookmark here

"But on the other note, it might have been better if he was with us when we came to the plateau, you know."Bookmark here

"Oh. That's actually a good idea."Bookmark here

"You just realized that, Uncle…?"Bookmark here

"Let's just do that next time! Maybe we can also bring your brother for a chug!"Bookmark here

A loud(er) whack sounded throughout my house.Bookmark here

We men were slapped with the very same paper fan I folded back in the restaurant. I was not surprised as to how it made its way on Rin's hands. The three of us anyways are in agreement that women are scary so we kept quiet and came back to the topic.Bookmark here

Uncle then spoke.Bookmark here

"Well, if I have to say… Hiroomi asked Sumi and I if it is finally okay to give our daughter a ring months ago. We gave him the thumbs up with enough reason."Bookmark here

"Ahh… So it makes sense why you and Auntie weren’t very surprised about the existence of Exiles."Bookmark here

"At least, musuko, we didn't really know much aside from Hiroomi being one."Bookmark here

"It was still a hard time because Gin's concept of masks didn't cross our minds. I had to be very careful not to be noticed when I meet with Yu."Bookmark here

"While we're in the topic, how in the flying apples did you meet my sister, anyway?"Bookmark here

"Ohh… where should I start, I wonder. Yu?"Bookmark here

"Let's all have dinner first!"Bookmark here

To say the least, it was lesser the weirdness because of the presence of Hiro. Just look… we are eating dinner in my house. Uncle Shuu and Aunt Sumi are here, so is Rin and Sis. Pretty much, the whole Akanami family is having dinner here.Bookmark here

Things then get weird, having felt that I ironically feel out of place in my own house. Basically, it was as if I was the outsider. Hiro, in a sense, will be part of their family while I'm someone like from the outer party who shouldn't be here… perhaps.Bookmark here

Well, there's also a situation where I will be in. But pessimism being disregarded… a lot of things can still happen.Bookmark here

But that aside, the couple gave the narrative of how it all came down to the present.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Past: Fourth quarter of 2013.Bookmark here

‹Yuna›Bookmark here

At this time, I was in my fourth year in college. Being in the second semester means that I was already undergoing my OJT. Where I did my training was the same company I am currently working at.Bookmark here

I was not very diligent in college, and so I sometimes think that the course I chose was a pain. At first, doing work in my early weeks was stressful since I was not yet used to how the society actually works.Bookmark here

So I was once in a situation when I was running like a headless chicken.Bookmark here

I had found an escape to my stress, however. Years like this before 2019, cafes were actually quieter and solemn. Those places were more enjoyable, since it wasn't much of a fad yet. It was a nice place.Bookmark here

Bulbs of yellowish lights hung on fiber lamp-like cylindrical meshes on the ceiling. The walls were painted beige and artworks were hung on it. They were mostly abstract, but were apparently made by some customers. The surface of the varnished mahogany tables were seen through the pane of glass, to avoid getting white marks on it. And most of all, you can smell the aroma of the coffee being brewed whichever corner of the place you sat on.Bookmark here

There was an intangible, but special feeling or vibe upon entering the building. It was like a treasure or an oasis in the middle of the unpleasantness of the outside. There was a certain peace and serenity once you take a seat.Bookmark here

It was undeniably a place of comfort while the air conditioners tirelessly cool us down. In the November and December of this year, winter wasn't a thing yet. So the tropical country still had its own character.Bookmark here

It was just one of those days. I looked like I am actually a fully-fledged worker in the society with the amount of stress that I got even in an OJT. That company lacked employees at that time and so I and my other college acquaintances were asked to do what we weren't supposed to originally do.Bookmark here

Thus, I am once again found inside the cafe.Bookmark here

This one-of-those-days day is what you'd expect from an ordinary weekday. Except, I am a little frustrated with how the day went in the company. But at least, the workday ended.Bookmark here

Contrary to what the usual afternoon that you might imagine, the surroundings are just being tinted with blue that darkens while the sun goes down. It was not a gloomy thought, however.Bookmark here

With whatever frustrations and stress that I bring with myself outside, it all vanishes whenever I enter this place. And so, I ordered the usual drink I get and sat without anything that could distract me. This is 2013, so few people were just beginning to be spent in social media.Bookmark here

I was having my own peace of mind when my table suddenly shook a bit from the slamming head of someone.Bookmark here

"Ugh…"Bookmark here

I was in panic, but I stayed quiet. I got a look from the person who looked very exhausted. It was Hiro, who I still didn't know at that time.Bookmark here

But then, he finally raised his head and jolted from surprise, "S-Sorry…! I'll go to another table!"Bookmark here

"Ah, n-no! It's okay! You might pass out if you try to force yourself to stand."Bookmark here

He stayed silent and sat obediently.Bookmark here

"A-Are you new here…? This is the first time I see you here."Bookmark here

"Ahh… I just got out of work."Bookmark here

"Work? You look like you're around my age. Are you also in OJT?"Bookmark here

"OJT…? What's that- Ack!"Bookmark here

"I slipped…!"Bookmark here

He continued, "No… not that kind. I'm actually about to start a restaurant business around here. You might have seen an ad that a restaurant named Giotto's is going to open soon."Bookmark here

"Giotto's? Never heard of it."Bookmark here

"Ugh…Bookmark here

Anyway, I am the head chef of that restaurant. I am Hiroomi Katsuto, 20."Bookmark here

"H-Head chef?! At your age?!Bookmark here

Ah- I'm Yuna Akanami, 19."Bookmark here

"I guess it's hard to believe, huh. But it's the truth. This is just one step forward… so that I can prove that I have something with worth, for the sake of others.Bookmark here

Ah… sorry. I feel like I said some embarrassing things. Haha."Bookmark here

"N-No. I think that's quite amazing, actually. But are you still a graduating student?"Bookmark here

"I am not. Actually, I didn't even enter college. So that makes it hard to open a business. Thankfully, my partner handles the statistics and accounting.Bookmark here

But then again, they think that I'm inexperienced so it's hard to hire people.Bookmark here

How about you, though?"Bookmark here

"I am currently a graduating student. I take Accountancy as my course. I'm doing my OJT right now, but I'm actually from Sector 392."Bookmark here

"Oh. Even if it's just beside 527, I guess the commute is still quite difficult?"Bookmark here

"Yes…Bookmark here

But… should you be taking your order now? You look really tired."Bookmark here

"That's right…"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Ahh… good caffeine…Bookmark here

Wait, Ms. Akanami. Are you a regular here?"Bookmark here

"I am. How come you know?"Bookmark here

"Hmm. I guess it's a chef's instinct. I've been observing many restaurants before opening mine, so I study several behaviors of what is it to be a regular customer."Bookmark here

"That's so cool. Well, if I have time, I might drop by if your restaurant opens. It'll be nice to relieve myself from the stress that I shouldn't be thinking about."Bookmark here

"Ahaha. So you're also in that tiring situation. If you'll go to my resto, then I'll be confident that I'll serve you something stress-relieving."Bookmark here

"I'll expect something, then."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

"Pfft… You didn't know what was an OJT, Hiro…? That's hilarious…"Bookmark here

"Oh, shut up, Gin."Bookmark here

"Ehh… That's also quite the normal way of meeting," Rin kind of complained.Bookmark here

"Lil sis, like yours was any different with Gin."Bookmark here

"Pfft…" I burst out in laughter again. "Hey, hey, Hiro. So we both called them Ms. Akanami… What was that?! Hahahaha…!"Bookmark here

"Goodness, you're right…Bookmark here

But aren't you enjoying this too much, Gin?"Bookmark here

"Alright, alright. I'll behave."Bookmark here

Rin was still feeling disturbed, and asked more in accordance to the story.Bookmark here

"How did you and Hiroomi get together anyway?Bookmark here

And I deserve to ask all of this. I was kept in the dark by everyone!"Bookmark here

"Hahh… Alright. Let's go back to another flashback."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Past: 2014 recently came.Bookmark here

‹Yuna›Bookmark here

Somehow, we developed some kind of friendship. Even though I didn't live in Sector 527, I still got some time after OJT. Coincidentally, Giotto's closes nearly the same time as the company and we always meet each other in the cafe.Bookmark here

Although that's not the only time we meet since I usually went to Giotto's to eat. Contrary to Hiro's doubts, the restaurant became populous. As for the reason, it's the same as the present—you get to eat quality dishes and still save money. Giotto's then initially got the title 'Fastfood Killer' as neighboring chains' rates went down.Bookmark here

In those times, certain closeness developed. Even though we usually talk about mostly pointless things, Hiro was able to open up and seemed to enjoy those times more than ever.Bookmark here

And there came a point when we realized that we have feelings for each other.Bookmark here

Yada, yada, yada… finally the start of the drama came. It was in January.Bookmark here

"Yu… you've realized it already, right…?"Bookmark here

"And did you too?"Bookmark here

"Yes, but…Bookmark here

If ever… I don't think we'll work out."Bookmark here

I was of course hurt with his words. I've known of his feelings for a decent amount of time and so did he know of mine too. I felt that we just can't find the right time to speak, so we waited for each other to open up.Bookmark here

But it came… just in the way that I did not expect. I still didn't know at this time that he is an Exile.Bookmark here

"Why…? Why do you say that we can't work out?!"Bookmark here

"As much as I wish I had… I wanted to live an ordinary life. I am very happy that you see me the way you do now, and I hate to say that I may very well hurt you if we continue this.Bookmark here

I don't want to trouble you with my sufferings… and I might put you in danger if we're together. I don't want to lose someone I care about… so it's for the better if we just-"Bookmark here

I slapped him; a painful one at that.Bookmark here

"Don't you realize it, Hiro?! Even before you lose someone you care for if they're in danger… you're saying that you're about to lose me NOW…! Do you want it, Hiro?! Do you really want me to distance myself to you because you don't want me to get hurt?! I don't want it…!"Bookmark here

"But… But you will seriously get hurt if you're with me…"Bookmark here

"How many times…?! How many times do I have to tell you that I love you?! What is wrong?! What's wrong if you're suffering…?! What's wrong if you're not normal… or heck if you're something like an Exile?! Don't you get it, Hiro?! Am I the only one thinking that our relationship is more than just friendship?! If we feel the same, you can tell me your sufferings because I will listen to you!Bookmark here

Hiro, we… you are not the only one living in this world. You have friends… and there's Sean that understands you most… don't set aside others because of your pain."Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

"Then tell me this, Hiro…Bookmark here

If ever I go now and think of you as a stranger… will you not be hurt? You're saying that you don't want me to get hurt… but how about you?! You're hurt as it is! Do you want more pain to come to you?! Just when I see that you're beginning to cheer up more…Bookmark here

Hiro, please… stop hurting yourself any more than this…"Bookmark here

He went down to his knees while he tightly grasped on my hands. Not later than that, he bawled and shrieked down to his throat.Bookmark here

I have seen my parents’ pain… perhaps from my younger sister getting near at risk when she was five. But Hiro… he let out the pain that welled up inside him.Bookmark here

Thankfully, he calmed down and we had a chance to properly talk.Bookmark here

"Yu… do you really know… that I am an Exile?"Bookmark here

"A-Are you really one of them…?"Bookmark here

He nodded, "We really do exist… Even Sean is one of us. In our case… we've known each other since we were children—that is, we were nameless slaves that were toyed around and tortured. But we were saved nine years ago and became Exiles.Bookmark here

That was my suffering that still haunted me up to this day… I'm living a difficult life to prove that we are not worthless while I'm still in fear of people.Bookmark here

To be honest, I didn't even think of sharing my story to others, just like you said. That's simply because I didn't know I can. I don't understand others so I don't know that it can be possible. From those nine years, I did not experience interacting with people that are not Exiles. So I don't really understand how it is to be a human.Bookmark here

Even falling in love was new to me… I didn't get this feeling. But I realized that it was a very pleasant thing. I was happy with you and I even forget my problems because you're here. I said all those because I was simply scared.Bookmark here

For that, I'm sorry, Yu. I will try to understand you and others from now on… and if it is still okay with you…"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

What…?"Bookmark here

"I want to take back what I said earlier.Bookmark here

So Yu… are you really okay with me?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I said that I don't care if you're an Exile or something. Hiro, I meant it, you know."Bookmark here

"R-Really…?"Bookmark here

"If you're going to ask me out, then now is the time!"Bookmark here

At first, he doubted his own decision in his silence and thought, "Is this really fine?" But he set aside the negativity and finally spoke.Bookmark here

"Yuna… will you be my… lover?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Of course!"Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

"Woah… So you two had a fair share of drama in the past.Bookmark here

But well… that was like out of soap opera."Bookmark here

I have to admit, I was once again astonished, but I did not faint this time.Bookmark here

"Don't think that all the pain in the world crashed on you two, lil sis, Gin. But looking back, you had it harder."Bookmark here

"Well, sorry that I almost died a few times, Sis."Bookmark here

"That's why I dropped by here when you were still in isolation, Gin. You and Ringo reminded me of that time and I figured that Yu was lonely."Bookmark here

"Wait, Rin. Did you actually figure out that I liked you before?"Bookmark here

"It's just you, Potato. I did not and I don't have a brain as sharp as yours."Bookmark here

As though we were judges, we were satisfied with the statement and reasoning of our one sided argument. Somehow, we have settled down to the situation and decided to further the resolution.Bookmark here

So I asked the disregarded question.Bookmark here

"It's been a bit overdue, so I'll go ask before we get distracted again.Bookmark here

Hiro, what is it that you request from us?"Bookmark here

"That… Thanks for finally bringing that up, Gin."Bookmark here

It was apparent that it was something serious. Hiro and Sis had to stare in agreement and nodded.Bookmark here

"Gin, Ringo… Please be our right hand."Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

"Hiro… seriously?"Bookmark here

Okay, this is good. I've been genuinely surprised for three times in this day now.Bookmark here

"Eh? Wait, sis?! Aren't I a bit too early for that?"Bookmark here

"We're serious about this. We've been busy with the organization too, you know."Bookmark here

Then Sis followed up with an explanation.Bookmark here

"Aside from that, we've decided how our wedding will be anyway. Even in my family's side, we intend to only invite veeery close relatives. Besides, I have no contact with my friends in high school and college and I don't really have close colleagues from work.Bookmark here

That's that and there's this—Gin, your people will also be invited, of course."Bookmark here

I was somehow in awe upon hearing those. The thought suddenly immersed me in an imagination… where it was a wedding ceremony of an Exile and a human, without their masks.Bookmark here

"I see… I get the gist of it now.Bookmark here

Hiro… so Tenth will act as your father, then?"Bookmark here

"You're right about that, Gin."Bookmark here

"But one thing I'm confused… Why isn't Sean the best man?"Bookmark here

"He refused. He insist that the one that is suitable is that someone who knows not only the groom, but the bride as well. And you fit the description."Bookmark here

"And why me, Sis?"Bookmark here

"Lil sis… You're really asking that?Bookmark here

You're my sister, of course."Bookmark here

Rin felt for a moment that as though she was paralyzed. She knew to herself that her elder sister does not show much of her sincerity even if she wanted to. But she felt it, and was taken aback.Bookmark here

I thought that she was tearing up, and so I placed my hand on her head, and said, "Good for you, then."Bookmark here

And I continued, "I kind of expected that from Sean, knowing him. He always had that sense of courtesy. But I'll be sure to support you two. Isn't that right, Rin?"Bookmark here

"Yep. I'll do my best too."Bookmark here

"You guys…" Sis paused for a moment. "Seriously, thank you."Bookmark here

"But I have to warn you, Sis. By the time your wedding will come, my hair will be black so this will be shorter.Bookmark here

And I might stand out more than the groom if had my silver hair anyway."Bookmark here

"Just wait a second, musuko," Uncle Shuu sternly spoke. "Does this mean that Hiroomi will be your brother-in-law-in-law?"Bookmark here

For at least a split second, I had no idea what this cheerful uncle was talking about. But I got the idea which pushed a button in me.Bookmark here

I then silently smiled.Bookmark here

"For crying out loud, Uncle Shuu, I was holding out from saying that! I'm trying to keep that to myself and you up and said it!"Bookmark here

"Potato… Dad can really attack your rear, huh?"Bookmark here

"Hahh… If Dad was here, I'll be destroyed."Bookmark here

At least there was a feeling of relief that Rin was not bothered by what his father said. I do know for sure that she got what he meant.Bookmark here

"In any case, Rin and I have something to say…"Bookmark here

Or rather, it just slipped our mind from the very beginning. And on that note, we, in unison…Bookmark here

"Congratulations…!"Bookmark here

Unbeknownst to us four, Rin's parents were still watching us in our scene.Bookmark here

"Dear, I'm glad that we have good children like them."Bookmark here

"You're right, Sumi. Who would have thought that… choosing Gin in the past… turned out to be a blessing in disguise."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

A few days later, things turned to still be ordinary. Aside from helping in the organization of their wedding, I continued working with the groom in the restaurant.Bookmark here

And for some reason, along with the sound of sizzling and boiling, and the noise of the stove, I heard for once that many footsteps sounded from the back door.Bookmark here

"**Boss, we're finally here! Oh, Aniki is here too! Good day!"Bookmark here

"**Shun-kun?! And Ito-san?! Good to see you guys!" I had to stop with what I'm doing upon unexpectedly seeing rare faces.Bookmark here

It was not just Shun Kiriyama and the head chef of Giotto's North. The Japan team of the restaurant all came to Orio.Bookmark here

"**What's up for you all to be here?" I asked as I continued moving in the kitchen.Bookmark here

"**You don't know, Aniki? We'll be handling the catering in boss's wedding."Bookmark here

"You didn't tell me that, Hiro."Bookmark here

"Oh… I guess I didn't. Since you'll be helping in making the invitation, add Jean to the list, alright? I would want him to help along with Ito-san."Bookmark here

"I'm sure he'll be up for it."Bookmark here

"Speaking of Jean, add Ai-san and her sister too."Bookmark here

"Noted."Bookmark here

"Also, since you have background in graphic design and videography, I'd be glad if you can recommend someone. Photographers are also hard to find so I'll be asking your help for that too.Bookmark here

I'm not looking for a prestigious celebration, so there's no need to find an expert. Our budget may be short for that."Bookmark here

"Boss, that's funny. What you're looking for is just right under my nose."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

The next day in the Art Room…Bookmark here

I walked around in their desks while they did their works and dropped envelopes to them.Bookmark here

"You three, you've already agreed to the day, right?"Bookmark here

"At least tell us what it is for."Bookmark here

"Don't be impatient, Jean. Here is yours since you're a cook. The other two is for the Hikari sisters.Bookmark here

Nagi, thanks for being the one-man team for the filmmaking.Bookmark here

Shiro, your skills in photography will be very appreciated."Bookmark here

All at the same time, they opened the envelopes.Bookmark here

"Yuna-nee is…?!"Bookmark here

"Shh… Let's stay silent, Nagi.Bookmark here

You guys will be paid for the endeavor, so let's all do our best."Bookmark here

"Of course we're in this!"Bookmark here

While the five of us were enjoying ourselves, the other members of the club turned their heads on us in confusion.Bookmark here

I noticed, "Hey. Don't look so confused, you three. I'll be commissioning you all for something too.Bookmark here

It's a wedding gift so do your best."Bookmark here

"What, you're getting married, Gin?!"Bookmark here

"Would you tone down, G?! If I will be, then you should've been invited too, you know?"Bookmark here

"Ah, okay. You got me worried for nothing."Bookmark here

"I can see colors now, so expect something better."Bookmark here

"Thanks, Mori."Bookmark here

"Now all that's solved…Bookmark here

Let's get to work."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

See you all in February 23.

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