Chapter 10:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 1

It was around dinner when Kuro and Eris arrived at the gates of the Holy Palatial Gardens. Eris had the cart given to a guard, who took charge of parking it, as well as bringing the horse back to its stable.Bookmark here

“Eris is sorry that it took long, Mister Kuro.”Bookmark here

Nah, it’s fine.” Kuro unconsciously turned to his watch, which was missing on his wrist, bringing him back to reality. Embarrassed that he made himself for a fool, he subtly hid his arm behind him.Bookmark here

“Thank you for your time, Eris enjoyed this trip!” the little maid smiled in gratitude, “Well then, Eris will excuse herself, Mister Kuro!” Bookmark here

“Yeah, thanks for the ride, too! Take care!”Bookmark here

Gracefully, Eris bowed and went on her way.Bookmark here

Now that he’s alone, Kuro went to his room. He’s pretty relaxed by now, confident that he had made another friend. At least, not all the maids in that place hated him; he had Lily and Eris on his side.Bookmark here

Well, Her Holiness isn’t counted because she’s too OP.Bookmark here

Anyway, he preferred not to show himself in the kitchen since he got food from Ricardo’s place. Though technically Eris bought it, someday Kuro would repay that kid, he said to himself.Bookmark here

Tch, how cruel. So that’s what you think of Eris, huh? A kid.”Bookmark here

Kuro stopped in his tracks. By that time, he was at the façade of the guest house where he was staying, and right at the doorstep stood Her Holiness, the Saint of Chersea. Her arms folded across her chest, and she leaned on the doorframe—just like a typical housewife waiting for her adulterous husband. However, Her Holiness’ lips were smiling, though it was a sardonic one.Bookmark here

“Oh! You read my mind once again, Your Holiness.” Kuro greeted her, noting her usual antics.Bookmark here

“I find it interesting. I’m never bored when I peer deep into your thoughts.”Bookmark here

“I see…” Kuro just gave her a nod, “Anyway, I got some food with me, Your Holiness. Want to have a bite?”Bookmark here

Nah, I just ate. I’m just here for the result.”Bookmark here

“Result? Of what?”Bookmark here

“You and Eris.”Bookmark here

Oh, that.” Kuro smiled, “Well, we became friends. Though I thought she’s treating me as one before…”Bookmark here

Her Holiness’ face suddenly turned sour. She clicked her tongue and stomped her feet as she went down the elevated doorway. Kuro wondered if he said something wrong.Bookmark here

“Your Holiness…” Kuro added, “I find it weird that Eris proposed I became her friend. I mean, I won’t go to such great lengths in helping her if I don’t consider her to be one in the first place.”Bookmark here

Oh, is that so?” the sourness on Her Holiness’ face disappeared, and she went back to her sarcastic grin.Bookmark here

“What, are you thinking of something else?” Kuro curiously asked, “If you’re thinking about the warning you told me before; well, I’m not a noble so I don’t have the right to marry people like her.”Bookmark here

“…” the Saint was utterly silent.Bookmark here

“Besides, I see Eris as a cute little sister.”Bookmark here

Oh, dear…” Her Holiness’ hand went to her head as if she’s having a headache.Bookmark here

“Anything wrong with you, Your Holiness?” Kuro tried to help the Saint.Bookmark here

“Not me, it’s you!”Bookmark here

“Me? What did I do this time?”Bookmark here

Her Holiness turned inside the guest house. She called out to a shadow hiding behind the doorway, “Lady Monfort, we got a tremendous problem here!”Bookmark here

The captain of Her Holiness’ Paladin Guards then showed herself, “Indeed, Your Holiness, it’s a big headache.”Bookmark here

Wha—what’s the meaning of this, Your Holiness? Lady Monfort?” Kuro asked, confused about the situation.Bookmark here

“Let me introduce her to you once again, Kuro.” the Saint beckoned to the paladin, “This is the Marquise of Monfort, Dusis Luisa Monfort-Braunhauer, the captain of my Paladin Corps and the stepsister of Duchess Eris Braunhauer. Different mothers sired them see, and the Marquise is an illegitimate child.”Bookmark here

Err…hello.” was Kuro’s weak reaction. He was still thinking of what could he had possibly done wrong once again.Bookmark here

“Ahem.” Her Holiness cleared her throat, “You see, my great self and the Marquise made bets about you and Eris getting close after your trip to Arles. The Marquise of Monfort assumed that you guys would get close, while I took the other end of the bet.”Bookmark here

“And?”Bookmark here

“Well, we won nothing.”Bookmark here

“Your Holiness!” it was the Marquise of Monfort, “I won that fair and square! Kuro and Eris became friends!”Bookmark here

“Kuro sees Eris as his little sister.” Her Holiness countered, “We didn’t count that as a possibility, so no one won.”Bookmark here

“Ha?”Bookmark here

“Are you defying me, Lady Monfort?” veins popped from the Saint’s forehead, “I’m the Saint, so what I say is the truth.”Bookmark here

Urk, you cheater!”Bookmark here

Kuro then asked, “I get the first part of your bet that we get close to each other, but what the heck’s the meaning of the second part?”Bookmark here

“Mister Def—” Kuro glared at the Marquise, which caused her to change what she was about to say, “I mean, Kuro…”Bookmark here

“Yes? Come on, hurry. This extra chapter is dragging on for too long already.”Bookmark here

“Ha?”Bookmark here

“Nothing.”Bookmark here

“Anyway, Mister Kuro!” the Marquise explained, “About the gamble, Her Holiness and I also made bets on whether you’d get attracted to Eris.”Bookmark here

“What the hell?”Bookmark here

“What, you got a problem with my cute sister?”Bookmark here

“No! It’s not that, I got problems with the both of you!”Bookmark here

Ha? Which is?”Bookmark here

“Don’t ask me that, can’t you tell by simply looking? I’m a young adult, and Eris is a kid! Don’t you have any children’s protection laws or something like that in this world?”Bookmark here

“What’s that?”Bookmark here

Ugh, whatever!” Kuro could only scratch his head, “Look, I’m no aristocrat, and I’m just a freeloading idiot in this place. You think I’m a perfect fit for your little sister?”Bookmark here

“I told you before, the Great Ducal House of Braunhauer would rather accept freeloading men of intellect than filthy rich old saps who only knows how to seduce women, Mister Kuro.” Lady Monfort retorted, “And hearing about how you absolved Eris and helped her through her ordeal proves how deserving you are to be my brother-in-law.”Bookmark here

“The fuck, dude? We only met for, like, four chapters? And you want marriage for Eris right away? Did you even consider her feelings before reaching that stupid decision?”Bookmark here

“Eris is always telling me the story of how her black-haired prince from another world—that’s you, obviously—saved her, fed her, took care of her, and even made her heart skip just by looking at his handsome face, it’s already making me sick.”Bookmark here

“You’re lying, especially on that last part about my face!”Bookmark here

“You hate yourself that much?”Bookmark here

“Couldn’t you tell the obvious? I’m a millennial, so it’s pretty normal!” Kuro sarcastically quipped.Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Nothing.” he then turned to the Saint, “You just warned me some time ago, Your Holiness! That’s why I’m careful!”Bookmark here

“Well, if the House of Braunhauer is okay with you, I could see no reason you won’t give it a shot.”Bookmark here

“But she’s a kid!”Bookmark here

“Early marriage is popular here, especially among the nobility!” the Saint quickly diverted the conversation.Bookmark here

“That’s right, don’t you want it that Eris would work hard for you while you eat, drink, sleep, and watch clouds like a useless slob?” Lady Monfort added.Bookmark here

“Don’t lump me with you!” Kuro despaired, “I’m trying to be useful here, then here you come spouting nonsense and wanting me to become a freeter!”Bookmark here

“Come on, Mister Kuro! I only want the best for my sister, and I could see great potential in you as her partner!”Bookmark here

“Your eyes are defective if you see me in that manner.”Bookmark here

Uhh…you hate yourself that much?”Bookmark here

“Anyway!” Kuro stood firm, “I won’t allow it! You need to consider Eris’ feelings first. It’s not that she’s fascinated with me, it would end up she’s also in love with me. Those two are different things! At least wait until Eris is about as old as Her Holiness or you, then you could ask her!”Bookmark here

A nasty smirk appeared on the Marquise’s lips, “Oh…so you mean, we’ll just wait for her to pass her rite of womanhood, and then you’re good to go?”Bookmark here

Exhausted from the explanation he did; Kuro knew he had to give up on this one, “I’m tired. I’d like to sleep now if you’ll excuse me.” He entered the guest house and closed the door behind him, leaving the Marquise of Monfort and Her Holiness outside.Bookmark here

“I’ll make sure you’ll fall into the hands of the House of Braunhauer, Kuro!” Lady Monfort just won’t back down and was shaking her fists in a challenge.Bookmark here

Her Holiness only stared at Kuro in complete and utter admiration. She was thinking, if it was a different man, things could have gone so differently, and Eris might get a husband against her wish. Bookmark here

But this boy from another world has been considerate of Eris’ feelings…Bookmark here

And not only that, his words about fascination and love struck her deeply, and it repeatedly rang in her mind.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

The Saint unconsciously held tight a letter she had in her hand that it crumpled… Bookmark here

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