Chapter 1:

V1 Prologue-The Hero (From A Secondary Character's Perspective)

Am I Really The Hero's Assistant? (HIATUS)

A hero is simply "a person admired for achievements and noble qualities", at least that's the most well known definition of one I know. And at Aguri High School, the most well known hero is at the school: Hiromasa Yuudai. From rumors circulating around the school, I heard many different and crazy things he did, like fighting a bear or even beating up some robbers. And because of this, he's quite popular at Aguri.

Even one time at school, I noticed some shreds and pieces of a school uniform on the ground, someone told me that is was the hero, Hiromasa, and by the time I got over to his class, he left without a trace. I never met Hiromasa yet, and only heard rumors about him. But, maybe I'll get to meet him one of these days. . .