Chapter 2:

V1 Chapter 1-My Fateful Encounter Turned Into A Assignment

Am I Really The Hero's Assistant? (HIATUS)

My school day started out normal, as usual. But while I was in my classroom, I felt slightly irritated, mainly because everyone was talking about Aguri High's one and only hero, Hiromasa Yuudai. I couldn't take this, it was getting on my nerves. 


By the time school got out, I headed outside and sat down on the steps.

I sighed heavily. "When am I even going to meet him?" I said to myself as I got out my PSP and started playing on it.

"Yo, Ryuu-kun...."

I looked up and was instantly startled as my PSP flew out of my hands. "K-k-Kaeda?!"

"Hey, how its going?" Kaeda said as she grabbed my PSP and gave it back to me.

"Thanks, and I'm doing fine. Well, until you showed up."

"Ah, you did care about me! Thanks!" Kaeda said in a rather sarcastic tone. 

Kaeda was a girl I basically hung out with, she usually gets up close and personal in front of other people, including me. She also is quite sarcastic, and also cool since she likes to ditch class, but not as much as the hero Hiromasa, since I heard he ditches class all the time to work on his "heroic duties".

I then grabbed my bag, put my PSP away,  and said, "Look, I got to go home okay, but don't worry! We'll see each other tomorrow!" I stated as I pushed Kaeda out of my way and ran towards the sidewalk, turned, and began to walk.


I was walking home, and as I took a shortcut into the alleys, I felt someone reaching into my bag, as I turned around and noticed some guy in delinquent clothes take out my PSP. "Looking for this?" The guy hissed.

I was about to turn around, until the guy slung my bag right off from my back and I fell to the ground. I looked up to see two other delinquent guys looking down at me.

"Oi, what should we do with this guy?" One of the guys said.

"Let's give him a piece of our mind!" The other guy said as he cracked his knuckles.

The guy that had the PSP in his hand looked at me and said, "I think I know what I want to do with this. . ." He then reached by the side of the garbage as he then took out a long baseball bat and placed it on the top of the garbage bin.

"Now then, let me destroy this piece of shit PSP shall we?" The guy said as he then lifted his arm in the air to get ready to smash it. "1......2...3-"

Suddenly, I noticed someone behind him as they quickly grabbed the bat out of his hand, and hit the delinquent hard in the back, as he collapsed and fell to the floor.

"GAH?! Who the he'll are you?!" One of the delinquents henchmen said.

The boy went silent as he speeded pass me and kick the first delinquent henchmen in the stomach, and punched the second one in the face as they both collapsed to the floor.

The boy then grabbed my bag and PSP, as well as my hand, as we went out of the alleyway.

We were back on the sidewalk, as the guy said, "Here's your stuff by the way." He then handed my stuff back.

"Thanks!" I said with a smile. I then noticed the boy taking off his hoodie and looked at me.

"By the way, I never got your name by any chance." The boy said.

"Oh, it's Ryuu. Yoshiro Ryuu. And you must be....?"

"Hiromasa Yuudai, of course!" The boy said with a smile.

My eyes sparkled with glee. It was him! THE Hiromasa Yuudai! 

"Wait, you're actually...him?!" I said.

"Yeah, of course." He took out a piece of paper with his name on it: 湯台宏正 (Yuudai Hiromasa). Yep, it was definitely him alright.

"Ah, sorry about that, I just got a little..."

"Fangirly? Yeah, I can see that." Hiromasa said to me as we decided to just walk and talk.


Hiromasa and I were simply talking about plenty of different things, such as our school lives, his being totally different from mine. And even I asked him some questions, like if he actually did do the heroic things that people keep on talking about at school.

"Oh, those are just rumors," He said, "people usually make that stuff up and exaggerate it. I'm still the hero at Aguri, but for the most part, I'm a normal guy."

"Ah, I see. By the way, do you actually have a girlfriend by any chance?" I asked.

"Hmm? No, I don't actually. Usually being the school hero is tiring for me, and I do have some fangirls that cling to me, but none of them I'm exactly interested in. Maybe," Hiromasa grabbed me by the shoulders, "you can help me get a girlfriend?"

I didn't know what to exactly say at first. I mean, Hiromasa is a good looking guy, with light tan skin and black hair with red streaks in, and I'm surprised he isn't even romantically interested in any of the fangirls. Then again, it makes sense.

I cannot say no to him. "Yeah sure, I'll help you!" I said happily.

"Awesome! Thanks pal!" Hiromasa said as he let go of me and smiled. "Look, I got to go. We'll see each other tomorrow alright? Thanks Ryuu!" He then walked off.


I was back at my house and laid on my bed, remembering what had happened today: Hiromasa saved me from some delinquent thugs, we talked, I'll help him get a girlfriend, and now were friends and-WAIT A MINUTE. I have to help him get a girlfriend. Wait, I have to be the one to GET him a girlfriend?!

The fateful encounter I had with Hiromasa, has now turned into an assignment. . .for me that is....