Chapter 15:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 1

Heh. If you thought I forgot my work back in Arles, then you’re wrong.

Right now, I’m trying my best to hurry towards the town.

Yep, I’m running. You knew I couldn’t ride a horse, or drive a cart pulled by a horse. I owned a car back on Earth, but of course, it’ll be stupid if they had cars here. This wouldn’t be a fantasy world if that happened.

But yes, I miss my old life full of convenience…

The gate of Arles was still as imposing as ever. The guards from the town militia stand at attention like usual. However, if they questioned me, I’m better prepared now.

I have my brand-new identification papers made!


Huh? That’s strange. I thought I put it here in my coat’s pocket. Let’s check the other pockets then…


Damn…I got a problem. A huge one.

“Halt!” a soldier had already challenged me, “Your identification papers, please.”

Err…can I go back and fetch it? I forgot it in my room…” I sheepishly asked, not wishing to infuriate the guard at the gate. How I wished that Sir Osmond were around so he could help me…probably.

“You idiot!” another soldier hit his companion in the head with a helmet, “Can’t you recognize this man? He’s the hero of our town!”

Huh? This plain-looking guy is the Hero of Arles?”

“Yes. I can recognize him for his black hair.” the second soldier then turned to me, “I’m sorry for my companion, sir. He didn’t know of your heroic deeds.”

“Ahahahaha…” I awkwardly laughed, “I understand that he’s just doing his job faithfully. And, I’m in the wrong, anyway; I forgot my identification papers back at the Holy Palatial Gardens.”

“See, kid! That’s how a hero should conduct himself, humble and honest.” the second soldier slapped his partner at the back.

In the end, they let me enter the town even without the identification papers in my person. Seriously, aren’t those guys overblowing what I just did? And is that arrogant Baroness hated that much by the populace here for them to treat me as a hero?

This world was really stupid, as usual.


Good day, Mister Ricardo!”

Ah Kuro, you finally came!”

“I’m sorry it took me long to come back.” I explained, “I came across some problems back at the Holy Palatial Gardens.”

“Don’t worry about it, Kuro.” Mister Ricardo replied, “You won’t be working here anymore, anyway.”

I froze when I heard that. Did he just say I’m fired?

Err…Mister Ricardo, is it because it took me long, that you’re dismissing me?”

Uhh…sorry kid, I can’t tell you the real reason behind it.” he answered, “But you have to know, I’m a very patient person. It doesn’t matter if it took you quite a while as long as you’re willing to work. So please be at ease that I am not dismissing you because of that.”


Man, this suck…I mean, it’s also the first time I’d be working on my own.

“However, let me tell you something.” Mister Ricardo leaned closer to me as if he’s about to tell a secret, “As much as I wanted you to work here, I don’t like to make into my enemies the ladies back there, at the Holy Palatial Gardens.”

Huh? What do you mean by that, Mister Ricardo?

“Alright, girls!” the former mercenary-turned-restauranteur then clapped his hands, “Our dear customer seemed to have drunk a lot of wine. Can you please lead him outside?”

Wait, what? Now you’re telling me I’m drunk?

“Come on ladies! Let’s pick up this fellow and show him the way out!”

“Yes sir!”



The pretty ladies of Holy Frills Diner wasted no time in throwing me outside their restaurant.


That fucking hurt.

Now I’m back to ‘jobless’ as my status once again. And I honestly didn’t know which one hurts the most: being thrown out or going back to being a freeloader.

What kind of stupidity is that, anyway?