Chapter 2:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

Ah, why do I feel I’m forgetting something?

I didn’t know, but for some odd reason, it felt like there’s something I should do, and yet, I couldn’t recall anything about it. Something that an important person told me in the past.


Hmm…well, it happens to me most of the time, so I’d just let it be. Maybe if I did something else, the memories would come rushing back to me.


Speaking of which, what should I do this time, anyway?

Outside the windows of my room, I noticed a lot of commotion among the paladins and the maids going around. Carriages had also been appearing and stopping by the Saint’s palace, and those fancy-looking men and women were coming out, escorted by their butlers or maidservants.

I bet those are nobles.

That, and combined with the closure of the Saint’s Library for cleaning (in which I was notified in advance), it seemed like there’s something big that was about to happen this time, huh?


Well, it’s not like it’s my problem though. Even if I asked what’s up, I have nothing to do with it, since it’s Chersea’s affair. Maybe I’d just get up later and search for work in Arles?


God, this is boring. Anyway, just as I laid my head on the pillow, my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw Maddie suddenly appear, floating above me.



Uhh…excuse me, I think I’m the one who has all the rights to scream?” I jested.

Oh, right. This is your place after all,” Maddie quickly calmed down, as she had appeared.

I got up and sat by the edge of the bed, “Alone right now, Your Holiness?”

“It’s Maddie!” she protested as she furiously whispered, “Yes, I’m pretty much alone, so don’t tell anyone! Not even Lily!”

“Oh…” Maddie’s behavior and voice were telling me she’s running away from the watchful eyes of her maids.

“Yes, I do,” she answered with conviction, “Come on, it’s pretty normal, right? I mean, we can do this since we’re lovers now! Act like one, will you?”

“…” Well, being called a ‘lover’ was a new ring to my ears; me whose 25 years of life were spent in lonely solitude. Being treated and having to act like one felt different from my usual routine, so I was still not used to it.

“Don’t worry, as I’ve said before, I understand you,” Maddie winked, “Anyway, it’s nothing serious. I just want to come to your room and hang around…”

Her voice trailing into thin air gave me suspicions. Having been with her for quite some time now, I knew Maddie could be a responsible person, but most of the time she does things at her pace; and was highly spontaneous. And yes, her barging into my room was telling me she had something that she wanted to talk about…

Perhaps I should dig a little deeper?

“Come on K-Kuro, I-I just want to see you,” she followed up on her explanation when she noticed I was looking straight at her, determining the truth behind her words.

“?” I was having my doubts.

Maddie silently nodded her head. However, I could see traces of exhaustion on her face, and combined with her occasional sighing, I could safely assume that she’s having issues right now.


“W-What…?” Maddie couldn’t help but blush terribly the longer I stared at her cute face.

“You know…” I began my words, “…since you told me earlier to act like your lover, well, don’t mind if I’ll do just that. So, I think it’s only logical that I get to know the problems bugging you.”

“I-I’m not—”

“You can’t hide it from me; I can tell you’re exhausted,” I insisted, sealing off her escape route.

Haa…looks like I can’t hide anything from you, huh?” Maddie then fell silent as she averted her face from my eyes, before finally admitting, “Well…I’m at a loss right now, see?”

Oh? Why?”

“Miss Franceska already handed me her resignation from being the Grand Mother Templar Superior. It’s all so sudden, and if I’m unable to find a replacement for her soon, I’ll be the one to deal with the human kings,” her words ended with a long sigh.

Ha? What do you mean ‘deal with the human kings?’ Is this connected to those guys arriving outside your palace just now?”

Oh, it seems you don’t know just yet,” Maddie then explained, “The ‘Holy Congress’ is just around the corner, and my only representative suddenly quit.”

A what?


The ‘Holy Congress’.

Well, for something as different of a world such as this, it sure felt weird to hear a familiar word like that. Various things came through my head the moment Maddie said that; but I didn’t like to presume things, so I asked her if she could explain it with more detail.

“It’s a meeting of the human kings and other rulers to discuss problems they had with their neighboring countries,” she patiently elaborated, “You see, most of the conflicts and wars before I became the saint stemmed from the misunderstandings and pride of these leaders. So, when I was finally given the power, I negotiated with all the kingdoms to form treaties to ensure lasting peace. This is one result of that event.”

Oh, so it’s like a way to air out their grievances with each other by talking, and not fighting?”

“Precisely,” Maddie approvingly smiled at me, “I’m amazed that you’re always quick to understand my ideas, Kuro.”

“Well, it’s like the United Nations, see? So, I’m familiar with the idea.”

Huh? United…Na—what’s that?”

I explained to Maddie that old institution from my world known as the United Nations. If I was not mistaken about how I understood her goals, the U.N. and her ‘Holy Congress’ had the same functions. The only difference was, Maddie’s ‘Holy Congress’ was more ‘primitive’ in its structure and mechanisms than that one back on Earth.

Maddie continued at her explanation, “Ahh, but you know, this Holy Congress…it’s quite exhausting, listening to every country’s problems with their neighbors. I want to ask them, ‘Can’t you do something about it without coming to me every single time?’ I mean, some of their concerns are petty like water rights on a river on their borders; can’t they just share it since it’s on their border, anyway?”

I just listened to Maddie’s rants about the ‘Holy Congress’. Well, I understood her concerns. However, if we came down to the very basics, what she’s complaining about was human nature.

Isn’t it the same on Earth? Wars would be fought over the pettiest things, like a lost pig, a murdered dog, a looted-down pastry shop from a decade earlier, a stolen wooden bucket, and most infamously, an old, decomposing ear from seven years ago…(1)

“Well, I can’t help it,” Maddie defended her side, “Even if I’d like this ‘Congress’ to be a perfect one, I’m only one person, see?”

Indeed, she was. But well, for someone her age—and considering the medieval environment and her upbringing, I think Maddie had contributed more to humanity’s safety and prosperity than anyone else that preceded her.

Heck, when I was her age, all I can think of is how much money I’d get from my parents—purposefully for school expenses but in reality, was for spending at a computer café!

Her Holiness was a girl full of endless potential. A genius, if you ask me. Makes me wonder again why she took notice of this old, poor slob.


Ugh…there goes my insecurities once again about that engagement…



Maddie took hold of my face, “Stop doubting yourself! I never once regretted choosing you!”

Well…that’s quite nice to hear.

“I mean, come on!” Maddie tried to keep my spirits up, “Even though you call me a genius, I’m still learning! Look, I don’t even know what to do now that Miss Franceska is gone.”

Well, that’s the correct attitude of geniuses, the courage to admit their shortcomings. And yes, it’s true, and that’s quite a predicament. Miss Franceska was the current Grand Mother Templar Superior, and technically Maddie’s ‘right hand’ in all religious and political functions.

Think of her as the ‘Pope’, and she represents Maddie, the ‘god’.

I could understand Maddie’s anxiety. You see, Miss Franceska was adept in dealing with the troublesome rulers of Chersea. She’s the one who dealt with the aftermath of the disastrous engagement of Maddie to the Imperial Prince so that the fallout from that event didn’t have severe consequences on anyone…

Wait, now that I come to think of it, I’m the one who caused that problem in the first place…

So yeah, the old grandma helped prevent conflicts that could be avoided. But well, considering her age, I guess Miss Franceska had already realized that being god’s representative wasn’t a job forever. She had served Her Holiness Madelaine well up to the end…

Hmph! What pisses me off is not that she stepped down during this critical moment; Grandma Franceska left because she still dreams of getting married!” Maddie angrily explained, “She didn’t heed to my advice to keep off from that Count of Nash!”

Well, one does not simply prevent one from falling-in-love and forming a family, even at such an age.

“Ha?” Maddie read my thoughts, “Miss Franceska may be in love, but that childish gigolo the Count of Nash isn’t! We all know very well that he only wants her vast fortune!”

“…” I was having a hard time digesting what I just heard. Or maybe I just misheard it completely?

Come on, you can’t keep her from loving someone, Maddie! In a world with a chaotic time reckoning, I was sure you’re just miscalculating and misreading that guy’s age and intentions…

“What? You think someone who has 2,064 seasons behind him for age would love and cherish a 7,731-seasons’ old lady?” Maddie’s frustrations were seething and inadvertently being vented on me.

Hmm…I guess that’s questionable. Even a grade-schooler could see the great disparity in numbers. I mean, it’s 5,667 seasons early for that boy! Maddie’s got around 1,200 seasons behind her, and she looked like a 16-year-old teenager. In contrast, Miss Franceska would be mistaken for an ‘ancient relic’; in fact, I won’t be surprised if she’ll be certified as a centenarian or two back on Earth!

Oh well, the evil that comes from the love of money is the same, no matter what world you’re in.

Gold diggers come in all races and universes. And yes, I could now understand Maddie’s concern for granny Franceska. But this was a matter of the heart; no matter how Her Holiness gets mad, one could not simply knock common sense to a smitten individual once that stupid love-god shot his arrows on her.

Just like that saying back in my country: ‘You can’t stop falling-in-love.’

Ah, Miss Franceska, I sincerely hope that you’ll find happiness with your guy…

Argh! I’m pissed, Kuro!” Maddie flailed her arms in the air as she threw the pillows on my bed. I couldn’t blame her; Granny Franceska’s been like a ‘mother-figure’ not only to her but to all the girls of the Holy Palatial Gardens as well.

Ah, as much as we wanted to do something about it, we couldn’t do anything at all. So, to calm this cute, angry girl beside me, I reached out and pat Maddie’s head. I guess that made her frustrations go away a little, at least…

Ara! Ara!


And so, everything eventually settled down. Maddie knew she couldn’t do anything and had to accept the bitter reality that Miss Franceska was gone forever. It sure took me some time, but well, I knew she could digest my point. It just that she needed to let out her frustrations, which were pretty normal for someone who’d been working closely with that person for a long time now.


Ah well, as of the moment, she just floated peacefully. With her eyes closed, seemingly in deep meditation, I guessed that she might take a break from what happened. After all, it’s not that long since we came back from our journey from Fen. And now, Maddie’s confronted with the fact that if she wasn’t able to find someone else to replace Miss Franceska, she’d be the one to take over the ‘Holy Congress’.

A hugely stressful work, I presume.

Sometimes, I couldn’t help but be amazed at this girl. Looking at her young, tender frame, the truth that she carried the weight of this world on her shoulders was something to be admired at…


I didn’t know if she could read that, but well, I was just telling the truth. Maddie’s not only a physically beautiful person; her sincerity and steadfast commitment to her goals were two of the reasons that made her inner character glow more than her ‘outside’ attributes.


Hmm? Maddie’s face and ears are awfully red. Is she sick?


Anyway, I’d just let Maddie be. As someone she chose to be hers, I’d do my best to support her. So, I’d just get Chersea’s Great Saint to rest for now, and hopefully, she’d be able to find that person to replace Miss Franceska soon.

I took out a book from the Duke of Rubinforth’s library and began reading it…


Uhh…Maddie, why are you floating beside me?

Well, Maddie’s floating near beside me. It’s as if she’s watching me read the book, or just plain watching me. That, and with her eyes still closed. It’s kind of awkward, but I guess she should stay like that than her irritated self before. Perhaps I’d just ignore her; it must be a coincidence that she floated near me…


Hey, isn’t this too much of a coincidence? Maddie, aren’t you WAY too close to me?


I was surprised to find her eyes open and was smiling gently at me.

“I enjoy looking at your serious face, Kuro…”

“Eh?” I was surprised by that. But well, I guess there’s something else that’s bothering her, so I asked, “Is something wrong, Maddie?”

“Nothing,” she replied softly, “Uh…Kuro, c-can I…can I sit beside you?”

I moved sideways to give her a space on the bed, “Alright, here. Make yourself comfortable.”

Ah…thanks!” she smiled and stopped the floating spell to sit beside me. After that, another round of our peaceful time came once again. Or so should it be…



“I’m quite sleepy…”

“Want to lay down on the bed? I’ll take that chair over there instea—”

“No, please stay right here,” Maddie quickly caught my shirt and pulled me back to my spot, “I’m always calm when you’re around, so please.”

“…” Well, I can’t refuse those beautiful, pleading eyes, right?

But yeah, something’s off with the atmosphere between us. Or maybe it’s just my wild imagination. I mean, come on, Her Holiness couldn’t think of such ‘impure things’ that I was trying to stave off from my mind, stemming from this weird situation.

I wonder when did it come to this? She’s a holy person, for goodness’ sake!

Well, I remained in my spot and continued on with my book. Maddie sat quietly beside me, and I could feel her eyes staring in my direction. Alright, you see, it’s not like I dislike having a beautiful girl like Maddie sitting on my side, and, as long as it’s on the normal bounds of ‘healthy male-and-female relationship’, it’s fine.



Maddie just made my lap into her pillow.

“…” I couldn’t move for a few minutes because of the suddenness of this. When I came back to my senses, though, I checked if this girl was sleeping.

Well, her eyes were closed in the gentlest way possible, and her breathing was as serene as calm water…

God, this isn’t good…she’s way too defenseless!

Her Holiness’ scent was pleasant. I mean, Maddie’s pretty much careful with her image and all, but this time, she’s different from the usual. It’s as if she smelled so enticingly inviting…

Come on, don’t mind it too much, Kuro. It must be just her usual perfume.

And uh, how the hell did her skirt got jumbled like that? Her beautiful legs displayed all their glorious alabaster white and silky-smooth skin in front of me…

Ku-Kuro, stay away with your hand. This girl is just 16-years old, and you’re a responsible, 25-year-old adult now. She’s like a little sister…

Little sister…

“Onii-san…yamete…” Maddie’s beautiful erotically flustered face flashed in my mind, complete with her most suggestive posture while lying on the—

What the heck?

I quickly covered it up, lest it became a source of problem for me.

Hey, I’m a healthy guy after—fuck!

How did that—

This time, it was her blouse’s buttons that were undone. Maddie’s bare skin was already showing, and her breasts—Good lord, those ‘melons’ are about to burst!

My mind was already racing, and I could feel my heartbeat went from fast to hypersonically fast. My face—though I can’t see it without a mirror—I knew it was already blushing terribly.

Maddie, aren’t you way too unguarded with me? No matter how you look at it, I’m still a healthy 25-year-old fellow! Kuro, keep your hands off her! Not until marriage, you lust demon!

Ugh, even though I preferred seeing Maddie that way, I knew it’s disrespectful of me to touch her when she’s putting her trust in me. And I’d be dishonoring her family as well if I did that.

No! I’ll have to endure this! This is just a test!

With great difficulty and reluctance, I took a blanket and covered her with it. Well, I guess that solved it. This should calm my hear—

What the hell? Seriously, Maddie, you’re awake, right? Maddie suddenly wrapped her arms around me, all the while she’s sleeping. Makes me doubt if she’s indeed asleep, but I was in big trouble right now. I mean, her hands were all over my body, somehow inadvertently touching places that shouldn’t be touched…

Maddie, please don’t joke like that…

“Kuro…you’re so…hard…” I heard her mumble most seductively, especially that last word.

Girl, are you really asleep?

Summoning all my courage and strength, I slowly took her hands and carefully tried to remove them from my body.


But the more I try, the more Maddie wrapped her arms around me, which was made even worse when all the covers I put on her shifted by our movement and counter-movement. With all those lewd touches combined with her beautiful legs and explosive breasts, my mind was already going haywire!

Come back, my Reason!


The windows in my room exploded. And then, out of those shards of glass flying, came the palatial garden’s head maid, Lily.


“Goodness! It’s the right decision that I came looking at your place first, Mister Kuro!” she coldly greeted me, “Else, it would all be too late for Her Holiness.”

See? This is what I’m dreading at!


I didn’t know whether it’s a good thing that Lily showed up just as I was about to give in to temptation. Well, it’s good because she stopped us from ‘crossing that line’, but catching us in such a ‘compromising’ pose puts me in a bad spotlight.

By this time, Maddie was already fully awakened, and her face contorted in horror and disbelief as she watched the head maid walked menacingly towards her.

“Your Holiness, I don’t think you should flirt with Mister Kuro all the while you have important duties to do,” Lily’s hands gripped Maddie like an iron vice, so as not to let her go.

“L-L-L-L-L-Lily!” the Saint couldn’t help but stammer; her entire face was red up to her ears, “How d’you know I was fl-flirt—I mean, I’m asleep all the time!”

“Stop with the jokes, Maddie!” Lily sharply rebuked her, “The fact that you asked me how’d I know what you’re doing tells us you knew I was spying on you all along! You’re just pretending to be sleeping!”

Cold blood ran through my face. I couldn’t help but think what would happen if I gave in to my instincts…

“Good thing I intervened just in time…” The head maid looked at me with her iron-cold eyes, as if sizing me up.

Uh…come on Lily, I did my best to hold my fort.

The head maid never let go of Maddie’s hand, “Come on Your Holiness, you need to get yourself together. You still have to talk to those kings waiting for you at the palace.”

Ehhh? I don’t want to!” Maddie protested.

Huh? Those kings are already here for the congress?”

“Indeed, some of them are early,” Lily curtly answered me, before turning back to Maddie, “Your Holiness, even if you don’t like it, you still have to. You’re the only one left who commands great respect from those people. The royal majesties are already getting impatient waiting for you.”

“Let them be!” Maddie wailed and waved her hand dismissively.

“What, are you going to let your efforts go to waste?” the head maid’s expression became so frightening, and the aura around her significantly darkened, “Or do you wish for Mister Kuro to disappear?”

Err…disappear? Isn’t that too dangerous, Head Maid?

Maddie then fell silent, as if to weigh her available options. I could see from her face that she’s extremely reluctant to follow Lily, but she knew her friend spoke the truth. With no other choice, Lily finally snapped her out of her tantrums.

Lily called a few maids over to her, “Please get Her Holiness a fresh change of clothes. And don’t let her out of your sight!”

The other servants nodded in agreement and led the saint out of the room. Seeing that she had no other choice but to obey, Maddie grudgingly followed them. And then, I found myself alone with Lily.

“Head Maid?” the atmosphere was tense and awkward, so I reverted to calling Lily by her official title.

“It’s Lily, Mister Kuro, she replied, emphasizing on ‘Mister Kuro’.

However, I tried not to take notice of it, “If I may ask, did Maddie run away from her duties again?”

“You’re more than right, Mister Kuro.”

“I thought she told you to look for a replacement for Miss Franceska?”

“Lies. Maddie’s the only person left after Granny Franceska that is well-respected by most of the human kings and rulers,” Lily then gave out a long sigh, “I know it’s pretty tiring, however, as of the moment we have no other choice but to force her to do a bit more of her duties as someone trusted by many.”

“I see…” I finally understood what was going on, but there’s one thing that remained in my mind, “Head Mai—I mean, Lily?”


“What do you mean earlier by ‘disappear’?”

“Well, it is what it is,” Lily then added, “Good thing you stood your ground there, Mister Kuro. Or else, I’ll be forced to move my hand…”

Move your hand…isn’t that the same as getting me killed?

“Remember that time when we just arrived? I told you to be careful, right?”

“Yes? I controlled myself; I did nothing to Maddie!”

“If you’re concerned about my words, I’d like to ask for your understanding, Mister Kuro. I’ll just have you banished somewhere, not killed.”

Ugh…I don’t know if I’d be afraid or be happy with that. In the first place, it’s my original intention to go far from here in the end. However, if possible, I’d like not to depart here on bad terms with anyone…

“Just to be clear, it’s not you whom I worried about with limits, Mister Kuro,” sensing my anxiety, Lily explained, “It is Maddie that I’m concerned with. What you saw and experienced is the true nature of Her Holiness.”


“In case you need further confirmation, Madelaine Ann Rubinforth takes after her mother, Erika Annie Michelle, very well—a true, closet pervert. Madame Erika is Nerfes’ legendary seductress; no one in our history has equaled her skills in seducing someone. She’s reputed to possess a gentle face that no man can ever resist.”

I could only stare blankly into space as I try to understand what was revealed to me just now.

“If Madame Erika sets her eyes on someone, consider it a done deal. For that, she earned the moniker, ‘The Gentle Temptress’.”


“Think of that. And Her Holiness is her daughter…”


A holy saint. A bastion of morality in this world. A living god…


…and a true closet pervert. Daughter of a temptress.


It’s so amazingly ironic, it felt all so surreal to me. That would also explain that painting of hers that she tried to hide from me back in Fen…

Haa…what the freaking hell?

Author’s Note:  (1) The Pig War (1859).  Fought between the United States, and the United Kingdom, it was actually a border distpute, triggered by the shooting of a pig.  Though there were fights, and military movements, there were no for the poor animal.

War of the Stray Dog (1925). Bulgaria vs Greece. It was part of a long-standing rivalry between the said nations in the Balkans area of Europe. The fighting was triggered by the shooting and killing of a Greek soldier running after his dog who strayed into the Bulgarian border. The end was mediated by the League of Nations.

The Pastry War (1838-1839). France vs Mexico. Triggered by a complaint by a French pastry chef to King Louise-Philippe (who claimed that his shop was looted in 1832), the French monarch demanded compensation, which the Mexicans refused. The French invaded and forced the Mexican republic to pay reparations.

-War of the Bucket (1325). City-states of Bologna vs Modena, now part of Modern Italy. An episode in the long-standing rivalry between the supporters of the Holy Roman Emperor (Ghibellines) and the Pope (Guelphs), the war was said to have started when the Modenese stole a bucket from a Bolognese well. Modern researches say that this is quite incorrect, as the bucket was actually taken as a war trophy of the Modenese after the war, and not before it.

-War of Jenkins’ Ear (1739-1748). Britain vs Spain. Part of the larger War of the Austrian Succession, it was triggered after Captain Robert Jenkins presented himself before the British Parliament, asking them to declare war against the Spanish who cut off his ear.