Chapter 5:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

I think this was the fourth time in a row that these so-called ‘ambassadors’ and their rulers fought over something so trivial.

“Your dirty, uncivilized people crossed into our boundaries without permission! How can we just let it off like that?”

“I told you they’re just trying to get that cow that wandered into your backward territory! We meant no harm, you buffoon!”

‘Dirty’, ‘Uncivilized’, ‘Backward’, ‘Buffoon’.

I was not sure if those words should be used in diplomatic communications. Goodness, these fellows didn’t even know the meaning of ‘tact’.

Ughhh…Lady Monfort, please lead the gentlemen out. Separate those two!”

The Marquise of Monfort and her paladins quickly moved once again to calm the situation. By now, I was used to such scenes—it’s the nth time that this happened.


However, I was worried about Maddie. Though she may wear makeup, I could still see from her face the stress was taking a toll on her.

Lily was right beside her friend after the ambassadors and their rulers left the room, helping Her Holiness cope up with the situation. Maddie was inconsolable; her head remained smacked on the table before her.

The burdens of being the saint and chief mediator are more than enough for her! Who the fuck put a girl like her in this holy position in the first place?


Oh? It seemed like Maddie bounced back from her stress. She sat right up and sent Lily away. A pair of envoys were called in, followed by their respective rulers, and presented their case before the Saint.

“Your Holiness! We seek your wisdom and aid to this matter that threatens to disturb—”

“Yeah, yeah. What is it? Hurry!” Maddie interrupted the ambassador, who was speaking with her dismissive attitude.

The envoy was visibly surprised by the gesture but continued to explain, “Y-Your Holiness, if I may proceed. My liege, Duke Amos of Gentulia, owns a pair of Cerberus dogs he cherishes with all of his heart—”

“Cut out the rosy words and get to the point,” Her Holiness scowled, “What’s the problem?”

Ah, eh, uhh…yes!” the ambassador of Duke Amos fumbled, though he brought out his words in the end. “Your Holiness, the Count of Haran, Henri, harmed one of the Cerberus dogs my liege takes care of. And we seek proper compensation for such a barbaric act!”

Maddie then turned to the other envoy, that of the Count of Haran.

The ambassador of the Count of Haran then spoke in his liege’s defense, “Your Holiness, please consider. My lord is just defending himself. The Duke of Gentulia always lets his Cerberus dogs out to avoid cleaning after them! And then, one of them attacked my liege when he passed by. We demand that the Duke give us proper compensation and apology!”

Ugh…that problem reminded me of my neighbors back in my world. They’d want to take a dog in as a pet, and yet, they’re irresponsible enough to let loose that dog every damned morning to ‘do its business’ in another house’s fence.

And yeah, it just so happened that, that ‘another house’s fence’ is my house.

I guess the stupidity is the same, no matter where you are.

However, this time, it’s different. This one could lead to a ‘localized war’ between the neighboring lords, and I guess it’s not good to sacrifice your entire population just to solve an idiot’s irresponsibility.

I could tell Maddie was similarly frustrated. I mean, problems like this could—should—be solved by a more ‘local’ overlord, like a king, or a more senior noble they trust.

Yep, these idiots don’t even have to bring this to an international court.

I heard Maddie asked the envoy of the Duke of Gentulia once again, “What is it you demand from the count?”

“We would like for him to desist in making his unreasonable demands and allow my liege’s Cerberus to roam freely.”

That’s a stupid demand, it made little sense!

“And what does your lord want to demand?” Her Holiness turned to the ambassador of the Count of Haran.

“We ask for proper compensation and an apology. And no, we will not allow such dangerous monsters to roam our lands just for the sake of convenience of one person.”

Yeah, I think their side has reasonable demands.

“Monsters?” the Duke of Gentulia himself roused from his chair indignantly, “You don’t know what you’re talking about! Those majestic creatures are worth more than all of your fief’s assets combined, Count!”

“Well, indeed!” the Count of Haran countered, sidelining his envoy, “But, I don’t care how much is the worth of your horrible monsters! What I do care about is that you’re infringing on my fief!”

Oh, good lord, here we go again.

“Can you even last a war against me? You speak as if you can!”

“What, would you like to see if I could? If yes, throw your gloves at me!”



Her Holiness’ voice rang around the four corners of the room where the congress was taking place. Everyone inside was silent, even us, the audience. We surely didn’t expect that a gentle person such as the saint herself would be capable of shouting that loud…

Maddie put all of her frustrations on that scream just now.

The two envoys, along with their feuding lords, stopped at their bickering. The Marquise of Monfort, even without permission from Her Holiness, dashed in with her paladins to separate the two camps. It’s good that Maddie forbade weapons in here; at least, these hotheads would have no means to strike fatally at one another and trigger an irreversible chain of events.

Lily lost no time in calming the Saint. From where I sat, I could tell that Maddie was frustrated, and I guess a few more provocations, and she’d finally break down.


I guess I need to step up.


Lily called in the other maids waiting outside and asked them to fetch something for her. Meanwhile, at the time they were doing their task, she appeased Maddie.

“Your Holiness, I think it’s time you take a break for a while,” I heard her pleas, “It’s not good for you to continue, please…”

However, Maddie was silent. Her hands were trembling, and her face was red with anger. Sir Simon also stood up, about to come to Her Holiness’ side, when a maid blocked us and asked the crowd to exit the congress venue. Not wishing to create more trouble, Sir Simon obliged, but not until he gave me a tap at my shoulder.

Yep, he’s entrusting Maddie to me.

So, without further ado, I pushed my way towards Maddie and Lily.

“Lily!” I called out to her, “Let Maddie rest for a while.”

“Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do right now,” Lily replied, “But she won’t move.”

Well, I could understand Her Holiness’ reaction. She’s utterly frustrated with herself. For the record, ever since she took over as the mediator from Granny Franceska, she solved only a handful of cases presented before her. Most of the complaints ended up having to separate the opposing parties, for they nearly grabbed each other’s throats.

I quickly gave Maddie a head pat as I rubbed her shoulders.

“There, there. It can’t be helped, Your Holiness,” I consoled her, “Humans are troublesome creatures, and they won’t give in to others’ demands that easy. But you did your best.”


I could see tears flow from her eyes. Yep, I guess I was on the right track; Her Holiness was frustrated at the results of the negotiations.

“Hey, can I ask you to take a break for a while? This is getting into you, and it’s not good,” I gently whispered to Maddie.

She replied with a nod.

Finally getting the Saint’s approval, I turned to Lily, “Could you bring her to her bedroom? She needs time off.”

Lily answered with a curt nod and asked the other maids to assist her. We slowly assisted Maddie in standing up, and they escorted her out of the room.

Man, humans are troublesome…


For several ‘days’ since that incident at the congress, Maddie never appeared to anyone. Not even once. Nor was I summoned for her exercise routine, and she didn’t drop a visit to my room.

Well, I doubt she will, after that ‘seduction’ episode.

The Holy Congress was put to a halt. The human kings and their delegations were left waiting for the next developments on the condition of the Saint, and while they were genuinely concerned, some were getting bored and irritated.

After all, they couldn’t leave the Holy Palatial Gardens and go back to their respective lands until Her Holiness declared so.

I didn’t know what were the measures Maddie and her servants put in place if this event happens, but things were about to go haywire. Rival nobles were quick to stir up fights and arguments, and their guard retinues would often add to the chaos by backing their lord (which was normal, given the situation). The palace paladins were forced to go double on duty to enforce the peace and separate the troublesome fellows for a while.

Yep, Maddie’s presence is needed here, as soon as possible.


But yes, I guess Her Holiness badly needed a break. After all, she’s too young to burden herself with the problems of the adults. At her age, she should just think about her favorite ‘K-pop’ band, or concern herself with handsome boys that she’d come across on her social media account.

Well, of course, if Maddie’s on Earth, that is.

Anyway, I tried coming over to Her Holiness’ room to check on her, but the maid assigned at her door told me she didn’t want any visitors as of the moment—no one could enter her chamber, save for a few ‘necessities’.

Of course, I wouldn’t force my way in. But honestly, Maddie’s been worrying about me. Here I think she might’ve relapsed to her depression once again, or she’d binge-eat and cannot take care of herself just like before.


Seriously, I felt useless—as a friend and her fiancée. I couldn’t even help Maddie when she’s at her waterloo. And Lily’s no help either; she just kept on saying that her friend’s all fine and okay in her usual cold, steely voice.

That’s not reassuring.

And so, I guess I’d try to check once again.


I was surprised to see Lily on my way to the Saint’s room. Likewise, it seemed like she was also startled to meet me there as well. However, just as she was the head maid, Lily quickly recovered her composure and gave me a polite bow before asking me…

“I believe I forbid any visits to Her Holiness, Mister Kuro?”

Uhm…Lily…” I tried to keep up the conversation. There were a lot of things in my mind that needed to be answered, “How’s Maddie?”

Lily replied with her usual answer, “Her Holiness is all fine as of this moment. There’s no need for you to be troubled. Now if you’ll please refrain yourself from seeing her…”


Well, even though I had my doubts over Lily’s words, I guess there won’t be any progress if I pry much further. Think of it as if you’re trying to open a secure money safe with just a crowbar. It’s virtually impossible! The persistent feeling that she’s only making light of a serious problem remained, though.

I guess I’m unnecessary. I’m an outsider in this matter, anyway.

However, I also felt that this was the right time to tell Lily something I should’ve said before. “Uh…Lily?”

“Is there anything else you need, Mister Kuro?”

Well, I did not know how Cherseans express their most sincere apology, so I devised one using the best knowledge that I knew.

“!!!” I bowed low—almost kowtowing—before Lily, with hands clasped as if I was in a prayer…

“Lily, whatever I did to upset you, please,” I tried to let out the bottled-up feelings in my chest, “I apologize. I know you’re angry at me for a long time now, but if possible, I don’t want our friendship to end.”

Lily remained silent, perhaps taken aback by my sudden gesture. However, I never moved in my position, not even daring to raise my head. Here’s to me hoping that she’d take pity and see the sincerity in my actions, and forgive me for whatever sin I did to her.


Well, it’s awkward now that a relatively long time had already elapsed without me getting any response from her. But I was determined to fix everything, right here and now!



“!!!” I quickly raised my head the moment I heard another familiar voice. Much to my surprise, Maddie was standing before me instead of Lily.

Eh? Where’s Lily?”

Hm? Lily?” Maddie looked around warily as if she’s hiding from someone, “I haven’t seen her around, and it’d be better if we don’t meet each other for now.”

Huh? Did you guys fight?”

“Fight?” Her Holiness shook her head, “No, it’s not like that. But I feel that Lily’s getting more worked up lately, and she’s being way too restrictive towards me. So, when I found an opportunity, I escaped my room.”

Escaped? Why do I feel like things were getting complicated? Ah, fuck that! I had to check on my fiancée.

“I-I’m fine now!” Maddie was flustered, perhaps she’s reading my mind once again, “A-anyway, give me your hand!”

Huh? Why?”

“Actions first, questions later!” Her Holiness didn’t even let me prepare myself. Maddie wasted no time in grabbing my hand; she then uttered the teleport spell.

My vision quickly became blurred and eventually went white.


Ah…yes, so that’s the experience of ‘Teleport’. When Maddie first used that spell on me, I wasn’t able to focus on its effects since I was trying to hurry towards Lily, back when I mistook she was about to jump from the roof before. But now that everything’s relaxed, I could tell that using teleport was something that one should take time to get used to.

I mean, it seemed cool at a glance. However, you’d feel woozy and dizzy if you’re not that well-acquainted with its effects.

It took me quite some time before I could get hold of myself. Fortunately, I didn’t throw up, or it’ll be embarrassing for Maddie.

“You alright?” I heard her ask me.

I silently nodded.

“Whew!” Maddie then chuckled, “I almost got caught!”

Hm? Got caught? By whom?”


“Lily?” I was surprised about that, “Why? Did you do something wrong with her?”

Hmm…not really,” Maddie had a mischievous smile on her, “As I’ve said before, she’s getting restrictive towards me lately. She kept on forbidding things around me, like eating too much, or staying up late to read books.”

“Isn’t that right? I mean, those are good things to do.”

“Well, of course, it is,” Maddie pouted, “But what ticked me off is that Lily forbid me to see you.”

Ha? Why?”

“Well, I know that she’s annoyed at you,” Her Holiness dropped that nonchalantly, “But other than that, I can think of nothing else.”

Err…do you know the reason?”

Uhm…well, I do…but, I doubt I should tell it to you…”


Whoa! Calm down, Mister!” Maddie laughed, “I think Lily’s the best person to tell her problems to you, so you guys can talk it out.”

Ah…yes, indeed she is. But she won’t talk to me.

“I’m working on it,” Her Holiness told me, “So please bear with her for a while. Lily’s heart is as fragile as mine, just like other girls. But I’m sure she doesn’t want to hate you; I mean, she’s like that because—” Maddie quickly stopped her mouth from speaking by covering it.


The Saint shook her head furiously, and won’t tell me anything about that. She just ended her talk with, “Just wait for Lily to talk to you.”

Well, I guess that did it. It lifted the heavy feeling in my chest, even if it’s just for a little.


Silence ruled between us after that…


When Maddie teleported me, I didn’t expect that we’d eventually appear some place outside the Holy Palatial Gardens. I didn’t know where this was; all that I could say was that this place where we arrived was beautiful and relaxing.


Maddie and I just stared at the wide, grassy plain in front of us, occasionally interrupted by a few trees. The azure sky met with the green horizon far from where we stood, and the gentle blow of the wind made me forget my worries for a while.

I don’t know such a place existed in this world.

“Haaa…” I heard Maddie stretched out. It’s been a while since I saw her this happy; I mean, her face was bright once again, compared to what she looked before.

“I like this place,” I commented.

“So do I,” Her Holiness replied, “This is where I always go whenever I feel I should let out some steam. In case you don’t know, this plain is in the kingdom of Amaranth, several leagues away from the Holy Palatial Gardens.”

“I see…” I nodded, “Well, I guess it’s fine. Just don’t forget to finish your duties when you finally rested.”

Oh, come on!” she laughed playfully, “What’s wrong with taking a break for a while? Didn’t you tell me that before?”

“Well, nothing wrong with it,” I shrugged, “Unless you piss off the wrong person…”

Maddie then fell silent and her face went deathly pale. Annoying the hell out of Lily wasn’t a joke, and this playful girl beside me knew that fact more than I.

Haha…w-well, I’ll go back once I get my rest,” she stubbornly declared.

“Of course,” I strictly replied, “And besides, I don’t think you can go around wearing those types of clothes. I mean, aren’t you cold with that?”

“!!!” Maddie’s face turned red when she realized that she only had her undergarments on.

Laughing quietly, I gave her my coat to wear and cover herself.

“P-pervert,” Maddie said, “You took time when you could’ve just given me your coat immediately.”

“Of course,” I jokingly replied, “When someone as beautiful as you looked like that, I guess I can’t keep a complete hold on my sanity. I’d take an eyeful, at least; I’m a healthy man after all.”

Maddie had no retort for that one. She just sat beside me, completely quiet and sheepish. I guess she didn’t read my mind to know that I was joking with that, huh?

“Well, half-joking, Kuro. I only let you off because I trust you.”

Yep. My bad, she is reading my mind the entire time…

Fortunately, this place had no people passing through, or it’d be a problem if they saw their Saint all in her ‘almost-naked’ glory.

“Honestly, I don’t feel like going back to the palatial gardens for the meantime…” Maddie suddenly popped up a conversation.

“Eh?” I was surprised to hear that coming from her. By well, from the sounds of it, I guess Maddie’s all exhausted and stressed by the daily demands of her responsibilities as a saint. Maybe I should just let her be for a while…

But yeah, definitely we had to return; she had no other clothes with her.

“Yes, I know. But can we just stay here for a little more?” she pleaded.

“No probs. Take all the time you need.”

She quickly sat down and brought out a canvas from somewhere, as well as her usual art materials. The Saint then motioned me to sit beside her; maybe inviting me to watch her as she drew her artwork? I guess I’d oblige.


Well, it’s not like I could force her to go back. I mean, she just went through some difficult moments before—that heartbreak with Sir Simon, the tournament and her family, and that congress thing. Of course, with all of that happening in just a short period, it wasn’t surprising that Maddie’s all feeling burned out and exhausted.

I would go insane if I’m in her place.

Good thing Maddie’s mental condition was formidable. She may stumble and struggle, but definitely, she’s holding out well.

A little time for a break wouldn’t hurt…

We were once again silent for quite a while. I could just hear the wind blew gently through us, interrupted from time to time by the sound of her brushstrokes against the cloth canvas, and it felt pleasant.

Ah, Kuro…” it was Maddie who eventually spoke up.

“Y-Yep? You are done with your work?”

“Well…” Maddie had an embarrassed, yet lovely expression on her face, “Uhm…you see, I…uh…

I tried looking at the canvas she’s working on, but Her Holiness quickly hid it. She was red.

Ah…never mind…” Maddie quickly drew back.

“What?” there was a sarcastic tone in my voice, “You’re drawing me nude again?”

Maddie’s jolt was clear; my hunch was right. Well, after all that happened before, I shouldn’t be surprised. Knowing the subject of her art was enough for me. Maddie’s paintings were a treat for one’s eyes, but I didn’t think I’d like the idea of staring at my nakedness, anyway. It’s extremely awkward…

Man…Her Holiness has that one-of-a-kind imagination.

Hmph! Don’t make a mistake; I’m only like this to the man I love.”

Haha…of course,” I guess being an object of your lover’s erotic fantasies wasn’t that bad. For someone who had been single for his entire life up to now, having someone who liked you unconditionally was pleasant but was unsettling in its own way…


…especially if that person always undresses you in her mind.

Still, what was she doing with those ‘naked’ portraits of me? Didn’t she have nightmares with those around?

“Y-You’re wrong!”

“Wrong? Why?”

“I never had nightmares with you, Kuro! I…I always dream of you around. You know…uhm…” Maddie’s red up to her ears, and it’s cute to watch her squirm uncomfortably as she struggled to say what she has in mind, “You see, I…I-I l-love to think…th-that, we’re both…lying in…one bed. And then, we…k-k-ki-kiss…kissweholdeachotheraswestarttoundressandyoufondlemybre—

Hold on, I guess I had to cut this talk because it’s heading in a weird direction. I could see a lot of steam coming out from Maddie’s head as she spurted out weird situations in a rapid, ‘machine-gun-like’, manner.

And boy, hearing those lewd words from her ‘holy’ mouth felt like a dream. But well, honestly, I find it amusing, as well as relatable. I mean, I never thought I could control myself from doing those things with Maddie as well, if I was in my younger teenage years.

“And those…are the things I dream of doing with you, Kuro!” Maddie said in-between her breaths. It’s difficult to tell everything in one sitting using the ‘machine-gun’ method. She was panting terribly, but I felt that there’s something erotic about the way she did it.

Haha…that’s quite bold of you.” Good lord, I hated to admit it, but hearing her do that was getting me ‘in the mood’. I needed to put a stop to this, “Aren’t you mistaking daydreams from dreams?”

“Of course not!” Maddie countered, “If anything…”


The Saint set aside her canvas and with all of her might; she pushed me down, throwing her weight on my body as we fell down on the soft grass.

“…if you like it, how about we make my dreams a reality?”

I could hear my heart beat wildly as I watched Maddie bit her lips in a rather lewd way. She slowly caressed my face, with her fingers tracing my form erotically. To add to my woes, the soft sensation of her breasts pressing against mine was just…heavenly!

K-Kuro…y-your self-control!

My mind was going blank; her face was so beautiful at the moment, and she smelled so sweet and nice that I already found my hands about to touch her…


Huh? What happened?” Her Holiness was bewildered when I deliberately forced my hand and pulled it away from her.

“I’m sorry…” I guess my face was also red in embarrassment. But yes, I believe this was for the best, at least for now, “I think we should wait until we get married. I don’t want to destroy the trust your father and siblings gave me.”

Maddie was quiet. She was also flustered, and when she realized what we’re about to do, she immediately got off from me and sat back on her spot, “Y-You’re right!”

“I’m sorry…”

“No! Don’t be!” the Saint laughed nervously, “I also let my urges get ahead of me! Haha…

Well, at least I’d like to respect Maddie. Though I had my desires, I’d want to put the best of the person I love before my urges and needs.

“Yes…I understand,” I heard her say. Perhaps she’s reading my thoughts again. Though I could sense the regret in her voice, I could also feel the respect and love in her eyes as Maddie looked at me, “But Kuro, since we have to wait until marriage, can I ask something from you instead?”

Oh? What is it?” I smirked while watching her get all shy and squirmy once again.

“…pat…” I heard her mutter.


“…he…” she leaned her head towards me.

“Would you want a head-pat?” I asked, quite amused.

Maddie silently nodded, all red in embarrassment, “Is…it okay?”

“Why not?” with my other free arm, I moved to grant her request. However, her hand quickly caught mine and stopped me from doing what I intend to do.

“No, not yet.”

Huh?” I was a bit confused.

“Not yet. At least, not for now,” Maddie explained, “I want your head pat now; it puts me at ease. But, well, I can’t do it at this moment.”

Oh, alright…?” Well, I didn’t know what she meant by that, but I guess I’d just oblige.

“But Kuro…will you give me one once I finish from the Holy Congress?”

“Well, of course, I will!” I answered. If Maddie wants to, I’d give her head pats all day, for as long as she wanted it.


Eventually, no matter how much we wanted to stay, all good things must end.


Reluctantly, I closed my eyes to avoid getting all woozy and dizzy once again after we teleport. And then I heard Maddie utter her teleport spell.


The next thing we knew, we’re back at the Holy Palatial Gardens, inside my room.

Ah, thanks for your time, Kuro,” Maddie smiled gently.

“Yes, it’s my pleasure, Your Holiness!” I bowed before my fiancée. The Saint gently squeezed my hand, and I reciprocated it by caressing her face. After making sure that she’s all fine, I led Maddie towards the door.

And then, just as when she was about to go…

Ah, Kuro!”


“Can we go back there sometime?”

I smiled at her and nodded. I admire this girl, and it’s hard to say ‘no’ to such a pure-hearted request. Maybe I’d also bring her a gift once we visit that place again. Yeah, so that’s why I need to find a job!

“Wow, you sure took your sweet time.”


My heart froze when I heard that cold, steely, and sarcastic voice from somewhere. Turning around, I saw Lily standing behind me, leaning her back on the walls of my room. Maddie was shocked and unable to move as well.

“L-Lily!? What are you doing in here?” Her Holiness blurted out.

“Well, I’ve been here for quite some time now,” the head maid revealed, “It’s just that, you’re both so engrossed flirting with each other that you didn’t notice me.”


“Anyway…” Lily turned to her friend, “…I did forbid you to come and see Mister Kuro, Your Holiness. I was wondering what are you doing here?”


Maddie was left speechless by the suddenness of the situation. So, I answered for her, “Come on Lily, what’s wrong with Maddie taking a break for a while? You also saw her breakdown at the congress, right?”

“Well, of course, Her Holiness did nothing wrong with the break,” Lily countered, “But you see, she couldn’t afford to flirt around when all the kings of this land are waiting for her to come by. And you’re tolerating her irresponsible attitude, Mister Kuro!”

Huh? I’m just saying that she needs a break!” I explained, taking great care not to escalate the tension between me and the head maid, “Nothing else happened between us.”

“Well, it should,” Lily replied, “We don’t want further distractions that can cause further problems, Mister Kuro. I hope you’re mature enough to understand that.”

“Of course—”

“Kuro’s got nothing to do with this!” Maddie finally spoke up, not bothering to hide her anger, “Are you accusing him of seducing me?”

“N-No…” I could tell that the head maid was taken aback, “I never said that…it’s just that—” There’s a horrified look on Lily’s face, and she was trying to avoid my eyes.

Don’t tell me…she suspected me of such things!

Maddie was indignant, however, “I was the one who came to him and asked him to go with me!”

“Your Holiness, for your good, I recommend that we have this man—”

“I won’t allow it!” the Saint was resolute, “Kuro’s been a big help to me, so I can’t bear the thought of banishing him!”

Banish? Isn’t that way too harsh for me? I mean, I was useless and all, but couldn’t they be a little gentler for an otherworlder like me?

“And what about our help and devotion to you?” Lily finally snapped, “Don’t you know that your tantrums have caused us problems for a while now? You have the responsibilities that you put up with yourself, and yet, you can’t even finish what you started!”

“Do you even know what I feel?” Her Holiness screamed at the top of her lungs, at that moment, I thought she turned into a normal, angry teenager.

However, Lily wouldn’t be pushed around, so she countered, “Of course I don’t! I’m not you; the holy, well-liked you!”

Maddie fell silent with that. Just by looking at her, I guess she realized something horrible after what the head maid told her.

“For goodness’ sake, Maddie, grow up!”

Uh…please calm down—” I guess it’s time for me to diffuse the situation.

“No, I won’t calm down!” Lily continued in her rants; I was unnerved by her seething anger. It’s like, the maid before us wasn’t the head maid anymore, “You’ve been a headache for us now, Madelaine Ann Rubinforth! We’ve been devoted to you for a long time now, working hard, and suffering badly; trying our best to be of service to you! And yet, your favor rests with this stranger—a nobody—from another world? Where’s the justice in that?”

That… hurts to hear. It felt like my heart’s being slowly squeezed out of my chest.

“Stop it, Lilyhaven Tamriel von Leese!” Maddie’s equally enraged by now, “You speak as if you’re one to talk, and yet, these that you’re saying is because you’re utterly jealous that I was engaged to him! Do you think I can’t read your thoughts as well?”


Now it was Lily’s turn to fall silent…and me as well.


The head maid’s face was red. After what Maddie said, I didn’t know if it’s still because of anger, or something else. But her eyes were getting wet from the tears that were about to fall. Her body was shivering, and her fists were clenched.

Uh…head maid…I’m sorry—” I tried to console her, but Lily slapped my hand away.

“No,” the head maid’s voice was shaking, and her body was shivering as well. However, what’s notable was that her tone towards me changed to a mellow one, “M-Mister Kuro, please don’t apologize…”

I could say nothing else. I wanted to at least give her a pat on the back.

Maddie’s got a horrible look on her face as well, and yet she stopped herself from saying anything else. Perhaps she realized her mistake when she blurted out her friend’s secret. Her angry expression vanished altogether, and it’s as if she wanted to rush to her friend’s side and hug her tight.


Well, I could understand Her Holiness’ actions. It’s a ‘spur of the moment’ anger.

“H-Head maid…”

Lily drew a bittersweet smile on her lips as her eyes cried, “Ah! Don’t worry about it. I…I accomplished nothing good in my life, anyway.”


It’s heartbreaking to hear those words from the aloof, and reliable, head maid of the Holy Palatial Gardens. No, I believed, what’s even more painful was that she’s our friend, and for her to say that statement…

Damn…I failed as a good friend to Lily.


The head maid never waited for us to say anything. She just brought out her usual ‘maidservant smile’, bowed politely before Her Holiness, and retreated outside the room like nothing happened—all of those with tears falling uncontrollably from her eyes.

We can’t sleep during that time…