Chapter 8:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

Once upon a time, there lived a prince and his wife. Together with his father, the king, they ruled the kingdom wisely and justly. The land was prosperous and its people were happy and content. However, with everything granted to them, there was one thing that they lack…

The couple wanted a child.

And so, the prince went with his wife and prayed ceaselessly to the Saint. It would take a long time, but in the end, Divine Providence finally bless them with not one, but two children—twins.

They named the boy who was the first to come and so is the older one, Arthur; for his father had said, “He’ll be a bastion of courage and nobility for our kingdom.” The younger twin—a girl, was given with the name Lilyhaven, for her mother declared, “She will be a sanctuary of purity and innocence….”

And so, the young prince and the little princess, Arthur and Lilyhaven, were born.

The two children grew up in a happy household. Arthur, true to his calling, had displayed a natural talent for being a leader. Lilyhaven was educated in the art of keeping a home and how to become an exemplary mother.

However, Lily’s interest also lies with Arthur’s. As the brother was an exceptional swordsman, she would have him teach her the basics of swinging the sword. In military campaigns, the sister would also accompany her father and Arthur; though she’d be allowed to watch the battle, she would often be placed in the relative safety of the rear line.

Nonetheless, the twins both excelled in their official education.

It would take some time, but eventually, the moment of their Holy Baptism came around. Their grateful, and proud, parents presented them before the Great Saint of Chersea, who placed her hands on their heads. When Lilyhaven, followed by Arthur, kneeled, the Divine Revelation then came to Her Holiness…

“Two come out from the mighty North,

One would prosper, and the other would sally forth.

Bastion of nobility, warrior of renown,

The second is of infamy, hearts would only frown.

Courageous and swift, the first smite the foe

But Death awaits the one who holds the bow…”

The joyous occasion then came to a sudden halt upon hearing the prophecy. The people who were present were all shocked, and the princely couple had to console their children. The Saint was left speechless; but, what can she do? It was the words of the gods, and not hers.

And so, with that said, the twins’ grandfather, the king, immediately proclaimed that bows would be forbidden in the entire kingdom. This led to a food shortage, caused by the inability of hunters to hunt because of the ban to use a bow. With hunting effectively out, wild animals multiplied, and those who ate plants consumed the farm vegetation. This worsened the famine. The people became resentful and angry, and it led to riots.

Arthur was forbidden to even touch an arrow. He was the kingdom’s ‘bastion of nobility’, and his potential as the ‘warrior of renown’ was fully set.

Meanwhile, Lilyhaven was looked at with disdain after the prophecy. As the second of the twins, the people around her had seen her as the one who would bring forth calamity and death to the land. Knowing that she has the same interest as her brother, the prince and his wife initially tried to take Lilyhaven away from the matters of the military. However, Lily’s stubbornness eventually caused her to fall out of favor in her parents’ eyes.

It wouldn’t be long before the young princess would be viewed as an ‘unlucky’ female twin.

But even in such a condition, Arthur and Lilyhaven became closer as twin siblings. Arthur, though full of royal obligations, would never miss an opportunity to visit his sister—even if he had to cancel some prior commitments. In time, he became her ’father-’ and ’mother-’ figure; and he’d always give her advice regarding her problems, like that one incident…

“Lily, remember that not all boys who say they love you really mean that. You should look into their actions, rather than words!” Arthur told Lily when he saw her around with some boys trying to get near her.

“Huh? What do you mean by those, brother?”

“Well, I can always say to you ‘I’m fine’ when in reality, I’m not,” Arthur explained, “So is with the others. Heh, us boys would always try to put our best foot forward when courting a girl. So, appearances and words could be deceiving.”

“I see…then, how can I tell when a boy is seriously in love with me?”

“Hmm…about that, there are many ways. But you know, one of those is a boy who truly loves you will always give you the respect you deserve. Not only during the ‘courting’ but most especially, on the time he has got your sweet ‘yes’.”


“Yep. And a serious boy would also be willing to give way and sacrifice for you. Well, you see, we won’t do it to anyone unless we’re already investing emotionally, which can only be done because we’re serious. You can tell that when he always listens, or at least, tries to listen to you.”

“Wow…you sure know a lot!”

“Hehe! Of course! I’m your reliable big bro, right?” Arthur smirked, “I’m willing to fight wars again and again just to protect my cute little sister!”


Lilyhaven became sick because of her parents’ lack of care. The poor treatment from the other members of the royal family did not help her situation as well, for they constantly monitored her private affairs, seeking every reason to blame any misfortune on her.

And then, one time, someone gave her a cursed apple.

That apple caused her sickness no one could easily cure, as the curse killed her slowly. As seasons passed, Lily’s sufferings and distress only grew, and she progressively became weaker and weaker…

Because she’s always sick, Arthur would be the only one around to nurse her. Not even the servants of their household would come near, for fear that they would ‘catch’ her misfortune.

And then, one time…

“Hey, Lily! I have an idea!”


“Since you’re always getting sick, why don’t you train with me again?” Arthur suggested, “Remember, when you’re playing with me with the sword, you’re healthy back then!”

Lilyhaven asked, “But with this weak body, how can I do that?”

“Don’t worry!” Arthur proudly declared, “I’ve thought of this for a while now, so I came prepared! With the knights’ help, I created a sword-style especially for you!”


“Yes! I call it the Lilyhaven swordsmanship style.”