Chapter 2:


Saga from Zero Land

Escelean ran with his wife Serena, running away from the mafia who wanted to ask to return their money, since 5 years after the war, Escelean who was once a noble from the demon race could only owe a debt to provide the life of his wife and their child who was in Serena's womb.Bookmark here

A demon nobleman no longer had the right to his land and all his property was confiscated by the Holy State of Eendarion, as well as the Escelean he was stripped of all the nobility titles he got from his large family, the Reduix family, an influential family before the war broke out caused by the intervention of the Nationalist Movement for Demon.Bookmark here

The Nationalist Movement for Demon itself is chaired by Auximilian Xecer, an anti-racist and equality movement activist, the Reduix family is a family that upholds the honor of demons and fully supports the movement led by Auximilian.Bookmark here

"They are all our hopes, and I 'Edoselia Reduix' as the current head of the Reduix family will help the Auximilian struggle and all its partners fight for the rights of all Demon in this world." -that's the proclamation uttered by the head of the Reduix family who is also the father of Escelean.Bookmark here

The heads of other noble families who attended the evening's ceremony also cheered and fully supported the path chosen by the Reduix family, before they all fell into ruin due to the war declared by Auximilian and their associates.Bookmark here

The Secilin family is a family that is not very influential in politics in this world, but their family is one of the biggest donors of their wealth in the struggle for equality and peace between races in the Dementius country, a multi-racial country that belongs to the world political system.Bookmark here

"Escelean, I've made a proposal for you to marry the daughter of the Secilin family" - while drinking his wine at the declaration party, Edoselia tells Escelean his youngest son to marry the daughter of the Secilin family.Bookmark here

"Wait a minute, what do you mean Father?", Confusedly, Escelean answered his father's statement with a question.Bookmark here

"Didn't you hear what I said just now? Why can't you understand like your other brothers and sisters". - Don't compare me to them, you weird parents - Escelean has always been compared to his brothers who are successful in the world of politics and business who have raised the Reduix family honor.Bookmark here

"That's not what I mean Father, but haven't you already agreed on my relationship with Princess Ferili from the Gerona Family, even I've prepared a whole grand wedding for that". The Gerona family itself is one of the three branches of the Reduix family, Escelean and one of the Gerona family's daughters, Ferili, were previously matched.Bookmark here

"Yes, from what you know, I canceled the matchmaking, and I will match Gerona's own daughter to your brother Helian, and according to the decision, the daughter of the Secilin family will be matched with you as a form of our diplomatic relationship with the noble family of the country of Dementius". Edoselia casually shared information, which according to Escelean himself was a one-sided decision that was approved by him.Bookmark here

"B-but why father? Isn't at the beginning you are already happy with our match?".Bookmark here

"SHUT UP AND MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL FOR THIS FAMILY! I ALREADY HARD TAKE CARE OF YOU SO THAT YOU CAN BE USED, DON'T MAKE ME TO REMOVE YOUR NAME FROM THE REDUIX FAMILY LIST!". With a loud sound and hit the dining table in front of him, Edoselia yelled at Escelean, who was confused by his one-sided decision.Bookmark here

Because of the loud noise earlier, all the guests present were shocked and all their gazes were fixed on the father and son who were fighting over the differences. 'uh why is that?' 'isn't the kid from the Reduix family' - all the guests present showed a cynical look to Escelean who was fighting against his father, of course all the guests present must have supported his father side and not Escelean who was the embodiment of the failure of the Reduix family regeneration.Bookmark here

"ahem, stop all your nonsense and go with the flow, I won't repeat it twice, so make yourself useful to this family". Edoselia turned her face and stepped away from Escelean who was shaken by the stern statement from his father, he could only be silent and answer 'Yes Father'.Bookmark here

An annoyed Escelean came out of the hall room and could only show his frustration in his mind, when he was walking outside he saw his older brother Helian and Ferili laughing happily together and it seemed that Ferili herself was happier with his older brother Helian than him.Bookmark here

His heart was broken that night -then what did you mean by your words about our relationship which was like fate, you bitch- that's what he thought now, jealousy, resentment, and betrayal by his own family.Bookmark here

Serena is sitting in the backyard of her family's sizable house looking at the leaves of the cherry trees that fall in the fall of the country of Dementius, a crowd opens the sliding backyard door, the man is Serena's father and also the head of the family, of the Secilin family, his form. Of medium height with jet black hair and characteristic pointy ears and white balls with a red-black retina. The man known as Aleyniks Secilin sits next to his daughter Serena.Bookmark here

"Hello, Serena!"Bookmark here

"Hello Father, what's wrong? Why is your face showing a smile that can't be called happiness? your aura today is quite gloomy". Serena has the ability to see someone's aura and predict something that other people can't see even though the predictions are often a bit off the mark, but in reading the aura she is number one.Bookmark here

"Haha, how great you are Serena, my pride in you is increasing, your strength is the hope of this family Serena, and I will always love you no matter what!"Bookmark here

"Enough father, your compliment is too heavy for me to bear all my life, and it seems there is one important thing you want to tell me". With a smile, Serena returned the flattery of her father.Bookmark here

"Hah ~ alright, even though your father really loves you Serena".Bookmark here

"Serena, you know the Reduix family from the Western Empire of Gromenia?" Aleyniks asked Serena first so that there would be no misunderstanding between the two of them.Bookmark here

"Of course I know Dad". Serena replied sternlyBookmark here

"Good then, therefore--" Before his father gave an answer to Serena, either because of the power of his intuition or somehow he cut off his father's answer.Bookmark here

"You're going to marry me off to their family's youngest son right? As a form of diplomatic form of this country with their country, is that true, right father?". Aleyniks was taken aback by Serena's words.Bookmark here

From the very beginning of her birth, he did know that Serena had great intuitive power, it was all told by the holy man who helped her mother give birth, 'this child is MIRAIPERZON' that's what the holy man said, from the ancient Elenardoan language 'MIRAIPERZON' means peoples who have knowledge of the future.Bookmark here

"Yes, and that's the news I want to tell you, and one important thing is that I never forbid you to refuse this request! I will support whatever it is your decision! ". With great anxiety and love for Serena, Aleyniks told Serena what was in his head, even though he said he would support Serena, but deep inside Aleyniks hoped Serena would reject the proposal.Bookmark here

"Then I will marry him!" Aleyniks was surprised by Serena's stern words, he was confused why Serena did not reject him, because his daughter loves freedom and not being restrained.Bookmark here

"Are you sure about this Serena?" A surprised Aleyniks tries to confirm Serena's decision again.Bookmark here

"Yes father, anything for the sake of this family and dad I will do what I can,". -It's not like that Serena, you should reject it. I hope you say that. Aleyniks hopes about Serena's refusal don't materialize. The inner conflict between her brain and her heart occurs.Bookmark here

Since the death of his wife, the mother of Serena, Aleyniks vowed to protect Serena no matter what, and if Serena now accepts the proposal, Aleyniks' feelings will be very sad and feel very lonely, because the child he loves the only one must become a political tool between countries.Bookmark here

Serena held his father's hand, "Father, don't be sad I will always love you no matter what, and this time it is a form of my love for you, I will do anything for the sake of this father and family". Aleyniks shed tears and hugged Serena, crying like a child.Bookmark here

'Hwahh, even though you can refuse it, I really love you my daughter who I loved since birth'. Serena was shocked and could only laugh as her father cried against her wound.Bookmark here

Serena's consideration was not solely for marrying a well-known family, but the power of her intuition told her that if she rejected this proposal her family would be destroyed, and her father would be handed over as a sacrifice by making her a traitor to the country.Bookmark here

It is no secret that the Secilin family has special rights and is the true heir of the Dementius state which still upholds an inter-racial monarchy, currently, the power is held by a noble family of the human race, namely the Jeneva dynasty, for a hundred years after the war of unification of the country, House Jeneva Reigned as the leader of the Dementius Kingdom, and now the country has been modernized so science has developed and the true heir to the kingdom can be known, and the one who has the right to inherit is the Secilin family, even though they are the top brass of this country covering this secret, one day everyone will Know and a big rebellion will occur by the Secilin family loyalists, so how do they try to get rid of the Secilin Family from this country.Bookmark here

"Enough father, then when will the show be held?" Serena takes a hug from her father to decide her wedding ceremony at the title.Bookmark here

"Yes, it is likely that the event will be held next month, and a week from now we will have a meeting with the Reduix family, until next month the event will be held".Bookmark here

A week passed Serena and her father along with the loyalists of the Secilin family went to the western Empire to hold a banquet before the wedding, this is one of the noble cultures since the dark era that has been passed down from generation to generation to the modern era until now.Bookmark here

When Serena's party arrives at the banquet, Serena meets her future husband Escelean, she notices Escelean's aura and his aura looks very dark and tense, -I have to endure all this for the sake of father and family- that's what Serena had in mind until a month later and the wedding took place.Bookmark here

"I DON'T MARRYING YOU BECAUSE OF LOVE, YOU STUPID WOMAN!". Escelean slapped Serena so hard that she left a blue bruise on her cheek, Serena, who at that time still thought that she had to endure all this for the sake of her father and family name.Bookmark here

-How stupid I am, I survive for the sake of the person I love and the family name that is on my back-. That's what Serena thought sometimes when she suffered because of Escelean's bad behavior which always made her suffer, Escelean became a rude and bad person after marriage 1 year ago.Bookmark here

Although in fact from the beginning of their meeting at the dinner Serena had known about all the bad behavior that he covered up during the banquet, and every day the bad treatment continued to happen, Serena could only continue to survive.Bookmark here


The broadcast of Eendarion's holy imperial war declaration was broadcast to all parts of the world including the Western Gromenian Empire, which was the main base of the Demon Nationalist Movement. That the whole world will excommunicate the Demons and make the Demons their enemies.Bookmark here

Since the revolt that took place two months ago by overthrowing the emperor Ewelentis from the throne of the Western Gromanian empire, and making Edoselia Reduix the new emperor by appointing Auximilian Xecer as its prime minister, Serena's vision of the destiny of the Demons has gradually become brighter, Auximilian's intervention At the ‘PEACE BETWEEN RACE’ trial with the consent of the emperor Edoselia made the whole world go to war against the western empire and of course the Demon race,Bookmark here

'Quickly we have to get out of here!' Escelean grabbed Serena's hand and fled to a safe place. Bombs from above began to fall. The magnificent buildings fell in just a few seconds, as soon as Serena's mind saw this was 'the real hell'.Bookmark here

Escelean and Serena fled from the soldiers of the holy empire from their residence on the border between the holy empire and the western empire, to a place that was made like a city in the underground of the Western Empire which indeed functioned as the last city to prevent war casualties.Bookmark here

One year after the war was over, after the statement of the Western Empire Gromenian lost in the war and the emperor of Edoselia was executed, [hereby the great war was declared over, the enemy of God had been destroyed, and with this also as a form of war punishment, all demons would be eliminated all their peerage and All Demon landlords in any part of the world must give their land to the Race Unity Organization].Bookmark here

After the war ended 4 years ago, Serena and Escelean decided to live in this underground city even though this city was filled with many dangerous people and also the life in this underground city was very bad, but it was better than them having to live above where the city was. Already uninhabited and a dead city, the western empire and its surrounding areas had become dead territories and only occupied by wild plants and animals mutated due to the Holy Empire's nuclear attack, now they call the area 'ZEROLAND'.Bookmark here

One year after they have been living in this city, Serena begins to bear a child from Escelean, while Escelean is busy making money by working odd jobs and borrowing money for daily needs.Bookmark here

'Hey, pay your debt, son of a bitch!' Shouts of a crowd of people dressed all in black and scary faces, they are members of the underground Demon Mafia, Escelan in order to fulfill their daily needs, besides working, they are gambling and are in debt to the underground Demon mafia.Bookmark here

'We have to get out of this place! This place is not safe '. While tidying up her belongings and getting ready to leave she tells Serena to get packed too.Bookmark here

'I know that, but where all the places in this city are already at them we can't run away anymore!'Bookmark here

'We're going to Zeroland!' Serena was shocked to hear that word and immediately stroked her stomach which contained a baby. - Why is this all happening to me - that's what she thinks now, the person she loves, her father has been declared dead in the war, and now all the family honor that she has been carrying has also been lost because War agreement, all happiness had been lost from him since the death of his father.Bookmark here

'It's up to you where you want to take me, as long as this child survives I'll come with you!' With resignation, that was all Serena could say, because right now only the baby in her stomach was the source of her happiness now.Bookmark here

Escelean and Serena went up the big staircase, the mafia noticed and chased them, but they managed to go up and it was clear that the door that blocked the road to ZEROLAND, with all his might Escelean pushed the door open.Bookmark here

Sunlight that was covered with thick dust was seen, buildings that were destroyed and flattened to the ground were also visible and the large trees that merged with the ruins were also seen, Serena said to herself at a glance - This is zeroland where once the magnificent city I had seen became a city Die who has its own beauty-.Bookmark here

Although they were already upstairs, did not rule out the possibility that the mafia did not chase them, so they continued their journey until they reached the ruins of an apartment that still looks good.Bookmark here

"I chose this place!". Serena firmly expressed her opinion to Escelean, Escelean who looked very tired could only nod and agree with Serena.Bookmark here

"From now on, this place is our place until this child is born!". Escelean who was tidying up the room to live and put the belongings he had brought was a little confused with what Serena was talking about.Bookmark here

"Why did you decide it yourself ?!". With a strange and annoying feeling, Escelean asked SerenaBookmark here

"I told you, starting today everything that happens to us I decide you have no more right to decide, all this time I just kept quiet and let you do bad things to me, and I did it because I bear the burden of my family name and also my father but now, It's all gone and I don't have any more burdens, THEN IT START NOW I WILL DECIDE AND YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SET ME UP IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT PLEASE GO! ". Firmly and a few tears flowed out of her beautiful eyes, Serena expressed all her complaints so far and Escelean could only be silent and could not fight it.Bookmark here

In Escelean's own heart he was actually a good person, but because of what happened at that time his heart was covered by a large cloud and made him fall into darkness, at this time he realized that all this time the woman who had been his wife had always endured the bad deeds he had done, then From that, he was just silent and also regretted all his actions.Bookmark here

"I-I'm sorry, I know it was very difficult for you I just can't accept the fact that my family betrayed me, I'm very sorry!". Escelean threw himself on the floor and wept, he was quite sorry for all his actions.Bookmark here

Serena grabbed his shoulder and lifted him, then smiled at Escelean "I don't like this, a man who is going to be a father shouldn't cry because of circumstances, from now on let's live our lives together, here with this child". Escelean smiled when he heard Serena would forgive all his actions, and in his heart, Escelean promised to make this family life happy.Bookmark here

8 months have passed their days as a happy family. Even though the baby was just born a month ago, they have been like a happy family for years, but all of that did not last long.Bookmark here

"Damn, Serena take the baby down! I'll buy time here, put him first. " Escelean is fighting a gang of mutant dogs who suddenly arrive with someone wearing a white robe.Bookmark here

"I will follow to help you!"Bookmark here

"No, prioritize yourself and that baby!" Escelean looked pressed and began to lead the gang behind the apartment section, a suitable place to fight.Bookmark here

Serena put the baby in a baby bed, she was worried about Escelean as soon as a vision of the future appeared, she immediately took a piece of paper and wrote a few things on it, after that she went up and locked the door to the bottom, besides that she chanted a locking spell. 'WERELONCK' Which he learned from generation to generation from her family.Bookmark here

The man in the white robe was present in the hallway right in front of Serena, 'DMENOIA BIVICUS' immediately heard that Serena immediately fell, then a mutant dog attacked Serena and managed to injure her neck, but the dog was ordered to stop by the man. Serena who looked almost drained of blood began to lose consciousness. , right before that, she saw that the man could not touch the downward door.Bookmark here

The man whispered a few words to Serena but she couldn't hear them at all.Bookmark here

All was dark Serena could not see anything around her but she could feel the life of life, suddenly from a distance, Serena saw a small dot of light, Serena continued to approach the light, and the point grew bigger, until all around her eyes appeared the people she loved very much, her father who Shining like the sun reached her hand towards Serena, tears fell down Serena's cheeks and then she hugged her father and wished never to let her go.Bookmark here

The man in the white robe got a radio signal, [come back soon, your job is done]. The man looked up and disappeared like dust.Bookmark here

Saga from Zero Land

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