Chapter 8:

Ichiro Kojima is also curious.


White mug. Black Coffee. Bookmark here

It had been the weekend already. Saturday, to be precise. Though, it was boring. Ever since that conversation with Iwasaki yesterday in the café, the distance between us had been quite difficult. Bookmark here

For me, it was awkward because she had rested her head on my shoulder. Ever since that, I haven't been able to look at her without remembering that situation. I swear I could still smell the hair conditioner she used on my shoulder. Bookmark here

For Iwasaki, however, I had no clue as to why. I presumed it was because of what I told her. I could only assume that she considered my advice, to which I understood.Bookmark here

Was that the right thing to say? I barely knew much of the situation between Okumori and her, and I only said something I thought would be logical. Would my advice just make it worse? I had been glaring at my mug intently while I contemplated before I grabbed the handle and pulled it over to my mouth, taking a sip.Bookmark here

“Those eyes… Onii-chan, What are you thinking about? Did you get heartbroken? Did onii-chan get boo-hoed?"Bookmark here

I spat out my coffee, the liquid splattering against the table.Bookmark here

“Like hell I did!” I yelled.Bookmark here

She wore a bathing towel, holding the top so it wouldn’t fall off. My sister stared at me with a disgusted face.Bookmark here

“Don’t look at me like that! Not with what you’re wearing! I should be the one with a disgusted look! Put some clothes on, Naoko!” I pointed at her aggressively.Bookmark here

“What?! Are you saying I don’t look good?!” She pointed back, her eyes fuming.Bookmark here

"Of course I am! You're talking to me half-naked! That is exactly what I'm indicating, you idiot! You don't have the appeal of a woman to me at all!" Bookmark here

“Shut up! You don’t have the appeal of a man either!”
Bookmark here

“Huh?!” I stood up.Bookmark here

“You heard me! Ugly! Disgusting! I doubt any girls would fall for you!”Bookmark here

Naoko stuck her tongue out and pulled down on her eyelid.Bookmark here

“What?! I’m a girl magnet! Look at me!” I directed my thumb over to my chest.Bookmark here

We had yelled for a solid fifteen minutes at each other until we finally reached our limit and stopped. Naoko sat on the couch now, crossing her arms while she sulked. I was no different, both of us facing different ways.Bookmark here

“Coffee?” I spoke, breaking the silence.Bookmark here

“Mm,” Naoko agreed.Bookmark here

I stood up, walking over to the coffee machine, and grabbing a different mug, then pouring some black coffee inside.Bookmark here

“You never told me what you were in a bad mood about,” Naoko spoke in a bothersome manner.Bookmark here

“It’s nothing.” I lied, trying to keep my tone confident while I gave her the coffee.Bookmark here

“Really? You were really sulking over there.” Bookmark here

She took the mug, cupping her hands around it.Bookmark here

“Were you watching long?” I asked, somewhat disturbed.Bookmark here

“No- Well, yes. I was making fun of you in my head.” Bookmark here

“Funny.” I groaned. Bookmark here

I grabbed my coffee, setting myself down on the couch.Bookmark here

“Was I right? Was it a break-up?” Bookmark here

“No,” I replied blankly. “As I said, it’s nothing.” Bookmark here

“Test?”Bookmark here

She didn’t seem to back down.Bookmark here

“No.” Bookmark here

“Girls?”Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“Bowels?”Bookmark here

“What?” I faced her.Bookmark here

“What?” She returned the look.Bookmark here

I shook my head in exhaustion from her questions.Bookmark here

“Stop asking me ridiculous questions. I’m not telling you.” I distressingly spoke.Bookmark here

“So it is something!"Bookmark here

Naoko lifted her right hand in accomplishment, letting out a silent yet happy cheer. Bookmark here

“That's not something to be happy about, Naoko." I sighed.Bookmark here

“Sorry.” She lowered her hand, then pointing at me. “I’ll help you!” Bookmark here

“Nope.” I didn't hesitate to reply.Bookmark here

“What? Why not?!” Bookmark here

Naoko leaned forwards, so close to the point where I could feel her breath against my cheek.Bookmark here

“You’ll just make it worse,” I uttered, pulling her face away from me with my hand.Bookmark here

I had no intent of Naoko getting involved, nor did I see a need for it.Bookmark here

“At least tell me what it is. Then I’ll decide if I’ll help or not.” She placed her coffee down, crossing her arms as she waited patiently. I didn’t respond, only staring at the table in front of me.Bookmark here

“You’re just gonna wait there half-naked?” I exhaled, pointing at her. Naoko still had her towel wrapped around herself.Bookmark here

“Yes.” She replied tamely.Bookmark here

“You damn airhead, put on some clothes then I might tell you," I grumbled.Bookmark here

“Fine.” Naoko moaned. Bookmark here

She stood up, running over to her room. In a matter of minutes, Naoko had slammed open the door, wearing a shirt that was labeled: LOVE. She also wore a pink skirt that complimented the t-shirt. I stared at her with repugnance. Bookmark here

“Why are you looking at me like that?!” She pointed, seeming embarrassed.Bookmark here

“Other than the fact that you genuinely look like a seven-year-old, it doesn’t fit you at all, and it makes me want to vomit-”Bookmark here

“Shut up! I know! You told me just to put clothes on, not be an idol!” Naoko declared.Bookmark here

I rolled my eyes, groaning, not attempting to argue against her remark. Naoko had walked over, setting herself down on the couch once more.Bookmark here

“So, what is it?” She crossed her arms again.Bookmark here

"I said I might tell you. What are you going to do anyway? Use a magic spell from that magic girl anime show you watch every day at six PM?"Bookmark here

"N-N-No, you idiot!"Bookmark here

She charged me and hit my shoulder with her hands.Bookmark here

"I-I don't watch that! What are you talking about?! What the hell is magic? If anything, you're the type to watch that! I would never! That's so weird!"Bookmark here

"You always force me to give you the remote around that time, so it's obvious that I'd be curious at what you've been watching! You'd have sparkling eyes whenever the pink-haired girl with ponytails does her magical move! You're in Junior high already, Naoko! Grow up!" I yelled, wincing and grunting each time she hit me.Bookmark here

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" She continued hitting me.Bookmark here

"What was that move called again? The one where she spins her wand around and shoots out a projectile? Star-beam?" I teased.Bookmark here

"It's Star-gleam, you dum-"Bookmark here

She froze, realizing what she had said. I watched Naoko's face slowly turn into a bright red, then started hitting me even harder than before.Bookmark here

"Shut up!" She exclaimed once more.Bookmark here

Naoko eventually got over it, now sitting on the opposite side of the couch with a resentful face directed right at me. Meanwhile, I had been watching the TV and finishing drinking my coffee.Bookmark here

Noticing how vexed she was, I decided it'd be good to lighten up the mood a little.Bookmark here

"Do you remember Iwasaki-san?" I finally spoke.
Bookmark here

"Onee-san?! Of course!" She confirmed.Bookmark here

She brightened up more than I thought she would. That glare of hers instantly turned into gleaming eyes.
Bookmark here

"Y-You call her onee-san...?" I questioned.
Bookmark here

"Yes!" Naoko nodded her head rapidly.Bookmark here

I had to take a deep breath so I could stop myself from yelling at how jealous I was at their close relationship. Bookmark here

I then proceeded to set my mug of coffee down on the table in front of me, connecting my hands as I leaned forwards. I had to think first. Was it worth telling Naoko what had happened? If I didn't, she'd most likely be agitated at me and avoid me for a while and probably hide the remote of the TV just to annoy me.
Bookmark here

I pulled my hands away from each other and stared at the palm lines I had, recalling Iwasaki's words the other day about her pretending to be more delightful. Straightaway, I felt an urge to ask an important question.Bookmark here

"Naoko, what do you think of people who act bold or joyful?"Bookmark here

Naoko paused, clearly puzzled by my question. She then sighed, closing her eyes.Bookmark here

"I don't know what this has to do about onee-san, but if I had to say... They may be trying to hide something, and they want to make the people around them think that they're completely fine, while in reality, they're hurt. The more someone seems joyful, the more hurt they are on the inside. Though, it really could just be their personality, which is most likely the case. There might not be anything wrong with them in the first place." She shrugged.Bookmark here

"Can you say that about someone who used to be completely different?" I added.Bookmark here

"As I said, It's not a guarantee that they're hiding something. But, if they were a completely different person than before... There is a chance that they're not exactly happy."Bookmark here

I nodded, directing my head to face Naoko.Bookmark here

"Final question." I raised my finger.Bookmark here

"Huh? How many questions are you going to ask?! Just tell me about onee-san already!" She wailed.Bookmark here

"Shut up. Stop being so obnoxious and just answer it." I replied, annoyed.Bookmark here

Naoko crossed her arms and had a sullen pout on her face, averting away from my eyes.Bookmark here

"Do they do that to cope with their emotions? Or simply just not to be pitied?" I finally asked.Bookmark here

Naoko took a moment to realize my question, then yawned. She closed her mouth after and looked right at me.Bookmark here

"Everyone copes with problems differently. They could act happy as you said... Or look despondent and helpless. It depends on how they were taught to deal with their emotions, or simply how terrible their situation is."Bookmark here

I watched Naoko stare at me with a disinterested expression on her face. She then proceeded to point at me.Bookmark here

"For example... Males, like you-" She let out a small repulsed look then continued talking. "Were normally taught by society to hide your problems because it's weak and not 'like' you. You don't want to show that sad side of you to anyone, so you end up trying to resolve that problem yourself."Bookmark here

Naoko then pointed back at herself. "Meanwhile, females like me normally let out their emotions almost frequently. They don't hide it as guys do. They like to vent and tell their problems to other people."Bookmark here

I was about to nod until she leaned forwards once more and placed her finger on my chest in an aggressive way.Bookmark here

"BUT! It depends on that said person. Everyone's different. Everyone has their way of confronting their problems."Bookmark here

"I'm seriously debating whether you're thirteen years old," I said, somewhat shocked. Bookmark here

"Huh?! You made me say all of that just for you to insult me?! Did you even do your research in health class?! They talk about it there!" She dug her finger into my chest.Bookmark here

"No. I didn't pay attention much. Did you seriously listen to that boring class?" I blankly said.Bookmark here

"Of course I did, you idiot! Unlike you, I try to get good grades!"Bookmark here

Naoko went back to scolding me, as I simply ignored it and sunk what she had told me. Bookmark here

If that was the case... Then how much was Iwasaki not telling me? Instantly, I felt a distance between us. I already knew the situation between Okumori and Iwasaki, yet I always felt something was missing. So, what was that missing piece?Bookmark here

"So? What happened to onee-san?" Naoko had finally calmed down.Bookmark here

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." I lied, trying to have a confident tone.Bookmark here

Naoko let out a grumble, then sighed.Bookmark here

"Fine. I won't pry anymore." She griped.Bookmark here

My phone then vibrated in my pocket, to which I quickly pulled it out and looked at the message. Bookmark here

Message from: Iwasaki.Bookmark here

I blinked, then opened up the message to read what it had said. Bookmark here

"Miyake-san would like to meet you. She told me that she wanted to talk to you about something important? I don't know the details for sure, but she said to meet her in the coffee shop nearby school."Bookmark here

My heart skipped a beat. My head started to spin, and my thoughts started heading to weird conclusions as to why she was inviting me.Bookmark here

"Naoko, I'm heading out right now. I'll be back in an hour or two." I spoke, then swiftly stood up and went straight to my room before Naoko could say anything.Bookmark here

Once I had closed my door, I directly went to put on my light blue sweatshirt and some grey jeans, then exited outside the house. I strode my way over to the coffee shop, whistling a happy tune.Bookmark here

Ooh, what is she going to do? Did she rethink her decision? Am I going to get her as a girlfriend?Bookmark here

I giggled as I thought this before I realized what I had been doing. I instantly stopped smiling, then raised my hand and slapped myself on the cheek.Bookmark here

No, you can't! Iwasaki needs me! I won't falter!Bookmark here

I then felt confused, wondering why I instantly thought of Iwasaki. Then, the question that almost everyone asks themselves was now stuck in my head.Bookmark here

Is it because I like her?
Bookmark here

I stopped walking for a second, staring at the concrete road that I stood on. I then raised my head towards the clear blue sky, comprehending what I had just asked myself.Bookmark here

"Probably," I muttered.Bookmark here

After finding my supposed answer, I continued to walk. Eventually, I had reached the coffee shop, looking inside. Upon my eyes were multiple people sitting at different tables, all either drinking their coffee, using their laptops, or simply conversing with each other. I felt rather amicable just being inside.Bookmark here

I had been waiting inside, my hands inside my pockets while I waited quietly. After a few minutes, I noticed a girl with a dazzling appearance. I had to squint to take a closer look before the girl looked over to me and waved happily. I stood there, dumbfounded, only to realize who it was judging from their orange eyes and blonde hair. Miyake stood, wearing an unzipped light green winter coat with a white shirt inside, which was also tucked inside some light blue skinny denim jeans that had rips around the knee area. She also wore white canvas sneakers to match the shirt she wore, as well as a handbag slung on her left shoulder.Bookmark here

I gulped, staring in awe at her style.Bookmark here

"Hi, Kojima-kun!" She happily called.Bookmark here

"Yo." I awkwardly waved. Bookmark here

She approached me, cheerfully looking at me. I looked at her attractive and contented smile, only to remember what Naoko had told me.Bookmark here

"The more someone seems joyful, the more hurt they are on the inside."Bookmark here

Yet, I also remembered what she said right after.Bookmark here

"It really could just be their personality, which is most likely the case. There might not be anything wrong with them in the first place."Bookmark here

I shook my head rapidly, forgetting what I had been thinking. I met eyes with Miyake, returning her smile.Bookmark here

"What do you need me for? Did you think about going out with me?" I joked.Bookmark here

Miyake's smile slowly turned into a displeased one. I instantly felt offended upon seeing her expression.Bookmark here

"Shut up. Playboy." She insulted me, then punching me in the chest.Bookmark here

I let out a grunt, coughing twice.Bookmark here

"Ouch!" I complained, holding my chest.Bookmark here

"That's not why I called you here, dummy." She looked away.Bookmark here

Seriously, even when Miyake looked agitated, it was too cute. Bookmark here

"I called you here to talk about Okumori-kun." Bookmark here

Miyake turned to face me once more, more of an earnest look on her face now. Bookmark here

"Huh? Did you call me here for relationship advice? You're finally dating Okumori-kun?" I questioned.Bookmark here

I watched Miyake's expression turn into infuriation as she punched me again in the stomach. I yelped, hunching over as I held my stomach.Bookmark here

"No, of course not! I wanted to talk about something else!" She indignantly stated.Bookmark here

"O-Okay! Stop punching me, jeez!" I cried.Bookmark here

We walked over to an empty table, setting our belongings either beside our chair or on the table. Miyake looked at me, placing her hands on her lap.Bookmark here

"You don't act like this to anyone else, do you?" I managed to ask.Bookmark here

"No. I only act like this because you were dumb enough to misread the situation and confessed to me while I pinned you on the wall with my sole intent to hide both of us from Okumori-kun and Iwasaki-san. So, therefore, I'm making sure that you don't fall for me again." She said in rapid succession.Bookmark here

I paused, looking straight at her with a sly smile. Bookmark here

"R-Right." I stuttered.Bookmark here

It was daunting to how serious that statement of hers sounded. Bookmark here

"Anyways, I want to know something!" She then pointed.Bookmark here

"What?" I said, intimidated by her aggressiveness. Bookmark here

"What do men like?"Bookmark here

Upon hearing her question, my head slowly went blank. I had been expecting more of a smarter question, yet here she was. I stared at her for a few more seconds, then finally deciding to speak.Bookmark here

"...Why do you need to know that?"Bookmark here

Miyake mousily directed her eyesight at the brown round table in front of her, clearing her throat.Bookmark here

"Don't freak out when I say this." She spoke angrily.Bookmark here

I swallowed, a shroud of curiousness surrounding me while I timidly nodded. I was oblivious to what she'd say next, slightly concerned about the fact that it was something she might hit me for. I started to fiddle with my fingers that were below the table and waiting anxiously. Bookmark here

"Okumori-kun and I are going to the mall tomorrow, and I don't know what he likes!" Miyake exclaimed.Bookmark here

I stopped moving my fingers, the feeling of curiosity suddenly disappearing. A snort erupted from my mouth as well as a tingly feeling in my stomach. Before I knew it, I had been laughing intensely. Miyake stared at me with a poker face, completely frozen.
Bookmark here

"You're asking me?!" I cackled, pointing at her.Bookmark here

"Y-Yes..." She bashfully nodded.Bookmark here

I continued laughing, eventually calming down after a few seconds. I wiped my tears, letting out small giggles now and then.Bookmark here

"So... Let me get this straight. You want my help with your cute date with Okumori-kun?" Is that correct?" I pointed.Bookmark here

Miyake's stumped expression turned into a slightly flustered one.Bookmark here

"We're just hanging out together!" She declared.Bookmark here

"Isn't that the same thing as on a date?"Bookmark here

"Yes! No! I don't know!" She responded in a muddled tone.Bookmark here

I watched Miyake lift her arms towards the table, setting them down and using them as a cushion for her forehead.Bookmark here

"I just want to see him happy." She groaned.Bookmark here

I rested my arms on the table as well, staring at her blonde wavy hair in quietness for a few seconds.Bookmark here

"I see." I acknowledged.Bookmark here

I took a moment to recollect my thoughts, then sighed.Bookmark here

"He's still like that, huh?"Bookmark here

Miyake nodded under her arms, then stopped. She rose her head slowly, looking at me with uncertainty.Bookmark here

"Still? What does that mean? Did you know what he was like before?" She inquisitively questioned.Bookmark here

I let out a firm nod. "We were in the same Junior high, but we weren't friends. We never talked to each other, but we acknowledged each other's presence." I replied emphatically.Bookmark here

Miyake's eyes slightly widened as her eyebrows raised. She kept silent, nodding.Bookmark here

"I remember Iwasaki-san telling me you two went to the same Junior high... I didn't know that Okumori-kun was there too."Bookmark here

Miyake paused, seeming to realize something vital. Suddenly, I felt chills run down my spine, sensing something terrifying was coming. A surge of worry ran throughout my body, as I immediately felt uneasy.Bookmark here

"Wait... If you knew who he was, then what was he like? Was he still quiet back then? Was he popular? I mean, he looks pretty handsome, so I bet he was popular there! Was he outgoing or talked a lot? I'd pay to see it! Seriously, he never tells me anything about him... It's so stressful! I've never seen him smile before! He's practically invisible in school too! He never talks to anybody-"Bookmark here

"Stop! Stop!" I cried, waving my hands frantically in front of her.Bookmark here

Miyake stopped, looking at me in bewilderment. Meanwhile, I had my face buried in my hands, stressed and disoriented to how many questions and how rapid she spoke. I couldn't remember a single thing she spouted out, a dazed and nauseous feeling in my head.Bookmark here

"Kojima-kun?" She spoke, concerned.Bookmark here

"It's terrifying to how excited you can get." I groaned. Bookmark here

"Sorry. I couldn't contain myself..." Miyake apologized, looking down.Bookmark here

"Does that just happen whenever you're in an elevated mood?" A grumble came out of me.Bookmark here

Miyake nodded slowly. "I guess so."Bookmark here

It made me worried about how Okumori even dealt with this. If I couldn't deal with it, how could he? I doubt he'd be able to stand by the time she would be finished. It was purely devastating and too overwhelming to understand what Miyake could say.Bookmark here

I pulled my hands away from my face, looking over to Miyake in an enervated way, then exhaling and finally responding to her question.Bookmark here

"Okumori-kun was more... Joyful back then. I didn't know him too well, so don't expect me to give you a lecture about him. All I know is that he's completely different than how he is now." Bookmark here

Miyake sighed, her buoyant and elegant eyes earlier now having more of a dejected look on them. Bookmark here

"Something bad happened to him, didn't it?" She spoke in a somber tone.Bookmark here

I bit my lip, looking away from her and reluctantly nodding. We both kept quiet for a few seconds before I attempted to change the subject.Bookmark here

"Aside from that... You couldn't just ask him yourself about what he likes?"
Bookmark here

Miyake shook her head to my question, lowering her head and resting her chin on her arms wearily.Bookmark here

"I doubt he'd tell me what he likes. I don't even know much about him. Plus, it'd destroy the point of my plan. I'm trying to surprise him, but it won't work if he already knows what I'm going to buy him..."Bookmark here

I paused, then nodded. "Fair point," I agreed.Bookmark here

I then leaned back on my chair, pulling my arms closer to my torso and crossing them together. I started to wonder what Okumori would like. That said, I had no valuable information about him. I had no idea who he was at all or even the simplest things about him. For example: Did he like dogs or cats better? Is he good with kids? Did he like vanilla or chocolate ice cream? I knew nothing.Bookmark here

"Then... What about a keychain? He might like that. I mean, I would, especially from a girl." I shrugged.Bookmark here

Miyake's eyebrows arched, as she placed her thumb and index finger towards her chin, nodding. Bookmark here

"I see." She said sternly.Bookmark here

I took a few seconds to realize what Miyake had been doing, watching her in slight bemusement. Miyake ignored me, sitting there in silence. Unknown as to why I decided to ask if she was okay.Bookmark here

"Miyake-?" Bookmark here

"Shut up. I'm thinking." She interrupted me.Bookmark here

I stared at her with a deadpan expression, startled at her instant reply. I decided to follow her instructions, feared by the thought of her possibly throwing a hard punch to my face if I interrupted her train of thoughts.Bookmark here

"What kind of keychains do guys like?" She looked at me once more.Bookmark here

"You spent all that time pondering and couldn't find an answer to that?"  I replied, baffled by her unintelligent question.Bookmark here

She shook her head rapidly.Bookmark here

The most astounding thing about this whole conversation we were having was how smart she could be, yet so dense and empty-minded as well. I groaned, leaned forwards, and rested my chin on my hand.
Bookmark here

"Get him a good luck coin keychain. I've seen them in the mall before. Okumori-kun might like that." I said, somewhat peeved.Bookmark here

"Ooh... Okay!" She gave me a thumbs up.Bookmark here

A tricky smile formed on my face as she approved my suggestion.Bookmark here

"What else should I get him?" Bookmark here

She leaned forwards on the table, looking at me desperately. What happened to that desolate mood of hers earlier? The way she had switched her mood up drastically had astonished me. I sighed, then meeting her orange eyes that were sparkling and jubilant. Bookmark here

"I work in an ice cream shop inside the mall. If you run out of ideas, or simply want to get ice cream, you can come to me and I'll give you guys free ice cream cones." I replied, waving my hand.Bookmark here

"Yes! I will!" She nodded again.Bookmark here

We continued talking about what Okumori's interests would be such as sports, games, clothing, anything at all that guys would generally like. After a few minutes of conversing, we were interrupted by Miyake's phone erupting a ringtone. She sat back down in her seat and took it out, reading the message before letting out a deep sigh.Bookmark here

"I have to go, Kojima-kun. My mom's telling me to go home." She said, a little saddened.Bookmark here

"It's fine, I have to go check on my sister anyways." I waved my hand.Bookmark here

Miyake froze, staring at me in perplexity. Bookmark here

"You have a sister?" She curiously asked.Bookmark here

I nodded. "She's in Junior high still... And such a nuisance. Though, we get over our problems pretty quickly."Bookmark here

I remembered what Naoko and I had talked about earlier today once more, now looking at Miyake intently.Bookmark here

"Miyake-san, can I ask a quick question?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Hm? What is it?" Bookmark here

"You aren't hurt on the inside, are you?"Bookmark here

I watched her, waiting for her response. Miyake's eyelids raised, as well as her eyebrows in unison. Her pupils got smaller, as well as her overall expression changing into a stunned one for a quick second. She then smirked at me, shaking her head.Bookmark here

"No, of course not!" She giggled. "I'm happy as can be!" Bookmark here

Mutely, I nodded. Bookmark here

"Sorry for the odd question... I just had it pop in my head." I then smiled.Bookmark here

"It's fine!" She gave me another thumbs-up.Bookmark here

Miyake now lifted her finger, her eyebrows arched as she looked at me.Bookmark here

"I'm a little jealous, though! I'm an only child, and my mom's always at work, so I end up being alone in the house for the majority of the time!" She stated.Bookmark here

"Well, you can invite me and we can do something together in your house." I joked frivolously.
Bookmark here

Miyake stopped, then looking at me in disgust.Bookmark here

"Gross." She murmured.Bookmark here

I then realized what I had said. Upon realization, I instantly reddened and flailed my hands frantically.Bookmark here

"N-Not in that way! I didn't mean it that way! Plus, it was a joke! I'm not indecent, I swear!" I yelled out.Bookmark here

"Shut up. Pervert!" She stood up and grabbed her handbag.Bookmark here

"Miyake-san! Believe me! I swear I won't do anything to you!" I reached out to her.Bookmark here

She stuck her tongue out to me before she hastily exited the coffee shop. I sat in my seat, watching her leave in disbelief. I took a moment to look at my surroundings, to which the customers had been murmuring to each other.Bookmark here

"Did he just get rejected..?"Bookmark here

"He's definitely indecent. They always say those types of things..."Bookmark here

"It's a good thing he didn't get her. She doesn't deserve him if he states such embarrassing things..."Bookmark here

I groaned, dropping my head on the table drearily. Bookmark here

Well, at least one of my doubts was answered.Bookmark here

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