Chapter 1:

Chapter one: the beginning

Dark souls 4 and Mario and sonic and the London 2012 Olympic Games 2

Mario awoke in a dank enclosed room, the walls had a dark grey coating of paint on top of the already plain brown stone the room was comprised of. No windows were placed in the walls nor was there a door out. His only source of light was a weak still candle fire that seemed as though to was going to burn out any second. Trying to stand Mario felt a sharp pain in his side along with a rattle of chains, looking down, a large golden ring clasped on his gloved hand was pinning him down and chained him to the ground, offering no resistance whatsoever. "Yahoo! This must be the work of sonic". His Italian accent resonated thorought the prison, echoing on the moist walls. He knew, sonic was the mastermind. Mario knew that sonic was no match for him, he had beat him before in the 200meter race in the first Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games, and sonic wanted revenge. But sonic didn't count on one thing. Mario is a known drug addict and always carries shrooms with him. He reaches into his torn pants and pulls out a glimmering mush room. He takes a large bite and prepares himself.Bookmark here

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