Chapter 2:

Chapter two: the harbinger of the depraved

Dark souls 4 and Mario and sonic and the London 2012 Olympic Games 2

Devouring the last of his mushroom Mario began to feel the effects. He had just eaten the 'red mushroom,, one of the wonder drugs that allowed him the save the princess time opon time again, the mushroom was comprised of the hearts of gombas and created in the shell of a Koopa, the hearts allowed the shroom to be both real in Marios realm and the spiritual one, eating the hearts normally would have enhanced Marios senses by two fold, but it was the shell that made it amazing, the shell the koopas produced were near invincible and when the hearts absorbed the insides of a koopas shell it made the soul stronger, Mario not only gained sharper senses but his muscles rapidly grew to match the strength of the shell, becoming twice his size Mario attempted to break the chain, and for a reason unknown to him, while the chain snaped like a twig, the ring did not. "Owowowowowoowo!" There it was the only down fall of the shroom, it enhanced pain.Bookmark here

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