My Sweet Gentle Veteran

The War is Over. All that is left is to rebuild and mend old wounds. Theresa Lonnete is a 17 year-old girl living on the Republic of Galcia. Serving as a volunteer on the veteran aid centre, she helps the victorious men and women of the military to settle down after the war.

One day, after the end of her shift, she was summoned to her superior's office with an immediate work order to serve as the personal maid of a distinguished veteran. Expecting herself to serve a scary, grizzled old men, she was surprised when she met with her charge. A beautiful snow-white haired girl greeted her, introducing herself as 1st Lieutenant Caulia Cornellia Cromwell. Lonnete wouldn't have believed she was the veteran if not for the Lieutenant's missing arms.

Slowly but surely, she would soon find out how Lt. Caulia earned all those prestigious medals that the Republic handed only to the most heroic of soldiers, and all the horrors that came with it.

GenreMilitary / WarPsychologicalSeinenSlice of LifeOther
UpdatedFeb 24, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count20,493
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